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  1. Spike

    Interested Gary, if you could get a price for me please
  2. New Facebook group

    Best page on facebook
  3. Ollie Wilkes

    Agree with you about bullock, he’s very good. I seen Ollie 3 times last season and he’ll be a good signing for us.
  4. 2018 Squad

    I was at the final, said to my haven supporting father in law that second half if haven win it will be down to newton. I thought he had s fine game that day.
  5. Barrow Promoted

    Just got back, really enjoyed the game as a neutral. Thought barrow deserved the win, big crowd and great atmosphere. well done to both teams.
  6. Chris Coward

    I'm going down and looking forward to it. Good to see 2 Cumbrian sides in the final. Shame it's not us but we r pants at the present time. wouldnt bet against haven but fancy barrow by 6
  7. Phillip brothers

    Patrick is no longer with the club,
  8. Method of communication

  9. Barrow Game .

    They still made more noise than barrow fans. There was more there than the ones in the photo, but they sing their hearts out.
  10. Olstrum

    I was gutted he left but could understand it, short career and make the most money you can. would be great to have him back, risky yeah but would rather have him in our squad than against us. Will be an interesting derby if he comes back and plays against them.
  11. Bring on the Wolfpack.

    He got a red card against Doncaster late on I'm sure
  12. youth training session

    Fantastic idea, well done to all. my boys were buzzing with excitement at training with town players & came off very happy. Thanks
  13. Tomorrows Match

    Reds game being postponed might put a few more on today's attendance.
  14. Signings

    Think you'll get your wish this season
  15. Callum Phillips

    Just seen it announced, Calum back in due to injury to Dave Scott