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  1. Rangi Chase - Oh dear

    Not me the guys an absolute idiot. No wonder no other teams wanted him. Thought he might be the saviour for Widnes but now I suspect they might be in trouble re the middle 8's
  2. Well done York what a fantastic result, glad they had a good crowd to see this.
  3. This is 1 thing we were discussing re Riddy. If your coach did not rate him and therefore must have seen him as a weak link, why was he prevented from playing against Leigh? If I was in your coaches position I would want Riddy to play and would target what I perceive to be his weakness? Or does coach know Riddy would be a threat and the problem is personal between them?
  4. Watching the game I thought Catalan were well in the game and played well for 70 minutes then just seemed to collapse, but I hadn't noticed the substitution situation. After your comments about minutes played from the subs it explains why they ran out of steam. As for the temperature, it just looked hot as even Hicks had sweat pouring from him so just presumed it must have been hot?
  5. Pretty sure that will not happen, from what I saw from Catalan for the first 70 minutes they will be too good in the middle 8's with 4 home games.
  6. That does sound a strange thing to do from the coach, certainly in that heat.
  7. Surely if we have in goal touch judges who stand on the dead ball line to assist the referee on whether a ball has gone dead or not they are in the best position to judge. The ref at this point is much further away to judge where the ball landed. If the in goal touch judge says the ball has gone dead surely he is in the best position to make that decision, how can the ref who is further away say he is wrong? Then what is the point of in goal touch judges, surely the best way to get the correct decisions is for all 5 officials to work together and trust each others decisions.
  8. They said no try and were overruled, that stinks if it's true!
  9. Can I answer that please? He has been fantastic for us, wish we could sign him permanently but he's a Leyther so guess he will go back there. Him and Broughy are really working well together.
  10. Totally agree with you, he does seem to miss a lot but is reasonably new to the full time environment and I usually find that he misses things for both sides so it usually evens itself up. Was at Giants game last night so cannot comment on his performance last night but will watch the game today. If anybody said to me, which Ref would you like for next friday, Child or Kendall it would be Kendall every day of the week, he can only get better with more experience.
  11. I usually don't find Kendall too bad and we've had him a few times this season, you don't really notice him which is what we want. Now for child, he is useless. Percival threw his usual array of high shots last night and one of them caught Leeming on the chin and he now has a suspected broken jaw, and child never even spoke to him, just bottled it and put it on report. Player welfare my ###### when he's in charge.
  12. Joe Wardle

    He was already at a top Super League team but fancied a change of lifestyle in Aus
  13. Oh no you've got to be kidding??
  14. Carney and abusive language

    It was a ref he called a fag