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  1. It was a ref he called a fag
  2. Wow I'd forgot that about Jamie Bloom! I know the guy now as our daughters are runners and compete in the same competitions. Maybe it's because it was a one off and not continually bad news following him around?
  3. Not sure I'd describe his antics off field as eccentric? More like criminal and disgusting.
  4. Not sure how he's going to get a work visa though as the Giants signed him a few years ago but due to his naughty boy antics a visa was declined, hence him going to Catalan
  5. There will not be any investigation, it will just disappear as this lot are untouchable and they know it. At least until the RFL grow a pair. Joe Cobb does sound like one of the good guys from what my mates said when they socialised with him after Catalan v Giants last year!!
  6. Who's this Stein guy, is he another signing we've not heard about?
  7. Hardly spat out his dummy I think. Broughy was invited to the England train on squad and rightly so, then mcbanana picked his original 42 man squad and Brough was not selected into that squad. But he was voted Man of Steel, players player of the year and was in the final 3 for world player of the year with Thurston and Sonny Bill Williams that same year. That would sure tell me that mcbanana's problem with Brough was personal and he would never play for England while this clown was in charge. The guy wanted to play international Rugby so his only option was to play for Scotland. Broughy is too old now to be the future for England, Williams and AN Other for me. Not sure who the other is yet not seen anybody anywhere near the Brough of 2013
  8. I wouldn't expect anything else from you, only one person here sounding silly and you know who you are. There's always one has to spoil it isn't there.
  9. In terms of the corporate side of things, every single time the Giants play on a Friday the corporate boxes and hospitality is sold out. Not always the case on Sundays. When I go to away games on a Friday my first option is always the train to avoid the M62. Huddersfield's stadium is ideally placed for visiting supporters to come via the train as if it was the other way round and I was a visiting supporter it would always be on the train, via the Real Ale pubs on the route.
  10. Think I saw somewhere they were offering free coach travel if you bought a match ticket so why wouldn't you travel free on a coach?
  11. Were they??? I must have missed that game because it wasn't the game in this years qualifiers where London were actually the first to score, but certainly were not leading at half time. Get your facts correct please madam.
  12. He is in a poor condition, along with a lot of our players but that is down to the conditioner we have this year. Under a Rugby League conditioner he will improve no end, I am sure of that.
  13. Can we have Jack Hughes back if you're not going to play him?
  14. Nice one Bradford, from a Giants fan this has made my day. Would love to see the Cashkow and his large gob relegated!!