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  1. Unless you can get more players in or get extremely lucky with injuries I think the playoffs are unlikely but I do hope you avoid relegation,either way it should be some ride,good luck and enjoy.
  2. Yeah,it’s not good although not in the Cronulla class of awfulness.
  3. Hoping Toulouse can get promoted this year,would be great to see them in Superleague.
  4. Sad news and makes you appreciate what these lads give to entertain us,speedy recovery big un.
  5. Decent effort and definitely an improvement on previous years.
  6. Yes they did but how many of those "marquee" players provoked such a reaction from people/media from non RL followers.
  7. She helped our community club with valuable advice/contacts when setting up the Gavin Curwen heart screening fund which has seen hundreds of players screened and has provided defibs for the community and other sports clubs.
  8. Correct,they didn't claim Lattrell Mitchell was injured when they banished him from the club.
  9. Fancy me not knowing Wal played for the chooks,silly me and thanks for the personal abuse by the way.
  10. When did he play for the Roosters ???
  11. Your probably right but his signing is a genuine benefit to Superleague with a huge surge in media/public attention and with Sky rmaking him & Toronto a feature of their advertising campaign,who knows we have a genuine bargaining chip when the next broadcasting deal comes around.
  12. Sky certainly seem to think so going by their advert for the new season.
  13. The Storm have had a great record of bringing in solid if average players and improving them but unlike previous years they do seem to be lacking the real quality this season that always complimented those hardworking players. I still think they'll make the playoffs,but genuine premiership contenders I'm not so sure.
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