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  1. 2 game shirts and a training shirt for next seasons SOO
  2. Maybe they want to use their leave at the end of the season and have a holiday with family,not that it matters,players shouldn't have to put their bodies through 3 games in such a short period in what is a tough,high impact sport at whatever level it's being played at.
  3. Except this thread is about the Championship where for most of the players rugby isn't their main job.
  4. Given time and luck with injury he'd make a very good RL centre,but TWP don't need centre's and don't te really have the time/cap space to wait for a player to make the transition to a sport he's never played before.
  5. Absolute rubbish,trotted out by someone who obviously has never had to fall out of bed the morning after being battered for 80 mins to go into work.
  6. But a lot of them aren't and probably never will be,they are par time teams consisting of players with jobs who are now being asked to do what Fulltime Superleague players found too difficult to do and still go to work the next morning.
  7. I'm sure you thought that post made sense when you typed it,sadly you were mistaken.
  8. And yet only 12 months ago we beat NZ in an entertaining series which followed an agonising narrow defeat in the Wprld Cup final the year before and yet you are willing to miss the first ashes series in years because we might play as badly in 12 months time as we have on this tour,yep I do find it puzzling.
  9. I'm going to Elland Road,it's an ashes series,can't understand why people would want to miss it.
  10. I'm sure fans of other Superleague teams hope he carries on doing such an outstanding "job" on Leeds.
  11. That Salford shirt is a real shocker ,a shame as I thought both of last years were spot on.
  12. Given the pairs abject failures since retiring from playing,I wonder what they are even involved with our international teams.
  13. Widdop can count himself fortunate to start all 4 tests which begs the question why did Bennett take so many halfbacks if he was going to persist with underperforming ones.
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