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  1. Good luck tomorrow,hope you get the win.
  2. Certainly a lot less wrestle in the tackle and players not pretending to be hurt or diving to win penalties was refreshing.
  3. Really good second half from Haven who will rue a sloppy 5 mins at the end of the first half,well played Fax & best of luck next week.
  4. And yet it’s the system the sport has used for the majority of its existence.
  5. Maybe start one on how one NRL Grand Finalist have been flogged by 50 points on 2 occasions this season.
  6. Hardly a “prospect” as he’s 27/28 but Karl Dixon is a great player for Haven,he’s switched between centre & stand-off all season but could possibly replace the injured McNally today at fullback.
  7. They missed Brandon Smith more than Cam Smith tonight.
  8. Just finished watching the game,how bad was Munster & Grant,neither offered anything & how comes Sutton officiates big games differently,plenty of messing about in the ruck,especially from Penrith in the last 20 mins.
  9. And I don’t believe an aging NRL winger choosing the easy option to finish his career signals the demise of Superleague or are you Harry’s grandson.
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