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  1. Already have,a shortened season of proper rugby league would be more likely to satisfy Sky and generate income than a 9s comp spread over months when evidence shows we can't attract support when it's over 2 days.
  2. So basically no idea is a bad idea,as long as it involves 9s.
  3. Yeah I'm fine with that,the 2 conference idea for a shortened season was my main point.
  4. 2 conferences Eastern: Leeds,Castleford,Huddersfield,Hull Hull KR,Wakefield . Western: Wigan,Saints,Warrington,Salford,Toronto,Catalans Teams in each conference play each other home & "away" with the top 2 in each conference into a playoff semi final,Eastern winners V Western runners up,Western winners V Eastern runners up.
  5. Yeap,defensively & positionally he was top notch,his lack of pace was the only thing that stops him being placed into the highest echelon of modern fullbacks.
  6. Ignore him if brains were sh##e he'd be constipated
  7. Fair enough,also played centre but I wouldn't have him up there with the best fullbacks of the last 30yrs,I would have him in a list of best wingers.
  8. He was a fine player who would have done a job in the NRL,but top 5,not for me,Radlinski is another who would have made it downunder.
  9. I think his lack of pace would have been exposed in the NRL.
  10. Off the top of my head Allan Bateman John Devereux Ray Price Frano Botica Craig Innes Matthew Ridge Vunivalu Kikau Semi Radradra
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