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  1. John Sattler & Paul “one ball”Wood fall into that esteemed category
  2. Surprised Tommy Raudonikis hasn’t had a mention
  3. Started plenty of fisticuffs which usually ended with him hiding behind Peacock.
  4. Maybe it's you that's not being accurate.
  5. Well that’s the pathetic post of the year wrapped up,congratulations.
  6. None of that has anything to do with your post I quoted and has even less to do with him signing for Warrington,but nice job of moving the goalposts.
  7. Sorry to see him leave the game,always had you on the edge of your seat.
  8. Given that St George were keen to retain him you’d think he’d command a similar contract,unless he was keen to swap the Surfing on the southern beaches of Sydney for the ###### & Tesco trolley dodging of the Mersey.
  9. Past his best,yes A liability,stop being ridiculous. His success in Superleague will be decided entirely on his fitness.
  10. Austin is classed as a marquee player in Warrington’s cap.
  11. Some modifications maybe needed
  12. I’m pretty sure the onset of covid 19 will have changed people’s perception on such matters.
  13. Not a chance whilst the infection rate is hovering just below 1,the testing figures are still at an inadequate 100k per day, the number of new infections are preventing contact tracing from being carried out effectively and the lack of knowledge regarding the effects of last weeks easing of some lockdown measures.
  14. I wonder if the government & SAGE know a couple of their experts in epidemiology & virology are wasting valuable time posting on a RL forum.
  15. Your getting your Manchester clubs mixed up
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