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  1. O’Brien would be a decent signing,Doran would need to lose 3 stone & improve his fitness.
  2. It seems strange that you go to all the trouble to design a new shirt then obliterate it with a sponsor’s logo,I much prefer your design.
  3. A Russia/Ukraine game will be tasty,the MRP will certainly be busy afterwards.
  4. Hmm a predominantly green shirt with white trim,outlandish,let’s hope they don’t add white shorts & green socks or they’ll be a riot.
  5. That’s all we’ll & good but according to Harry,you have to be bor,n & bred in a town to support its RL club & any ‘foreign’ fans are not proper ones.
  6. But it’s a cunning plan from the coach to sneak more Wigan players into the squad apparently.& we’d be much better off playing players nursing knocks after a tough,compressed season.
  7. With France & Greece in our group,I’d be amazed if every member of the squad doesn’t get a runout in the group stages.
  8. Yeah,them 3 players missing out on 1 game will have a devestatin effect on our WC chances,we’d be far better off picking 3 players nursing knocks.
  9. It’s 3 players. Maybe Wane recognises that some of his squad have played a large number of games in a relatively short period of time & given his squad have already suffered a raft withdrawals due to injury he thinks protecting some players is more important than game time in a warmup game.
  10. Given England are supplied by Oxen,that might not be a bad thing.
  11. Yeah because Marshall had an awful season & we have a whole raft of quality halfbacks & hookers queuing up for selection for a one off game at the end of a season with no chance of WC selection.
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