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  1. Fantastic game,credit to both teams for putting on a great advert for the game.
  2. Great game,thought Manly played the better rugby but credit to Souths for staying in the game and finishing stronger. First 2 sinbins were the right calls,the last was harsh,probably only worth a penalty.
  3. So you have no reason to moan about foreign travel then,unless you count travelling to Wales as expensive trips abroad.
  4. So don't spend the money and miss 3 matches,not the end of the world now is it.
  5. Puzzling that Wire waited 70 mins before deciding to play some rugby. Well played Cas,a well deserved win.
  6. But as a spectator missing those foreign games is hardly the end of the world now is it,how many supporters go to every away game in this country ? Football fans regularly travel all over the world for preseason games ang a large percentage are working class lads.
  7. You do realise it's not compulsory to make all the trips don't you ?
  8. Speaking of phallic like symbols,Todd Greenberg is threatening Sam Burgess with a lawsuit and $25,000 fine for his comments about the judiciary,he obviously dosen't like players telling the truth.
  9. The guy is stealing a living,his vision for the future is basically do what we've always done and hope clubs like the Catalans put on events like the Camp Nou game so he can take all the credit and proclaim everything is great. Dear me get rid of the oxygen thief and employ a dozen grassroots development officers with the money the game would save.
  10. You might not have 2 games left,got to appeal it surely.
  11. Since he became a leading authority on Canadian sports and culture apparently.
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