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  1. Like all those Superleague sides who finished the season within 2 points of the last championship team who were promoted
  2. Hard luck today,was always going to be tough giving your lack of numbers,best of luck for next season.
  3. Wow if this thread sums up the sport in West Cumbria no wonder the RFL and the wider rugby league public think we are a backwater not worthy of time/money & development.
  4. Probably a game too far,but good luck today hope you can pull off an upset win.
  5. Toulouse in great form going into the game so hoping for a cracking match and a great advert for both the championship and with 2 overseas teams the game in general. No doubt the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse will be along to spout their usual negativity.
  6. And typical of this forum someone tries to rubbish a positive story for the game,dear me.
  7. Parra doing a great impression of the Broncos from last week,were they down Southbank in the Crown last night ?
  8. Sivo has a brain fart and his fellow countryman takes advantage.
  9. Contender for try of the year,brilliant effort by the fox
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