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  1. Widnes fans booing Toronto at the trophy presentation,what's that about.
  2. Do you know how many of the Saints players were injured/carrying injuries and how many were just rested
  3. Well done London Broncos,great win and what an exciting relegation battle we are getting.
  4. Just back off holiday and was told West Hull coach Hewitt in trouble for pushing a ref to the floor.
  5. Wow some truly embarrassing posts,no wonder the rest of the RL world thinks Cumbria is a lost cause backwater
  6. 5100 capacity with seating for around 2300.
  7. Your right but not as lucky as Josh McGuire who miraculously escaped a ban for the same offence.
  8. 500 people paid to watch Egremont/Wath Brow at the weekend.
  9. No we didn't,only you and your fellow Kentish Luddite use that term. Yes we've had 3 years of it all from your good self.
  10. Hmmm funny how there’s only you and your fellow Toronto hater from South Leeds who call them the games saviours.
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