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  1. Would you stay in a job that was trying to force you into accepting reduced wages if you had offers elsewhere ? The Haven players are a month in arrears,if they can get a contract at another club that’s fair enough & good luck to them. Good Luck for the rest of the season.
  2. Reports that St George are interested in him,it never rains but it pours. !!
  3. I’ve supported my local semi pro team in various ways over 4 decades. Ive supported my local community club in various ways over 4 decades. Its not my fault you have a problem in how I relate to clubs.
  4. I’ve supported it in various ways over 4 decade’s thanks.
  5. Run professionally or step aside,how many clubs in this country do you think turn a profit ?
  6. Your doing an huge disservice to Town fans there. All Whitehaven replica kit is available on the manufacturers website APX Performance.
  7. They are auctioning off their player worn summer bash shirts I believe.
  8. Wow,do us all a favour & keep hold of your fiver.
  9. The NRL organise international matches to sell to broadcasters as part of the NRL deal,probably why they don’t want England & want to stick to Southern Hemisphere countries who have to live off their handouts.
  10. Really,plenty examples of both in RL sadly.
  11. It is if they can get new directions/sponsorship into the club,your mob recovered from the York Wasps debacle.
  12. Despite times at the club by all accounts with what’s left of the board struggling to keep the club going but Haven are not the first to do this & sadly won’t be the last.
  13. Feel free if that’s what floats your boat,on well earned rest days & trying to book next years vacations
  14. Wow Capt Hindsight are you really trawling through an old 11 page topic quoting everyone who thought Leigh wouldn’t be in contention for silverware this year,you really need to get out more old lad.
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