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  1. Dodd at Saints,Smith & Leuluai at Wigan.
  2. That and the fact there are some good players at other Elite 1 clubs who could slot right in at Championship level which makes the OP a strange statement.
  3. Whitehaven centre David Seeds had everything needed to be an international but work commitments kept him part time in the Championship.
  4. Yeah,if only they had a reserve team currently playing in an improving competitive league to boost player numbers from.
  5. The sad thing about Schofield is that he often calls some things correctly but it gets lost amongst the large amount of other rubbish he comes out with.
  6. Getting shot of Ganson would be a huge first step in rectifying the problem.
  7. I wouldn’t like to see a coach counted on the quota but agree teams should only be allowed 4 overseas spots.
  8. But this is offset by the improvement in strength & conditioning in the academies,I’d far rather see a young 17 yr old making his first team debut these days rather than 30yrs ago.
  9. Panic stations at Headingley and you’ve been banging on all winter about Salford having no squad depth
  10. They averaged 13,800 in the last Grand Final season,
  11. I could understand the calls for a 2nd NZ NRL club if the Warriors were going great but the sad fact is they’ve had 1 winning season since their last Grand Final appearance 10 yrs ago and have only averaged 11-13,000 fans during that period despite being the only show in New Zealand’s supposed RL hotbed. Perth should be the 18th franchise.
  12. Don’t know if it will happen but Superleague need to give the guy narrating that clip a job,he’d make snail racing sound fabulous.
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