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  1. Thankfully Robinson isn’t a clueless troll like you who judges players on pathetic personnel dislike over ability.
  2. The Kangeroos played NZ £ Tonga last year,both of which beat GB No Australia have played the kiwis at least once a year since 1995
  3. You haven’t watched the Roosters last 2 games then.
  4. 2 games for NSW 12 months ago hardly qualifies for inclusion in a current world team but each to his own.
  5. Given the amount of the season he's missed I'm not sure Tom Trbojevic would get into a world XIII in a position he never plays.
  6. Think that Reagan Campbell-Gillard is better H
  7. Not underestimating anyone,it was a concern seeing how we were missing some size in the front row,the lads showed great line speed and out enthused a bigger more experienced Hull pack,helped by numerous Hull errors. However I think we would have struggled today if we had played Saints/Wire,but with Bullock back and a fit SOL we can hopefully kick on.
  8. Clinical from Wigan. Better 2nd half from Hull who were a shambles in the opening 40.
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