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  1. Promising performance from Leigh and still in only 1 win away from escaping the relegation position.
  2. He struggles with RL,don’t go confusing him more by adding another sport.
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if we sign him after all we are heavily linked with Mason and Thornley for the third time.
  4. Especially when he was up against a NSW back row shorn of its best players,having said that he’s still a very good player.
  5. Totally agree and his rumoured replacement is a 27 yr old who’s played a lot of his career on loan to Championship clubs.
  6. You really need to start watching the game and stop relying on stats,he was poor on both sides of the ball.
  7. I agree,against the 2 standout teams the Panthers & Storm he was way off the pace.
  8. Don’t think so,two of the directors are the largest investors but couldn’t tell you who are the largest shareholders.
  9. Don’t know but Mundine has been called several names,most of them unprintable on here.
  10. None of the directors who’ve resigned have invested large sums of money into the club but obviously carried out various duties within the club so hopefully the impact will be minimal although Todd going is sad,I’ve heard a few rumours but that’s all they are at the moment.
  11. There must be Radley’s playing in the NRL because the one playing for the Roosters bears no resemblance to the one you are talking about. But as this thread is about England selection & Radley isn’t English I won’t derail it anymore
  12. The ridiculous thing is we don’t know and probably won’t until the games start and depending on how the rules are being interpreted will surely have a bearing on team selection.
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