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  1. An unbelievabley tight match which will have everyone following Fax vs KR closely tomorrow. Who was your man of the match though? Leave your 3 nominations below.
  2. Second week in a row I've seen you play and the line defence and second half drop off is definitely concerning. It all looked so positive after the Featherstone and Sheffield performances earlier in the season too. Here's my report from the match (Ther's a link to the highlights on there to clifford): http://quaysnews.net/index.php/2017/05/28/rochdale-win-oldham-summer-bash/ If anyone is interested, I've also got an interview with Naylor in the preview I put up yesterday. Good luck at Swinton!
  3. Second week in a row I've seen Oldham and given the way they fall apart I always fancied you to come back. Your outside backs must be the envy of most of the Championship. Here's my report from the match: http://quaysnews.net/index.php/2017/05/28/rochdale-win-oldham-summer-bash/
  4. I did an interview with Steve yesterday and he shared his thoughts on expansion, both on a global scale and along the M62. The full video is in the link to this piece on the World Club Series: http://quaysnews.net/index.php/2017/02/21/world-club-series-future-uncertain/ (The location was Harry's bar in Wigan for anyone trying to guess.)
  5. I spoke with Scott Naylor after last weeks match for Quays News (A media outlet run through Salford University in Media City.) You can See the full video here: http://quaysnews.net/index.php/2017/02/10/oldham-boss-pleased-by-performance-against-sheffield/
  6. Please leave your top 3 nominations below following the match.
  7. McGuire's return means Lilley has been left out of the squad. He would be a great boost, as even though it can be difficult to airdrop halfbacks into a team, both Craven and Milner are second receivers.
  8. Davies Briggs Taulapapa When Davies went off our chances of holding the league faded and with the departure of brings any chance we would have of regaining one also left. The short ball link up between the two brought us no end of joy.
  9. Hardman Tagg Day
  10. Over the past two weeks Will has put in a couple of fantastic claims and I have fond memories of Reni's long distance score at Bradford. Are these your picks though? Which other contenders have there been?
  11. Well after Jim Bowen popped up on my screen at 3pm to reveal Leigh enjoying the star prize I could think 101 reasons why the Super8s weren't so Super. Nonetheless this turned out to be a very enjoyable game. Here's the report:Match Report Rovers v Haven S8.doc
  12. The first half appeared more positive and the scrambled over the line in the second. Who was your man of the match?
  13. Perhaps the most agonising match to relive, but I suppose if we were fed up of coasting to claim a pointless title we have to accept falling short in a division with purpose. The performance however, was another matter. Here is the report: Match Report Rovers v Haven.doc
  14. Snitch Hitchcox Sharp
  15. I realise after a game like that this may be impossible, but leave your nominations below...