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  1. Wasnt it fev 7th fax 8th after the full season end?
  2. Didnt fev finish above fax at the end of the full season. Or did your season end after round 23.
  3. They may be gaining 7k in Canada but they are losing ten fold that in the UK. Once you are in superleague believe me thr rules will change for you.
  4. Ifs thats the case then why are you not alternating playing home and away.
  5. On a serious note. Hope oxy is ok haven't heard from him for months. With some of the results lately he would have deffo been on this site.
  6. Think positive they didnt get 50 ?. Oh just a mo they did. Makes our losing by 20 look like a good result.
  7. Am I right in thinking Duffy is only contracted until the end of the season?
  8. This team justifies Duffys appointment. Controversial at the time but a great call MC
  9. Is Mitch Clarke still ten a penny. If so I will have a pounds worth.
  10. True. I think Oxy is trying to play it down just in case they lose. I used to remember his pride at Fax not using dual reg?
  11. I don't think it would be causing an upset Oxy. I think both sides are evenly matched now you have used dual reg.
  12. Didn't you say on an earlier thread you expected to see him at Fax this year.
  13. Yeah me too. I have a 170 mile round trip so I sat this one out. Don't think Fev will be taking this one too serious, just be using it for a run out.
  14. Didn't realise you had 13 players out Oxy. It a good job we haven't put our strongest side out too then.
  15. A verbal agreement would not stand up in a employment tribunal as it can be denied and not proven. A tribunal judge will just use hard evidence before them which would be his contract. An employee does have to take responsibility to for their behaviour and conduct and to abide by the conditions and terms in their contract regardless of their line managers permission. His employers are the club and Duffy wouldn't have had the authorisation to change the terms and conditions of his contract via a text. What it does mean is Duffy may take part responsibility but in my eyes Griffin still breached those terms (if what has been written is true). A shame really a great player who I would have loved to see in a fev shirt this season. People do make mistakes, but the club I'm sure would have carried out a thorough investigation and felt they were left with no option but to dismiss. I believe every employer has the responsibility to use the disciplinary procedure as a corrective measure first, but are sometimes left with no option but to dismiss. I don't suppose we will ever find out the details due to data protection and if he is taking legal advice he may be best to observe the same professionalism as the club. A player of his calibre will have another club this time next week. Maybe there are lessons to be learned all round. I don't think the club will have done this to free wages as some have stated, due to the fact if they didn't have grounds and acted unfairly, this could result in losing a tribunal costing them a lot more in compensation and legal fees. There you go folks your nights reading. By the way the above are my thoughts only. Ps Oxy will be able to provide us with an update when Fax sign him.
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