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  1. Thanks very much for that. Still struggling to find the bargains you have though! I'm thinking maybe coach then. Just really don't fancy driving! Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hello there. Sorry, but could you please point me in the right direction to get these prices? Google is not being my friend when it comes to cheap trains!
  3. Hello there. Sorry for butting in, been here a while, but prefer to read most of your intelligent posts, as rarely can say more than has already been said. But I feel compelled to say that Im disappointed in the way this incident is being treated. Maguire upsets a lot of people, including his own, with the way he sometimes conducts himself . But in no way can that condone this sickening act. There is no outcome from the crocodile tackle but injury. Look at the footage. It was an awful, cowardly thing to do. No excuse.