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  1. Can't fault your optimism, but here's my take on things......based on what you have said 1. Your wingers are adequate 2. Your half backs are ok 3. You need a couple of of top quality props Even with SBW on board and a few more mega signings you ain't going to be lifting any silverware next year.....you need strength in depth and it's just not there at present. It's obvious you are passionate about your team which is good but SL isn't a stroll in the park like the last 3 years have been for you. Time to play with the big boys now....a whole new ball game.
  2. I think they may also play a bit of ice hockey but I don't think it will catch on. Toronto is a sports mad city and yes there is a lot of untapped supporters but a strong brand and identity is required to bring in the big corporate bucks and TV deals.
  3. That is the reality. Most RL folk are following the rise of TWP with interest and aren't anti -Toronto. We should all be pro RL no matter which team is playing it and wherever in the world it is played. A small minority of fans with an axe to grind may beg to differ but that's thier prerogative.
  4. 100% correct. Great to see such enthusiasm from our Canadian friends but they ain't seen nothing yet as far as what top level RL is all about. Mid table would be an achievement for next season and then let's see TWP build upon that. I don't think Mr Argyle is out to buy instant success, I think that he is more interested in getting a brand established in a crowded sports market. Good times are ahead for Toronto. Just be patient Wolfpack fans.....your time will come.
  5. I went to the final against Fev and had a brilliant time in a fantastic city. Best game day experience in RL by a country mile, friendly and welcoming locals and a quality product on the pitch. Well worth the expenditure and the transatlantic flight. I would encourage all RL fans to make the trip if you possibly can. You won't regret it.
  6. Classic Bob Monkhouse one..... When I die I want to go quickly and peacefully in my sleep just as my grandfather did. Not screaming out in terror like his passengers.
  7. Lamport will be jammed with or without SBW next season. The away support of the big name SL teams will number in their thousands. If Featherstone can get a couple of hundred fans across at a week's notice the likes of Wigan, Leeds and Hull will travel in huge numbers. Demand will far outstrip supply. I was lucky enough to be at the TWP v Fev final and will definitely be back next year. The following week I attended the SL Grand Final and wore a TWP shirt (even though St Helens are my team). This created a great deal of interest and everyone I spoke to said that they intended to see their side in Toronto next year. I don't know if TWP can play at a larger venue for certain games next season but as much as I enjoyed Lamport I can't see you being there for much longer. On the playing side of things you are going to need more than SBW to make any headway in SL. It's great that you are going after a big name which will bring in the publicity and revenue but the squad you have at present won't make the top 5. You won't be relegated though I am certain of that. The problem you have now is do you stick with the players that got you into SL (as London did) or do you make wholesale changes. Time will tell on that one. A quick word of thanks to all at TWP who made me and my wife's stay in Toronto a great experience. See you all next year
  8. Just five words come to mind when reading your posts.....Pride comes before a fall. There's a huge difference between championship winners and the Super League. I wish TWP all the best for the future and sincerely hope they go from strength to strength. But please don't try belittling the less successful sides who are living hand to mouth. We are one big Rugby League family. Without the likes of Hunslet, there would be no TWP. I am writing this in a downtown Toronto bar and am from a heartland town that hasn't won anything for nearly a century. So consider yourself lucky and hold your counsel if you feel the urge to have a go at fellow RL supporters. We all stick together and the game is bigger than any one club. By the way I recommend the Collective Arts IPA from Hamilton. Cheers
  9. I am also here in Toronto and can wholeheartedly concur with what Barnyia has said. Totally different game day experience from what we have at home. It's an event not just a fixture. Found the Canadian fans to be enthusiastic and quite knowledgeable about the game. In over 40 years of watching RL at all levels this was the highlight by some distance. The Wolfpack has caught the imagination of the public over here. My fellow guests at the bed and breakfast I stayed at were talking about the game and were fascinated by the concept of a Canadian team playing top flight sport in a transatlantic competition. This is just the start of something big for our sport. Thank goodness that the administrators have seen sense and allowed TWP to be promoted. This city is sports mad and it won't be long until the Wolfpack need a bigger den to play in. I'll be back next year and would encourage all RL supporters to make the trip. You won't regret it.
  10. Regarding player development many pro RL clubs don't care about investing in the junior scene. It could be argued that they rely on the likes of Wigan and Cas to do all the work for them at youth level. This has been going on for decades. As for framing the future that was a complete joke. Some top clubs wouldn't meet the criteria for entry into SL based on their facilities and what happened to the crowd levels that had to be met. If memory serves it was about the 10,000 level. Sort of what TWP are hitting now. And you mention for playing by the rules. What rules??? TWP have done so for the past three seasons, are days away from a championship final and the powers that be are still dithering on what the hell is at stake on Saturday. This makes our sport look Mickey Mouse as a previous poster suggested. The only good thing to come out of this that the Canadian fans have found out at an early stage how inept our Administrators are and how short sighted and greedy some of the SL clubs are.
  11. And also with no Melbourne born players for quite a while. Who cares if TWP have no Canadians in the squad at the moment. These things take time. The London Broncos have been around in various forms for decades and their junior development is now coming to fruition. After three seasons TWP have done more for the game than any club outside SL has ever done. To get the level of interest shown from scratch has been phenomenal. Just imagine what they could achieve if they become established as a top 5 side. That will take longer than some of our Canadian friends on here think but the potential is obvious. The only reasons for the negativity are jealousy from some RL supporters and the downright greediness of some of the SL chairmen. The game is dying in some areas and it looks like the prognosis is terminal for a few lower league traditional clubs. This could be the just the start of something massive for our game. TWP have got off to a flying start....how many other new RL clubs have done that and have not only maintained the level of interest but built upon it in such a short space of time. SL should be welcoming them with open arms not trying to block them for spurious reasons.
  12. Agreed. Can't understand why Leeds don't just throw McLelland straight in and see how he goes. I reckon he'd be a huge success. You can only get SL experience by playing at that level.....look at the youngsters at Wigan. They are playing like a house on fire because they have been given the chance to show what they can do. Forget farming excellent youngsters off on Dual Reg....get them used to playing at the elite level as soon as possible.
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