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  1. It didn't work for me either by just clicking on the link. Had to type the link into Google to get through to the survey. Hope this helps.
  2. Dylan...I have completed your survey. In my opinion these rules changes have had a positive effect on our game at SL level. Hope many other forum members will spare you a couple of minutes of their time. All the best with your research
  3. I can now all candidates are on the ballot.....but my vote wouldn't be for Leeds. Just me having a light hearted dig at SirKev for missing the Rhinos off. But fair play to him he added them on and satisfied the pedantic side of me.
  4. They are now but they were not on it when the thread was started
  5. The promotion and relegation system has made this season the best one in years. It could be argued that the Yorkshire teams on the list wouldn't be in SL if the game was properly franchised and that London would only be there on location. The Broncos promotion last year was on merit and that's the way it should be. Without P and R this season would have ceased to be interesting weeks ago with teams not putting in the effort like the Broncos have done. And the threat of Championship level rugby next year sure made Leeds pull their finger out as was the case with Wigan a few months back. My only arguments with relegation is that the fixtures are lop sided due to the Magic Weekend and that we have play offs to decide the SL Champions and who gets promoted to the top tier, but not for who takes the drop. I too won't vote in this poll on the basis that Leeds aren't on the list...but seriously I can't make my mind up about who will be relegated...it's looking like it's going to go down to the last round of fixtures, and that's got to be good for the game.
  6. Gareth Widdop???....yes I know he never played pro RL here but there's not many to choose from. Apart from Carney and Offiah I'd have to say Andy Currier and that's going back a bit.
  7. You certainly will.....can't come round quick enough. Watched RL for the last 40 odd years and this will be the highlight without a doubt
  8. Flights are now booked.... hopefully see you at the Final. Thanks for your advice regarding tickets. Much appreciated
  9. Thanks for that. I'm pretty sure that they don't show the schools game in full nowadays though.....although they should do. Looks like the RFL have put this extra game on to boost the attendance and have had to renegotiate with Wembley, who hold the upper hand.
  10. Thanks for that. But what are the logistical reasons? I can't think of anything that Wembley couldn't handle.
  11. Welcome to the forum TR56 The gates at Wembley open at 1pm according to my tickets. The 1895 Final is at 5.30pm.....can't fathom out why you would have this match after the main event. I'm sure there's a logical reason but I'm struggling to find it.
  12. Thanks for your reply...the play off schedule is on the TW website but only posted today https://www.torontowolfpack.com/ And thanks for links and also the offer to help with tickets....much appreciated....I'll return the favour next season when you are in the big time
  13. Now that the play off dates have been confirmed I am looking at coming over to Toronto from England for the Championship Grand Final. I know it's not guaranteed to be in Toronto but I am prepared to take the risk and book flights whilst the prices are reasonable. What's the best way of securing tickets should the Wolfpack get to the Final....bearing in mind the short space of time in which to book them. I don't want to travel all that way and miss out on a potentially historic occasion. Or is it unlikely to sell out? I have contacted the Wolfpack ticketing office direct but the email address provided on website appears to be incorrect. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope to see you on October 5th.
  14. Same here, grew up in Rochdale when RL was healthy in the area. Now living a few miles up the road from you in Preston which is definitely a non RL town (city in name) as you will be aware. Living in a soccer mad place gives me the same defensiveness of our game. Will always promote RL but it's like the proverbial banging your head against the wall. But a few of us here know what is the best game on the planet and happy to be in the minority.
  15. Absolutely correct. You should never take anything for granted. I think that this year you will be fine and the play off system will work in your favour.
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