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  1. The only figure that I have seen is an estimated 4000.
  2. Come on....cut our Canadian friends a bit of slack. They haven't learned to shout out Gerremonside yet.....Sine die may take quite a while longer to enter their vocabulary.
  3. Well said. It certainly messed me about for the last hour or so.
  4. Went on a city break to Berlin last year and found it to be a great place to visit. Plenty of history and lots to do in the short time you have allocated yourselves. I would also recommend Vienna if you are culture vultures, and although much smaller than the usual destinations, Salzburg is also worth considering.
  5. Speaking as an occasional follower of the Hornets I have to say that none of their squad are remotely near SL standard so that's a non starter. Many of the players are fresh out of the amateur ranks and their priority will be adjusting to semi pro RL. As for the CC, I would also think that this would be against the competition rules. And even if it isn't any player that has already appeared for Rochdale in the earlier rounds of the cup will automatically be barred from playing for another club. Don't know if you have a similar phrase in Canada but it's commonly known as being "cup tied". And what if TWP draw the Hornets in the cup??? It's a bit of a minefield. I think that the tie up with the Hornets is a good thing seeing as it is the club nearest to your UK training base but don't expect any player developments going from Rochdale to TWP in the short term. Conversely if SBW needs some more game time under his belt then that would be interesting.....very unlikely to happen but would be make for an interesting thread on this forum.
  6. Chuck Wiseman was the player I am thinking of. Unless that's a figment of my imagination as well.
  7. Although slightly before my time I think you are right. Something tells me he played one or two games for Blackpool Borough. Happy to be corrected on that one.
  8. The Cardboard Cut Out Crew are now in the UK...…..see below Care of Canis Lupus.
  9. As a Rochdalian I take exception to that remark...a bit of an armpit....how dare you....it's much worse than that
  10. Why are there no SL quality Canadian refs yet???. It's an outrage. They've had three years to get this sorted out. Never mind the "putting rugby balls in kids' hands" mantra.... we need a string of Canadian whistleblowers now !!!! Oops sorry...wrong thread On a serious note though....no ref equals no game. Very few are willing to put themselves in the firing line. Obviously some love the limelight and have the skin of a rhinoceros but you've got to admire those that choose this path, even if they occasionally drop some absolute clangers. Showing displeasure at the ref and claiming they are biased are part and parcel of being a spectator. What isn't acceptable is when a line is crossed and that turns into pure hatred and vitriol. It's only a game after all.
  11. So why do TWP want to be in it then? You will see in the coming weeks that it is far superior to anything TWP have encountered so far. Hence the push for dispensation so you can stay there and be competitive. I agree the Salary Cap is restricting clubs like yours but on the other hand it helps other clubs to survive. A solution to this problem is required but it's a bit late in the day to change anything for this season. In this respect, it's the administrators of our game who are "small time". I personally don't think you will finish at the foot of the table but you won't be pushing for honours either. Next year is one of consolidation and barring a disasterous spate of injuries TWP will more than hold their own against the weaker SL teams. To some you are trying to buying success whilst to others you are helping the game to expand. We have experienced both scenarios before in RL and the outcome hasn't been positive. It's time for a sensible middle ground to be found......and preferably before the 2021 season begins.
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