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  1. Left Newcastle after the Wigan v Wire game and am still travelling home to Lancashire. If we had stayed for the last match it would be gone midnight before we got home. Many others will have made the same decision. I would have loved to have watched all 6 matches this weekend but it's just not feasible if you have other commitments. I agree that some just want watch their own team but many more watch the other games regardless of who is playing. I follow St Helens but I am a Rugby League supporter first and foremost. To get 60k over the two days is a creditable achievement under the current circumstances, and I for one hope the Magic Weekend concept is here for years to come.
  2. Castleford - McShane Catalans - Casty Hudds - English Hull - Tuimavave HKR - Quinlan Leeds - Hurrell Salford - McCarthy Wakefield - Johnstone Warrington - Austin Wigan - Bullock
  3. 1. Lamport Stadium 2. Athletics Ground 3. Watersheddings 4. Hilton Park
  4. Survey completed. Hope your plans to establish a pro team down there come to fruition.
  5. Couldn't agree more with you. I am sick and tired of the selfishness and narrow mindedness of some of our clubs. If the Dragons can put on games safely with a healthy number of spectators in attendance then they should be allowed to do so. The NRL games are much better to watch with a bit of an atmosphere so the sooner we can do the same the better. I'd rather watch one attended game on TV from the South of France than a triple header at a soulless Headingley. Unfortunately some clubs are more equal than others and their spurious reasons will win the day. Just like the Aussies always get their way internationally we are just as bad as them domestically.
  6. I don't follow football at all and can honestly say that I wouldn't recognize any current Premier League player if I tripped over him. It's of zero interest to me. There was a photo of Sonny Bill Williams and a Manchester United star player on here a few months back and I had to Google who the latter was. I would recognize the majority of SL players if they walked past me as RL is my sport. Practically nobody else in the town where I live would as there's little interest in RL, despite being a few miles up the road from Wigan. Sad to say but current RL players are only recognisable to RL fans and not the majority of the public whether you be in Watford, Wigan or anywhere else in the country.
  7. This thread reminds me of when I was coming back from Wembley on the train after a CC final.... probably Leeds v London. One Day county cricket sides had just adopted monikers to their names. A group further down the carriage were talking about this and couldn't remember what Yorkshire had chosen as their nickname. Up pipes an old bloke with a distinct Lancashire accent who shouted out...."Lads, I think you are looking for the word B*stards"
  8. Ray Seldbow......dirty bar steward Chris Pandelling...great passer of the ball Ed Eyetackle....concedes a lot of penalties Lee Keydefence....about to be subbed Lou Sedd....old school prop
  9. I would thoroughly recommend that you join your Uni RL team. I did so thirty odd years ago at Lancaster and can honestly say it was the best decision I made whilst being a student. I still have happy memories of those days and made friends from all backgrounds and various nationalities. I played for several clubs after Uni and nothing came close to the camaraderie of Student RL. Don't worry too much about your size/height. RL players at that level come in all shapes and sizes. You've got an advantage in that you know how to play the game plus you will be a lot fitter than the average player with your athletic background. Maybe your Uni has a second team you could play for and if so you can ease yourself into the game that way. Go for it.....you won't regret it. And welcome to the forum
  10. No comment on your first two selections. Number 3 is fine by me. But number 4.....I'm sure there's a team that's out there somewhere that you could follow post lockdown... especially with your avatar
  11. Australians Greg and Tony Austin played for Rochdale in the mid 80s. Greg later played for Salford if my memory serves correctly.
  12. The only figure that I have seen is an estimated 4000.
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