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  1. The game day checker email that I received says that you can do either. I'm just taking the mobile tickets. The only tickets I had to print off were for HJ so I can't see OT being an issue. Enjoy the games
  2. Left Newcastle after the Wigan v Wire game and am still travelling home to Lancashire. If we had stayed for the last match it would be gone midnight before we got home. Many others will have made the same decision. I would have loved to have watched all 6 matches this weekend but it's just not feasible if you have other commitments. I agree that some just want watch their own team but many more watch the other games regardless of who is playing. I follow St Helens but I am a Rugby League supporter first and foremost. To get 60k over the two days is a creditable achievement under the current circumstances, and I for one hope the Magic Weekend concept is here for years to come.
  3. Australians Greg and Tony Austin played for Rochdale in the mid 80s. Greg later played for Salford if my memory serves correctly.
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