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  1. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    personally i think we have enough forwards , been week on wings and centrers also a creative half back captain and kicker may be
  2. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    i don't think so
  3. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    who else is there ? theres not many with ability around , who rovers may be able to sign
  4. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    If i remember the £75k suggested was a figure of speech
  5. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    we would have been better in getting finn back
  6. pride

    ellis is a must
  7. M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    1. Ellis 2. Griffin 3. Missi
  8. M.O.M. Rovers V Leeds Rhinos

    ellis hardman missi
  9. Absolutely amazing

  10. M.O.M. Rovers V Bradford

    1 missi 2 thacks 3 baldwinson have to mention jon sharp, excellent game management / coaching
  11. don't pay the £2 its mater of choice, theres a stands were it free to sit, whats the problem
  12. Get in....

  13. Get in....

    come on corse we can there not that good ,
  14. Get in....

    nice 1 am glad you enjoyed it c ya next week