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  1. No TV Coverage at all for your Round 4 clash coming up on Friday afternoon v Warrington. Not even sure you'll be able to access Radio commentary as it's not on BBC Local Radio this time, it's on 5 Live Sports Extra which you may need a TV Licence (UK) for!
  2. There's only a specific set of clubs below SL subject to a sustainable cap, that been those placed under special measures.
  3. Yes mate, but then read the finacial Sustainabilty regulations, it will become clear.
  4. The point is mute in this topic anyway mate because as you mentioned, the parent clubs salary paid to the player on loan is taken into account on the receiving clubs salary cap.
  5. For all SL Clubs and for Championship Clubs in Special Measures, that is the rule yes. Probably to Save the work & expense in setting and monitoring every Clubs Sustainable cap, according to the Financial Sustainability Regulations: 'Championship and League 1 Clubs are permitted to spend up to the Finite Cap with the exception of Clubs who have been placed in Special Measures.... '
  6. True, where a SL Club receives a loan player, that players contract value at his parent club is taken into account. So if his annual salary is £500k and Twp get him on loan for 6 months, that would be £250k onto their cap, regardless of the loan deal between clubs. Rochdale are permitted to spend the full cap unless they are in special measures? Are they in special measures? Not sure. However, if Toronto were to send them money, who's to say Rochdale will spend that money on signing SL quality players capable of rescuing Toronto in the 1st instance and that they would agree to loan said player to Toronto in the 2nd instance! That's before the situation in paragraph 1 above makes the whole exercise pointless anyway!
  7. How can one RL Club, Toronto make 2 player signings (marquee or otherwise) for another RL Club, Rochdale? So the answer is definitely no, Toronto could not make two signings for Rochdale. Ps. Your other question regarding marquee players as already been answered on this thread, yes the Chsmpionship does have an allowance for marquee players, it's the same as for SL.
  8. No, 1st explain to me how there's only 11 home games in the NRL when: Brisbane Broncos have 12 Games at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. Newcastle Knights have 12 Games at McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle North Queensland Cowboys have 12 Games at Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville During the Telstra Premiership draw (regular season). Surely that would be impossible in your factual 11 home Game NRL. & If Company Directorship is directly linked to shareholding in your world how on earth are Chris Brindley & Rob Elstone company directors? Do we not think that London Rugby League Limited would have a seriously winnable case against SLE Ltd when 'all ordinary shareholders shall be entitled to, and shall, compete in the Super League' ? Classic scotchy modus operandi, belittle and ridicule questioners with his favorite keywords such as strange & weird then swiftly bury his mistakes & errors a few pages back. Anyway, I'm out on this thread, the other contributors are sick of it, can't blame em.
  9. No the NRL has 12 home games! the NRL has 25 rounds, 12 home games & 12 away games + 1 bye. (Half the teams agreed to hold 1 of their home games at suncorp stadium in 2019 & 2020.) The other half don't. We don't know what's happened regarding shares since the 18th December. So no point making up facts. A director and a shareholder are two different things, for one thing a director can be a man and a shareholder of SL just can't be.......
  10. Which one of the current crop of facts? Toronto's number of home games in the NRL lol ! (We are not deciding for no apparent reason that the NRL are scrapping Magic Weekend, merely highlighting that currently & factually it's a 2 year deal, this the last year of that deal and nothing else is in place currently as a matter of fact.) That SL NEED 12 Shareholders? We are not imagining anything at all, they do not need 12 Shareholders. David Hughes is not and never was a shareholder of SLE, only RL Clubs can be ordinary shareholders, David Hughes is not a RL Club as far as I am aware, he's a man, therefore not entitled to hold a Share. Not that I've ever mentioned David Hughes anyway!
  11. Post opinions as fact......get challenged. It really is that simple. Its weird you are never wrong, ever....about anything.
  12. Seriously? You really do not have the foggiest idea mate. There is no requirement whatsoever to immediately notify Companies House of any changes in shareholders. A transfer could have happened anytime after 18th December prior to the season commencing, it could be up to maximum if 12 months before anything shows up on public records lol. Honestly, some of the font of all knowledge tosh you peddle.........
  13. No, the above post is an irrelevent reply. You stated Super League needs 12 Shareholders. You are totally wrong, they do not need 12 Shareholders.
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