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  1. Yes but they are teams mate. NCL for instance, must already have an open age team in Yorkshire Men's League or NW Men's League etc. Pennine League, is a winter League so this is extra for Clubs already included through Yorkshire / NW. Womens Teams, part of a Club already mentioned? Universities and Colleges? I guess you could add them to the total Clubs as separate entities.
  2. Can speak for Manchester United, they don't do anything of any note the vast majority of the time except play a game of football. When Ussain Bolt wins a gold and turns up, they announce that pre match and he gives a wave because he's a fan and has turned up to OT with his gold medal. Same thing with Greg Rutherford when he brought his medal to OT, because he's a fan. They announce birthdays at half time, Champions League, they stand for the champions League anthem b4 KO! Wow!!! Lol. The rest of the matchday experience is exactly the same as Post Office Road, overpriced lager and a sporting contest.
  3. You make it sound as though the Raptors appeared out of thin air like the Wolfpack. You forget the Ontario Basketball Association with it's 80+ years of history building interest in the sport and creating demand for a pro team, which came in on proper foundations.
  4. Not to mention, a lot less pubs open to even try an attempt to cobble a team together compared with a decade or 2 ago. Probably be even less reopening after this lockdown.
  5. Or if they've got a none too shabby number already and it's difficult to grow year on year. Then maintenance of that number not sitting on your laurels for a couple of decades thinking it'll last forever.
  6. Rugby League NFL V8 Supercar Championship British Touring Car Championship NASCAR T20 & One Day Cricket Baseball Football Formula 1 ^like them all in that order. Only played Rugby League & Rugby Union (reluctantly, almost against my will) competitively.
  7. I like your whole post mate, there's just one line, one little line! I just cannot accept. That been, 1. Haha.
  8. I believe the term football is because you are playing a team sport on foot which involves a ball, as opposed to a mounted sport with players on horseback.
  9. I still bet on it though, so am very up to date with all the European leagues form, head to head, league positions etc lol.
  10. Big Manchester United Supporter all my life. Had Season Tickets for Old Trafford, last one was Sir Alex last season in charge, attended plenty of matches since then but none in last 3 years. Gone off Football totally in the last 3 years. Not even watched United or any football on telly for last 2 seasons.
  11. Appologies to Yorkshire League Clubs Lambwath Lions & Dodworth Miners. Anyone spot any other Clubs missed from the League's or any Clubs not returning an open age team for 2020, please let me know.
  12. That's because I've done Clubs, those are already listed under Midlands League mate. Yes, some Clubs also run 2nd Teams lower down the tiers.
  13. If an ARLFC hopefully with a JARLFC, no. If an RLFC then you could be, depending on where you are locating the Club, what funds you are guaranteeing to run that Club and what solid Community plan and guaranteed funds you will put into the well thought out community plan. To get people enjoying playing the game in this new expansion area, to get people through the turnstiles, primarily for the game and on a long term basis, to eventually develop potential pro players.
  14. Because no one is bothered. Especially the expansion fantasists on TRL Forums. The Governing Bodies and the Pro Clubs have taken the Community Game for granted, paid it lip service for many a decade.
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