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  1. L'equippe, a free nationwide sports channel would take the feed if given it, Stick it on YouTube SL TV, for the rest of the world geoblocking France & UK (Sky would be entitled to it!)
  2. RayCee hope you find time to do this for all the Clubs. (Championship, League 1, NRL)
  3. Good post. The Warriors already get central funding as per the other 15 NRL Clubs. It's a case of do you want NZRL to be an independent test playing nation? or a member of the ARLC on the same basis as QRL & NSWRL, officially & legally coming under the ARLC is the only way you'll ever receive a grant comparable to the NSWRL & QRL.
  4. OMG we are about to witness the biggest sporting disaster ever. The Hundred. Have you seen the state of the kits! The colours alone are absolutely diabolical. The logos, horrendous, designed by an 8 year old who couldn't be bothered. Each and every Team sponsored by a bag of crisps. That's before you even get to the hundreds of angry comments on everything the ECB posts promoting the Hundred. You'd have to be bonkers to watch this, when there's many serious alternatives like the blast, IPL & Big Bash.
  5. 2021 is the final season covered by the Primary Broadcasting Agreement AND also the Titular Sponsorship Agreement !
  6. Ban tackle, hooks, line, floats, rods, reels and bait should be ruled out, put the fish in a swimming pool. On your marks, get set, go......
  7. West Wales Raiders draw bigger crowds, West Wales Raiders are an absolute juggernaut of RL in comparison to the Axemen.
  8. Haha Jacksonville Axemen to Basketball & Fishing !
  9. The Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive would disagree.
  10. 1. The Football Association got a 30+ year head start on the Northern Union (RFL) 2. Association Football is a limited contact sport as opposed to a full contact sport (RL) meaning many more kids play it, develop a keen interest in it, watch / follow the highest levels of it. 3. Association Football is a much less physically exhausting sport, again, another reason many more kids play it, develop a keen interest in it, keep playing it for a much longer age 45+ (leisure leagues etc) rather than 30 in RL. Further spurring a much larger following of its highest levels.
  11. NOMINATION LIST FULLBACK 1 - Zak Hardaker 2 - Joseph Manu 3 4 5 WINGERS 1 - Luke Briscoe 2 - Josh Addo-Carr 3 4 5 CENTRES 1 - Harry Newman 2 - Latrell Mitchell 3 4 5 STAND-OFF 1 - Callum McLelland 2 3 4 5 SCRUM-HALF 1 - Shaun Johnson 2 3 4 5 PROPS 1 - Wellington Albert 2 - Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 3 - Liam Watts 4 - Jack Ormondroyd 5 HOOKER 1 - Damien Cook 2 3 4 5 SECOND ROWS 1 - Sitili Tupouniua 2 - John Davies 3 - Josh Hardcastle 4 5 LOOSE FORWARD 1 - Boyd Cordner 2 3 4 5
  12. USARL Grand Final Runners Up this season.
  13. Current Situation: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/catalans-dragons-sky-sports-tv-3475600 The Deal that Ended 2019: http://www.catalansdragons.com/en/articles-9/164-5584-betfred-super-league-extends-deal-with-bein-sports/
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