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  1. That's really good to know but I never mentioned that it's the end of RL or that the games a laughing stock. If you don't have any information about pitchside adverts then there's no point in having a guess really is there?
  2. Plus we've demonstrated we really can win all our playoff games regardless of where we Finnish in the top 5. If not this season, then we will rise within the next 3 seasons, unless they close the shop or bring back some weird S8 formula.
  3. Not many, all out mingling with their friends.
  4. I'd bet more people were watching RL on red button than were watching netball and GAA on main channels combined.
  5. Sky are killing the game. Toronto v Featherstone was exciting and entertaining and played to a high standard of RL. Yet netball took priority, unbelievable. Get SL and Championship Games on Free to air and watch the money roll in from pitchside LED Advertising.
  6. Jack Ormondroyd? No don't think Bussey got a card, just brought off after getting punched to head by lussick.
  7. Our forwards were immense today. Running at em hard and refusing to accept being tackled, causing line breaks.
  8. Exactly, there's Eligibilty through sport and then there's reality.
  9. At League 1 level. Probably triple that for mid table championship.
  10. I'd have to disagree, when he speaks publicly in this capacity he speaks for one club of 12 and it's safe to say he has at least 3 to 4 very strong allies (other SL Clubs) thinking along the same lines at that moment in time.
  11. You don't need international caps to get a sportsperson visa.
  12. Not to mention......SLE Ltd or RFL Ltd would have to be collectively insane to agree to a deal like that.
  13. Hmmmm......They could do all that and still not be guaranteed their money back.
  14. It's my opinion the model they could explore would be SUM (Soccer United Marketing) relationship with the MLS.
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