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  1. That's not a SL issue, that's an issue for any Pro Sports League. In a scenario like that, the bigger the League, the harder they will fall.
  2. Id sell him a £55 team pass. Works out at an attractive £2.03 per Game for Leigh if he watched all 27. He could attend the 7 Games that floats his boat and still only pay £2.75 per game through a team pass for the other 20 to watch on the service, he can watch his team on his big telly if he doesn't like watching them on phone / tablet. Even if he only watched 10, gave the other 10 a miss still not bad money if it helps fund his club at the same time.
  3. What scenario? Someone asked how an online model works. Someone else then asked how that translates to RL. You asked for an explanation Gubs. In the scenario we are locked out of SL, its game over anyway.
  4. You'd have to invest £7,500,000 a year for five or six years. £5,000,000 to produce the product. (Breaks down to about £25,000 per Game based on 198 Games in a year.) £2,500,000 to promote the product. (Breaks down to about £12k a game, you'd use paid posts on Facebook and target your audience, you'd have billboards, adverts on commercial radio stations) Well yes, one of the great things is you can pick and choose games, not bad at only £3 a game, you sell a few different packages to suit a wider range of people.)
  5. About £7.5 mil a year, that's how it translates. Over a sustained period of years.
  6. People, dont get ya knickers in a twist. Someone asked how an online model would work, I gave a pretty basic generic example, just to show income of around 40m per year.
  7. As you have stated, production cost is pennies, given dedicated volunteers, good amateur set up. But let's chuck production @ £25k a game at it for 198 Games = £4.95m + the above mentioned advertising / promotion of the product at £2.5m So £7,450,000 off of a £49.95m sum = £42.5m / 14 = £3,035,000 per Club pa. (Down from £3,567,000) Someone asked for an example of how online revenue would work. I gave an example. The example I gave wasn't based on a model of the Championship / League 1 it was just a simple demo of how such a revenue model works in life.
  8. Good question. 10m Sales / 189 regular season games = average 53k buyers (viewers) per game. Still, would have to spend 5% of projected revenue to promote & advertise the product. (£2.5m?)
  9. Single Game Pass £3 Single Round Pass £15 Single Team Pass £55 Full Season Pass £99 Sales forecast; 50,000 Sales @ £99 = £4.95m 100,000 Sales @ £55 = £5.5m 250,000 Sales @ £15 = £3.75m 10,000,000 Sales @ £3 = £30m = £44,200,000 + Playoff Pass £20 Grand Final Pass £5 Sales Forecast; 100,000 @ £20 = £2m 750,000 @ £5 = £3.75m = £5,750,000 Grand Total = £49,950,000 Split 14 Ways = £3,567,000 per Club pa. (198 Games)
  10. Yes it's a very competitive League overall, not including Bayern. It's true German football is a peculiar world. But the miners are German Football's version of Featherstone Rovers, their history is almost identical, geographic location, compared to bigger market (catchment area) rivals, similar. They grew their following by appealing to the working class masses across Germany. Something RL Clubs fail to achieve to great effect (in the main and as a rule)
  11. Naw it's not Saarland, Schalke is surrounded by neighbours 1. FC Koln (Cologne) Fortuna Dusseldorf, Borrussia Dortmund much larger and well know cities but the only Club that does better than them in the vicinity is Dortmund.
  12. Get a 6.15pm Sunday game on free to air. Give Sky what they want, Thursday and Friday Night rugby league 1st and 2nd Pick of the round + flexible short notice scheduling after mid season. But they must give up exclusivity.
  13. Yes, however the key point is those are within major cities. Gelsenkirchen is about the size of Hull.
  14. You are right, as a sport, fans, owners the lot, all gone bonkers over the perfect location. People always mention the GB Packers in location situations, FC Schalke 04, a successful Club with a large following is a suburb of a German City the size of Hull, not a city itself, just an area of a small to medium sized city. Basically a Hunslet (except that's a suburb of a much larger city than Gelsenkirchen) . What matters first and foremost is stability (longevity) of any given Club and then competitiveness (on field success, in small bite sized steps in the right direction) ...... the ideal location (famous mega city name) pales into insignificance compared to the two main points mentioned above.
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