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  1. In saying that, thinking about it, it was the merger part of it all that infuriated us, hoodwinked by that small part of the plan in the most part.
  2. Give them chance, i'm not a Leigh fan but believe they've only been top flight 2 seasons in the last 26 of the Super League era? Can't see what more they can do from the 2nd tier compared to the absolute Giants of the sport flying the flag and banging the drum for the sport in SL for a quarter of a century.
  3. They wouldn't have got a look in at the Grand Final either though without Hardaker that season.
  4. I liked this been at the top.
  5. We did, we invaded pitches, did pretty much all the same stuff but ultimately it was futile. Even the mighty Sky TV weren't in with a shot for the football rights, hence the recent hostile shows. Of course they were the ones behind our SL shenanigans. Can remember taking part in it all as a 15 year old or summat.
  6. Maybe a substantial minority of fans and even possibly several administrators of the game seem to be more concerned with Batley (insert any other club) as a name and as a settlement size than what Batley can do on the pitch, that's not sport is it? It's more geography or demographics than sport........its a mentality people need to snap out of. Hoffenheim what an absolute humiliation for the Bundesliga. Could go on and on.........La Liga ...... yep, how embarrassing to have clubs from 'Batley' sized towns...... What can promoting Batley bring to SL ....hmmmm let me think, erm crucia
  7. Batley are probably closer financially to Wigan than Bournemouth is to Manchester United, the comparison is reasonable to make.
  8. The fact of the matter is there are pubs directly outside grounds that sell drinks cheaper, It's culture at RL as it is in football to go to the pubs within spitting distance of grounds pre match.
  9. That makes sense otherwise you've got the NCL with like 48 / 49 stronger clubs than a South (Southern Conference League) with maybe 12 or so Clubs of which even the top four or five would possibly be not on a par with the lowest NCL Division Clubs......
  10. The main pathway would be from the North West Counties Junior RL age grade comps to U16 level and then to Saints, Wigan & Warrington Academies, 1st teams and then England or across the pennines from the Yorkshire Junior RL comps to Leeds, Huddersfield, Hull, HKR, Cas and Wakey academies, 1st teams then England......obviously pennines switching and other routes are available......
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