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  1. I'd have to say keep Wembley; the strong link of the game there with CC & Internationals, the history of the Challenge Cup Final there......the iconic stadium, the legendary Wembley Way (Olympic Way) ....the Nations Capital and largest City. A lesser venue would mean devaluing the event and the entire competition even more. Would lessen prestige and lead to an even bigger decline in ticket sales. I'm certain the Challenge Cup Comp and Final Day can be rebuilt.
  2. The other sports spread through the Empire because middle class military officers and civil servants exported them, the only place League spread was where the working class people of Northern England went in large numbers between 1895 and the outbreak of WW2. NSW, Queensland, and North Island of NZ. Even the enlisted military from Northern Regiments would have played what the officers organised for them I.e Union and Cricket whilst overseas.
  3. I agree with everything in the initial post Scotchy except the lying..... We should have a Combine and Draft or something very similar which creates interest off the field.
  4. Nonsense. Siddal & Ovenden haven't been in the Challenge Cup Final whereas Carpentras have made the Lord Derby Cup Final nor have they played in the top tier of the sport in England whereas Carpentras played in Elite One as recently as 2011. Not to mention Carpentras is a completely separate town to Avignon as opposed to Siddal and Ovenden pretty much part of Halifax.
  5. S.O.....Avignon. The day they have more fans AND are a superior Club to Halifax on the field will be a very long time coming. My issue is you've pinned places like Philadelphia & Paris on a map, why not Lyon (Villeurbanne XIII) ? Surely that's more in line with the other options you've listed?.....
  6. Sporting Olympique Avignon XIII has a fan Base many times smaller than Halifax despite existing since 1916. There are no other Clubs in Calderdale, Whereas Vaucluse has RC Carpentras XIII neighbouring Avignon.
  7. True that. But the 'reducing the share of the pie' is the key thing.
  8. How exactly do you classify Halifax as an obvious dead end yet Avignon as an exciting expansion target area?
  9. Toronto, Toulouse, Sheffield, Paris, Newcastle, Ottawa, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, London...........Avignon?
  10. We only need to win one of our last 2 and our massive points difference will see us right. We can bet York in playoffs and progress forward.
  11. Should have gone for try rather than goal on that penalty. Fair enough if it's in the dying minutes or it would have given us a 6 or more point lead but to gain 4 point lead was a waste, showed them we thought we couldn't score a try rather than the opposite even if we hadn't of got a try from it.
  12. The pie won't split 25 ways to The satisfaction of the top (& most influential) Championship clubs
  13. Rawcliffe bar park and ride, bootham stop, Burton lane pub. Seems best way to me.
  14. Book a low level fly past by the Red Arrows.
  15. Should be a world class, well known singer to provide the vocals for abide with me and the national anthem.
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