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  1. Like others have asked, how'd they come to the figure of 42? BARLA & Combined Services RL then 35 Clubs, 24 non SL Clubs for 24 votes and 11 SL Clubs for 24 votes + 2; I reckon its 37 (or less) of 37......
  2. Yeah but you go on to say that you are a member for life or until the company goes bust or something along those lines, but you can transmit shares through say inheritance and transfer shares through an instrument of transfer. Super League itself, the members are not members for life or until the company goes bust. Basically you can be a member of a Club, like a members club where you have a strong affinity with other members and some perks like discounts on tickets and what not or you can be a member (owner / shareholder) of a corporation....Trinity are blurring the lines somewhat here I.e its a bit shady to say the least. There is little to no point whatsoever in owning a company when you can't a) have a say (vote) and b) potentially reap a fair 'share' in some benefits / rewards so to me Trinity are taking their supporters for mugs in this one. It seems pointless printing out the share certificates, literally not worth the paper they are written on.
  3. It depends entirely on what a companies articles state.
  4. Member shareholders will participate in a class of shares that would not attract voting or dividend rights
  5. Runcorn was another founding Club from Cheshire along with Stockport..... Manchester itself is Lancashire too, (historic / traditional Lancashire).
  6. You have a point regarding that. American leagues have all powerful and neutral commissioner, NRL have the commission rather than a single commissioner.....there needs to be one undisputed and neutral body.
  7. IMG; making an unbelievably messy organisation even messier !!!
  8. That been the case, it's my opinion we must follow the Gridiron model as per the NRL do more and more.
  9. IMG = Somewhat successful regarding Pro Basketball..... We can't be following this model because there is simply not the participant numbers like Basketball and football at the social / recreational level, Basketball is even easier to jack up than football....I.e smaller playing area, can be played on a multitude of surfaces, can be played indoor and outdoor, smaller player numbers required to play a game, non contact/ semi contact....less injury risk. Etc. When you have that mass involvement it's a short and easy step to Amateur Club level game and then feed the player development pathways. All this equals the luxury of massive grass roots - infrastructure. Meaning its much easier to position an elite tier or two above it all.....think EuroLeague and EuroCup comps have like 12 or 13 national leagues underpinning them....so basically IMG can stick its proposals where the sun doesn't shine.
  10. Dont think it's about been easy, folk enjoyed the weekend on the Costa brava and following their club at the same time which was pretty easy and pretty chill with good times to be had for a reasonable price, but not as easy as a direct flight.
  11. The stadium will look plenty full......the city is good to go for a day out / weekend away / loads of drinking establishments,,, not too far away for bulk of fans....its a good host Stadium/ city for the event. The only error is that York get the advantage of an extra home fixture. That's not strictly sporting fairness.
  12. A - Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Hull, Warrington, Catalans = 6 B - HKR, Castleford, Huddersfield, Toulouse, Wakefield, Salford, Leigh, Featherstone, Halifax, York, Widnes = 11 C - Barrow, Batley, Sheffield, Bradford, Whitehaven, London, Newcastle, Dewsbury, Workington, Keighley = 10 Ungraded - Swinton, North Wales, Doncaster, Rochdale, Oldham, Hunslet, Midlands, London Skolars, Cornwall, West Wales = 10
  13. Wonder what nascars numbers on Premier are? Should imagine Daytona 500 was big Premier Sports properties wise.
  14. Yeah Clubs.....teams can vanish as quick as they appear whereas clubs can constantly regenerate teams and even hopefully put out an b side in East League and build towards an 'A' side in Southern Conference. Even build towards looking after some property, a clubhouse.
  15. Figures need to be a lot higher than latest numbers on FTA considering everyone is indoors due to storms......theres a danger when spring arrives these figures decline.....
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