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  1. Luke Patten and Ryan Tandy to....

    Obviously you do not watch the NRL.
  2. Bad times in West Cumbria

    Really winds me up when 'experts' talk about a Cumbrian super league franchise. These people should be made to drive daily between Barrow and Workington until they change their opinion and trust me that wont take long
  3. Bad times in West Cumbria

    I understand your points. The amateur scene is vibrant and there are many ex pros who have been involved in coaching Cumberland ARL sides in recent seasons such as Ricky Wright, Craig Barker, Hitro Okesene, Jon Roper and Stephen Holgate. There have been players capable of stepping up who have choosen to remain in the amateur ranks. You could argue that at times in the last fifteen years sides such as Egremont, Ellenborough and Wath Brow were as professional as the so called professional set ups especially Workington who really struggled to survive after their pre super league adventures in the big league. A combined West Cumbrian side would have the potential to match anything at Championship level. There is nothing wrong with the 50/50 split of games between the Rec and Derwent Park on paper but the finances of having two stadiums hosting a handful of games does not add up. Both clubs have ambitions of playing in modern stadiums but realistically the only option may be a merged club playing in the Lillyhall area and this would need super league rugby to be financially viable. A successful championship side would struggle to get more than 2000, similar to what Leigh, Featherstone and Halifax pull in at the moment. I prefer to describe us as realistic rather than depressed!! I lived in West Cumbria for fifteen years and have a genuine interest in the game at all levels within the county. I can only see a merger being taken seriously if and when both Town and Haven are in dire straits and forced into a corner. I personally would like to see officials and senior personalities from the clubs and the towns working towards a super league franchise now but dont hold out too much hope. For the forseeable future Town and Haven will be average teams playing in National League One struggling to attract gates of more than 700-800.
  4. Bad times in West Cumbria

    In the modern day that is a very impressive stat and just down the coast there is Flimby ARLFC.
  5. Bad times in West Cumbria

    A super league franchise with full time professional players and an academy side is the structure for young talented West Cumbrian lads to stay in the area and play for their local team rather than head south. A merged championship team would not attract these players and I couldnt see a combined Whitehaven-Workington team selecting from the available local players dominating the championship. We are talking about a West Cumbrian merged club being able to attract gates in excess of 5,000 in a new modern stadium. A merged championship club would struggle to finance a new stadium and would have to choose between the Rec and Derwent Park as it would not be viable to have two grounds hosting a handful of fixtures. A merged club in the Championship would be lucky to attract four figure crowds. As Derwent states, whats the point? Long term the game in West Cumbria needs a joint super league venture to prosper but that is easier said than done.
  6. Referee

    Im not sure how many fans are gloating? The way I have read the above posts are views supporting the referee. I enjoyed the game and thought the referee did reasonably well. The penalty against Morrison proved crucial. He called 'held' too soon and Morrison should have been allowed to release the ball as the Toulouse players were driving him back. The penalty against your winger for pushing after the tackle was harsh too. However refs will make errors and sometimes close calls will go against your team. Great win for Toulouse and I dont expect many other teams to win at Fev this year, if any!