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  1. Think Sneyd will be looking at a long ban. Any professional RL player who holds onto another player's legs and twists like that knows he has a high chance of injuring that player. It was a heat of the moment thing and I am sure Sneyd is sorry now, but it was a deliberate act.
  2. I think Hull KR have some very skilful and exciting players who are very underrated by many people. Now that they are beginning to get some players returning from injury and the squad is stabilising I think we will see just how good they are.
  3. Dane Tilse to Hull KR

    Scott Taylor was the ONLY player Rovers wanted to KEEP.
  4. Dane Tilse to Hull KR

    To be fair to Rovers the only player they got a transfer fee for and wanted to keep was Scott Taylor.
  5. Regarding Green's shoulder charge, I have yet to see any evidence that shows direct contact with Burn's head. Saints are not as good as some people are beleiving, despite the fact they were unbeaten. Rovers will go well this season and are the new 'entertainers'.