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  1. windogs

    I'll ask again

    100% Walker!
  2. windogs

    March - Try of month

    Well this year the match officials comms are linked. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, watch last years again.
  3. windogs

    March - Try of month

    The camera is linked to the officials comms. So you wouldn’t be able to hear the crowd and atmosphere. Please feel free to watch it on mute. :-)
  4. windogs

    Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    Report & Match Highlights
  5. windogs

    Larndan Broncos V Batley Bulldogs MOM

    Ainscough went off injured early on. Scott onto the wing, Young Faz at full back.
  6. windogs

    Tommy Holland

    When has Harrison played prop? If you look at the injuries at the back end of the season just gone we were struggling for a prop! Two good new signings imo.
  7. windogs

    Go Battler Go

    We're not a bad bunch Yano . Simon Wilson leading from the front! Great effort from the cyclists!
  8. windogs

    Champagne moment - Swinton

    Cowlings try saving ankle tap!
  9. windogs


    Match Report Fred. Took me less than a minuite to find it.
  10. windogs


    I don't care as I'd still be going to the game anyhow. Imo of course
  11. windogs

    Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    Imo it was longer than 1 hour, but what do I know.
  12. windogs

    Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    The flight is delayed, they're all still in France!
  13. windogs

    Batley Twiiter feed

    Hi Colin! I have been doing the match updates at every game for however long the club have had social media.. quite a while! But I do like to watch the game and not be glued to my phone tweeting so I just did the scores and major incidents in games i.e. Cards ect. Two student lads have taken over the twitter & created a snapchat account on matchdays & are doing a grand job. It's now enabled us to also update the clubs Facebook & Instagram on matchdays aswell which myself & John Miller have access to. The social media is improving Year on year!
  14. windogs

    Battler public outing

    Jon Humpleby is the person you need to speak to.
  15. windogs

    Todays Batley News

    Not enough people willing to help unfortunately. There was a core of 4-5 people going to events ect trying to get posters/flyers printed and handed out with battler but we just didn't have enough time between us due to other commitments.