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  1. I think how the players were treat last season has a lot to do with so many leaving, not many people put up with ###### in the work place, if another employer is going to treat them better,
  2. the way things are going I am thinking the board maybe playing the dr card, I am really struggling to see where we will get 15 or 16 more player from.
  3. We have other trophy's to keep it company, it would have been very lonely in your cabinet.
  4. your seriously questioning liams commitment and work rate, do a tackle and carry count, liams work rate is at least 3 times better than the sidewinder.
  5. I would have thought that the board telling the players they had to take a 25% paycut amounts to the lads being free agents, because town has not fulfilled their side of the contracts.
  6. mossop and whitely centers, sammut starting, doran spelling callum
  7. I would go 1 J.Murphy 2 D.Hulme 3 P.Whitely 4 J.Stack 5 C.Murphy 6 C.Forber 7 J.Doran 8 M.Sackly 9 G.Mattinson 10 O.Gordon 11 B.Phillips 12 M.Gee 13 L.McAvoy Subs Sammut walker C.Phillips Verlinden For me i think forber and doran need to be rewarded for their performances last week,sammut nearly cost us the game last week. I know sammut has the x factor, but for me he needs to get back to the player he was last year. Also verlinden needs to show he has the guts to play in this league, last chance for me. .
  8. just been told matty is out,liam spelling callum off at hooker. sammut having a late fitness test.
  9. Cant believe a club like fev have to rely on someone to like Cooke to play at 6
  10. Three of that squad played in the reserves last week,not saying they are not good players, looking from the outside seams sharp dose not know what his best 17 are.personally I will be pleased if Cooke plays 6 I think sammut will target him with great effect
  11. No game for wigan this week, wonder if Mr wane will offer anybody, Powell and a prop would be nice.
  12. Liam is usually last back when the other team kicks because he has been involved in 3 or 4 of the tackles in most of the sets, he cant be running the ball out when he is doing all that tackling.
  13. he might be waterboy but i dont think he will be playing