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  1. Let's watch this space and hope...…….
  2. According to BBC, we've got Brad Walker, ex-Widnes, via new club Wakefield, on 1-year loan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50367364
  3. And now add Colton Roche. According to today's Thunder press release we have 11 players signed. The list I have been compiling has Nick Newman and Keal Carlile who are not included in that press release, but that same press release does include Rory Nettleton and Tyler Walton who I didn't have. There are obviously many other announcements to come, and I do hope we haven't lost Keal and Nick
  4. Bob Beswick is finally announced.
  5. I merely quote League Express, which this week seems pretty certain we have signed Bob Beswick too
  6. I want Oldham area to expand, Newcastle area to expand, Toronto to expand, Castleford to expand, Barrow to expand, France to expand, Norway and Spain. And I want us all to congratulate everywhere when we do, and each of us to help that expansion in any way we can.
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