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  1. I really like Phil Hodgson. He can write, and obviously has the game at heart.
  2. Why is so much of this such rubbish? We get several minutes of blokes laughing, and loads of appallingly-miked talk. OK, I'm 72, so I'm due to die in the next 3 weeks, but I'd like to hear something about RL. Lois is a real asset, as is the new Aussie lass, and even Will Perry, but the sound must be better, or I'll miss something of potential interest.
  3. Self isolation is just talking to myself
  4. They looked just as good on telly as they did on the pitch.
  5. lt will be streamed live on the BBC Sport website.
  6. BBC coverage of the cup is to be from Kingston Park on March 15. I think I'll get my hair cut.
  7. Where does this leave Season Ticket Holders?
  8. New boy Jake Lightowler from Northumbria University
  9. To quote the club's facebook page: "Reece joins Harry Aldous, Bob Beswick, Sam Blake, Joe Brown, Jed Charlton, Rhys Clarke, Alex Clegg, Dan Coates, Tyler Craig Sean Croston, Ashley Gibson, Kieran Gill, Ollie Gowing, Kieran Hudson, Adam Lawton, Sam Luckley, Rory Nettleton, Quentin Laulu Togaga’e, Colton Roche, Brenden Santi, Evan Simons, Brad Walker, Tyler Walton, David Weetman, Mikey Wood and Lewis Young in the ranks for 2020."
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