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  1. CH & LSV

    Have allegedly parted company. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. FACT

    Funny how there was no Vandalism before the Rugby went there. Spoke to former members of Oldham Boro Football and they cant remember any incidents happening.
  3. CH on the fans at Hull KR

    Working for Rhino Rugby League as far as I know. Top bloke.
  4. Oldham RLFC - It's in the Blood

    I'm a 3rd Generation Fan. My Grandad Jack used to go in the 50's and took my Dad and Grandma with him (She once got knocked out by the ball when it was kicked into the crowd and was taken into the Pavilion to recover. She then met both teams after the final hooter ). My Dad took me in the early 70's and my 1st match was against Widnes. I was one of the many who invaded the Pitch at the final Sheddings game .
  5. Kevin Sinfield

    Paul Sculthorpe or Barrie Mac would be in my top 5
  6. Blackpool

    Used to love the Rugby 7's they had at Fylde. It was a cracking Weekend, topped off with the game at Blackpool. All the Stewards we met at both Venues were very good.
  7. excavator on whitebank

    He didnt do it around Whitebank (so much for it being a Community Club ) so why would he bother around Stalyvegas????.
  8. Outsider looking in

    Tell em to get stuffed Shaz. Dont quit because of some numptys. They are not worth it!
  9. Pies

    Did Joyce make it for you?
  10. full time swinton

    He cant get Whitebank up to standard as he doesnt own it. He's had over 5 years to get work done and he hasnt. He's only the Tenant. The only building work that will be carried out on Whitebank Road are those new Houses. Wish people would wake up and see the real picture. ORLFC wont be going anywhere soon while that Man rules the roost.
  11. oldham chron,

    The Rugby Club cant do any improvements to Whitebank because (a) The site is owned by the Council and Stamford/Enville Estates and ( b ) If there were going to be any, CH has had 5 years to do it in but expects everyone else to pay for it or get the work done for nothing.Hope he's given the Bloke at Celtic a down payment for this season as we all know he has trouble paying the Bills!
  12. Bower Fold Guide

    Give that Man a free Season ticket. He'd make a great Commercial Manager!. Keep up the good work Dave!.
  13. Owls

    Those Eyes would give me Nightmares. I remember the pre 1997 Bear that the Kids were scared of.
  14. Owls

    Why not an Ostrich?. Sums up the CEO to a t!
  15. ORSA

    I know for a fact. Had dealings with them in the past. They wont hear a bad word against him even with all the Winding up orders issued. They think he is the best thing since sliced bread and the Saviour of the Club.