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  1. jbg3

    Danny Langtree

    Well done Oldham terrific signing, welcome home Danny.
  2. I don't think it could have been Brian Hogan, he didn't play his first match until after the Hull game.
  3. The year is 81/82 i think it is J Player semi final played at Headingley, Oldham v Hull Oldham lost 6 - 22. The top photo i think is Adrian Alexander and either D O'Neill or Alan Taylor, the bottom photo P Kirwan ,M Worrall,R O'Mahoney(on his knees),R Ashton,M Parrish,B Caffery(at the back)and A Alexander, that's as near as i can guess.
  4. jbg3


    I think you have your Charlies mixed up i think it was Charlie McCourt that was killed in a accident in the channel tunnel. (Sorry, you didn't have your Charlies mixed up. I should have read the forum properly. Apologies. )
  5. jbg3

    1950s or 1960s

    Result was Oldham 20 Barrow 9 Goals Ganley 7 Tries Nester 2 Attendance 10,131
  6. jbg3

    1950s or 1960s

    The photo is from the team that played against Barrow October 31st 1959 Back row C.Bradley Jack Keith Ken Jackson Geoff Robinson Charlie Winslade Peter Goddard Des McKeown H Goodwin. Middle row Frank Stirrup Ike Southward Alan Davies Bernard Ganley John Noon Vince Nester Front row Frank Pitchford Alan Kellett.
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