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  1. Haven't caught the highlights of 'Bama v Clemson yet, but I hope the scoreline is true in suggesting how close a contest it was. Shame the college season is over though, always find it more enjoyable than the NFL.
  2. A World Tour without THE Tour?
  3. Looking forward to the season. Have been an on-off fan for years, but last year I really got into it from the Dauphiné onwards. 2016 will be the first time I'll be watching the Classics and the Giro on TV.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a PDF copy of the strategic plan? All I've seen is a picture of the front cover.
  5. Coming up from Portsmouth for this, managed to talk 3 RU friends into coming along and they are excited for it. Should be a cracking day!
  6. Born in Portsmouth, live in Winchester. Support Catalans.
  7. Always some good quality on there. I am a massive fan of Frank Sinatra and every few months or so they do an evening or two dedicated to him, which are always superb.
  8. Haven't found it anywhere on the South coast but W H Smith's in Winchester normally has 3 or 4 copies of RLW.
  9. After the cuts goes deeper, the tax cuts for the rich increase, the Human Rights Act is repealed, the snooper's charter is passed, someone somewhere will miss the Lib Dems being in government. Has to be Tim Farron for sure though. If they want to shred their right-wing, Tory-lite image, they need to go with someone from the "left" of the party.
  10. Out. All in favour of being in the EEA (presumably as a member of EFTA if the UK does leave the EU) but political union does not sit well with me. Saying that, if the terms of renegotiating are good, I might be persuaded to vote In.
  11. It really is going to come down to Cooper vs Burnham, isn't it. Some suggestions that Alan Johnson would be a good caretaker leader to steer Labour through a serious policy review. Not a bad shout.
  12. Twitter is going mad at the moment, 50/50 split between whether he is resigning for genuine reasons of not wanting the scrutiny or whether the Sunday papers have got some dirt on him. Either way, I imagine Tories will be celebrating as he seemed like a real threat. I can see a Cameron v Burnham PMQ's being quite feisty.
  13. If Labour really want to win in 2020, surely Yvette Cooper is their best chance?
  14. Chuka Umunna withdraws from Labour leadership race already. So we've had an unresignation and unrunning in the space of a few days.
  15. Minutes later, he's the lead story on The Guardian's website (although not directly linked to the civil liberties situation).