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  1. If Anderson's fitness can be trusted, that would take a bit of the workload off Archer. This has turned into an intriguing series... at least 'til there's a double England collapse at Headingley, that is.
  2. He's been a revelation. He was going nowhere at the Warriors, but often success isn't a matter of signing the big name, but getting the right player into the right team. Ironically, something the Warriors could learn from. We've seen it often enough with Antipodean imports into the NH game - reputation is trumped by attitude and strength of personality.
  3. The whole thing's refreshingly insane, but the two leads are great.
  4. Agreed; I really enjoy watching Croker, and Wighton always seems to make things happen when he has a go.
  5. Not strictly a TV programme at all, but I have just been watching a short film (16 minutes) by Simon Temple, imagining what might have happened if the infant Superman had crash-landed in 1930s Germany, instead of the USA. Mostly a two-hander, and worth a watch, so here it is:
  6. Priorities... @AaronBower 4h Question for Kieron Purtill on the top table from the back of the room: “Kieron, what’s the bar tab for Wembley please?” Asked by none other than Anthony Gelling
  7. Saints to win, but Wire to up their game and make them work hard for the victory.
  8. Yes, you have to become an member to watch streamed video. I often get a fair bit of buffering on OurLeague, but some (not all) matches are also streamed on Twitch, which seems a smoother service. It also offers the option of live comments. Twitch have shown wheelchair RL and women's RL too, which helps spread the word, often to people who know nothing about the sport*. The 1895 final is listed as a match that will also be on Twitch, which is good news. *insert joke about Barrie'n'Terry here.
  9. How about introducing a basic intelligence test at point of sale, so you aren't allowed to buy a phone that's more intelligent than you are?
  10. Whatever happens, this has been a fascinating match for all sorts of reasons.
  11. I think the clock will be the winner, but if we can put more doubt and uncertainty into the Australian batsmen's hearts, it may still have some benefit down the road.
  12. Don't you wish you could bat like a professional Cricketer? Fear not!
  13. He may not be quite the effortlessly entertaining success as a pundit that Glenn McGrath proved to be, but Mitchell Johnson's been enjoyable on Test Match Special. Lots of insight on hostile bowling and big match temperament, especially.
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