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  1. And because the manufacturers make things less and less fixable every year too, let's not forget.
  2. There's some interesting stuff about the rebirth of repair culture in this series: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vgh9/episodes/player My mum helped set up a monthly repair club in her town a few years ago, and it was going fine before lockdown. I think it is affiliated with https://www.repaircafe.org/en/ but I can't remember of that's the case or not. Anyway, repair and re-use (where practically possible) is better than recycling.
  3. I think a lot of the jokes were from the broader end of their range, playing on the commedia dell'arte references. That probably means next week's will be completely different. Still enjoyable, but not one of their finest episodes.
  4. Ollie Robinson (Sussex) is currently bowling to... Ollie Robinson (Kent). Ollie Robinson (Sussex) is originally from Kent, as is Ollie Robinson (Kent). But one is a man of Kent and the other is a Kentish man, so there's no confusion.
  5. It was raining there, too, after lunch. Looks like they're back on again now.
  6. Sussex v Kent is on, but I heard them say that most other matches were rain-affected.
  7. Pervis Staples, aged 85: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/pervis-staples-staple-singers-dead-obituary-1168693/
  8. Didn't people say something similar about Jonny Lomax, in those years when he seemed doomed to be a bit-part player between injury after injury after injury? He's come through all that and is now a regular player for Saints. Currently, we have Johnstone and Manfredi going through something similar, so let's hope they can get past this too.
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