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  1. When it comes to fresh produce, better to pick over what's there in person for the best condition and/or latest expiry date. Delivery services often serve up clearance stock.
  2. The last time I had a local (to home) butcher was nearly 30 years ago. The nearest market's a fair distance off too. There was a fantastic butcher near our former offices, so I hope that when we go back to normal-ish working, it'll be in that neighbourhood again.
  3. Fair enough; there's a Tesco quite near me, but as a non-driver, it is too much hassle to visit. The Sainsbury's is a couple of minutes' walk away, while Morrison's, Waitrose, M&S, Asda, Lidl and Aldi are reachable by a single bus journey. Plus there's Wing Yip and Loon Fung equally available for more exotic purchases.
  4. I was listening to Radio 4 a few days ago, possibly the Food Programme, and they said that many supermarkets had simplified their choices during the crisis, just to get more goods on the shelves. The example given was pasta (a panic-shopper favourite); fewer varieties, but more stock. So if you are choosing this time to compare supermarkets, remember that things will change some way down the line, when it comes to choice.
  5. This week, BBC2 have been repeating 'Back in Time for Tea' every evening this week. 7pm today for the Sixties.
  6. M&S make a damn good steak pie: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/food/a24997495/marks-and-spencer-fastest-selling-product-pie/
  7. I just bought an electric toaster. More than 50 summers in this vale of tears, and I've never owned one before.
  8. Their own label stuff isn't pricey, but I'd go there for the occasional treat, not an everyday shop.
  9. Sainsbury's isn't particularly fancy compared to Morrison's, based on my experiences with both local branches. Waitrose is worth the occasional visit, but probably not during lockdown.
  10. Morrisons are good for fresh produce, especially meat & fish, where they tend to have more variety than the average supermarket.
  11. This artist first made her name in a non-musical way in 1989. Remember her?
  12. I wouldn't go to my local Lidl, as the queues there were bad enough before the virus. I shop at local stores and the Co-op most of the time. I know what they do and don't sell, and make a separate shopping list for very occasional trips to a larger shop. My local large supermarket is Sainsbury's, and if you go there mid-morning (10:30 or 11am) on a weekday, the queues are either very short or non-existent, compared to other times of day, or weekends. The other option for avoiding queues is a late-evening (9pm onwards) shop there, but that's less appealing to me.
  13. On the other hand, based on that article, Sporting Chance has done good work for a lot of RL players.
  14. After Tweeting him (and getting speedy and helpful reply), I recently found out that the BBC cricket correspondent Henry Moeran is indirectly related to this very fine and underrated composer.
  15. On the same topic, Dave Woods interviews Tony Adams and Clare Balding here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08kqy47
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