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  1. A lot of posts on Twitter from people saying this was their first time watching the wheelchair version of the game. I haven't seen anything negative yet, apart from one whinge about both teams wearing mostly blue kits, which did have a point, but didn't stop me enjoying the spectacle.
  2. Half Time - Leeds 16:36 Halifax. I haven't seen this Leeds team as unsettled by an opponent before.
  3. Kick-off, and Halifax score in their first set! A long way to go, of course.
  4. Hmph. That's all fine and good, for them as likes happiness.
  5. Sky Max? That's a general entertainment channel, so it might reach new eyeballs. Looking at the guide, the Grand final is on between Hawaii 5-0 and Futurama. Which sounds really weird.
  6. I'm not sure Sky are keen on boosting awareness of an event broadcast by another company.
  7. I was in the South London district of Herne Hill earlier today. Very nice for food shopping, with the butcher/grocer/deli Dugard & Daughters: http://dugardanddaughters.com Plus, among other things. a couple of bakeries, a Sicilian deli, a wine shop and a zero-waste shop (where you bring your own reusable containers and fill up from dispensers).
  8. I just read Alan Garner's latest book Treacle Walker, which is nominated for this year's Booker Prize. It is a short but memorable book, coming from Garner's sense of magic being just a hair's breadth away from normal life. The dialogue is remarkable, as is the imagination.
  9. The Beeb have already committed to showing all the RWC games, so broadcasting a warm-up match on top of that might be asking a bit much. But we do have other options these days.
  10. Because yesterday, the YouTube link started counting down to 18:15 on the 29th. If you look at the white text at the bottom of the YT link I posted, it still shows that date and time. Then, when the countdown finished, nothing happened. I assume someone messed up the streaming information, so let's hope the link works tomorrow.
  11. South Africa have mostly been looking inward, trying to grow the domestic game, rather than going for the international scene. It's their choice to make but, should things go well at home, I hope they will look further abroad soon.
  12. A lost episode of Hancock's Half Hour has become unlost:
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