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  1. The Cas defence had to crack eventually. How many times have Leeds been held up over the line tonight?
  2. So, to sum up the last three pages: DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! DID! DIDN'T! Now let's watch a Rugby match, shall we?
  3. 12 all, and a young St Helens winger will be thinking that maybe he didn't make the worst mistake of the day...
  4. Ooh, what an end to a half! Leeds could have just fallen over, but chose to chuck it about, and Eden was waiting.
  5. They got damn close. Another good tackle by the Sarge stopped a late win.
  6. Must be quite dry on the pitch, because that really popped out when he tried to slide over.
  7. Enjoy the thrill of being a Rugby League player by walking up behind anybody who is about to stand up and pointing either left or right.
  8. Pauli Pauli gets Salford on the board on the stroke of HT, and Inu converts for Salford 6:10 St Helens.
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