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  1. Damn; you could have applied for a refund otherwise.
  2. Was Johnnie Fingers wearing his famous pyjamas?
  3. This afternoon, I was watching a replay of a 2019 Abu Dhabi T10 cricket match. A bit of panem et circenses helps the long day go by. Rugby League, even in an empty stadium, would help scratch that itch.
  4. Absolutely. And there's a current trend to judge quality by length and darkness/grittiness. Not just in books, but other forms of entertainment, and it has led to a regrettable tendency towards wallowing in angst and pages/hours of blatant padding. Being light, witty and uplifting is seen as the mark of a lesser talent. It isn't. If that was the case, we'd be overwhelmed with Wildes, Sakis, Perelmans and Wodehouses. And we aren't.
  5. I took a rather roundabout route to the Co-op this afternoon, just to soak up some extra sun. It had the added benefit of taking me off the main road, so my self-isolation credentials were also enhanced.
  6. I have to queue at the Sainsbury's, so I don't go often, or at busy times. I've had to wait outside our Co-op only once so far and, while the choice is limited in a smaller shop, it just makes you more resourceful. The latter also has a good and interesting selection of red wine.
  7. This is still my favourite board game, but not one you can play in isolation.
  8. The nearest corner café to me, doing takeaways only, is offering a free sandwich & drink to all NHS workers. They haven't been open for long, and are rarely busy, but are doing their bit.
  9. Backing off from the political stuff (which has a dedicated thread already).
  10. At his peak, he was a nightmare. He had the same sort of lightning reaction and acceleration to even a small a gap that Jiffy had.
  11. I've posted the BBC coverage before, but it is interesting to contrast it with the Australian commentary in this version.
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