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  1. Very restrained of you to have only said it five times, given the club's fortunes in recent years.
  2. Griff Rhys Jones did most of Eddie Waring's greatest hits as the commentator in 1998's Up'n'Under. This includes "don't rub 'em lad - just count 'em".
  3. Laurie Nichols was Balmain's singlet-wearing, shadow-boxing superfan for years. If you've ever seen old RL footage from Down Under, you may have seen him. He adored the club and they loved him right back. He turned his back on the merged Balmain/Wests, but finally admitted in an interview that his attitude was softening and he might actually go to a game again. He died a few days later, without that reconciliation which would have meant so much.
  4. Maybe if Donny win, they'll make a sequel to Another Bloody Sunday.
  5. Aren't the same empty vessels always back the following weekend, raging again about (mostly correct) decisions like the one that made them flounce in the first place?
  6. They don't do it for me either, but many people seem to like them. My recent discovery is Damm's Inedit, a hybrid malt/wheat beer which is different without tasting weird or gimmicky. Although there are spices and orange peel involved, it is subtle and doesn't dominate the actual beer flavour. https://www.damm.com/en/beers/inedit
  7. Oops, didn't spot the extra "w". Yes, things are uneven, but an expansion of this scale needs time for everything to settle down and the weaker teams to find their feet and sign/develop talent. This is more likely in Australia than the UK.
  8. Radio 4 are currently broadcasting a re-recording of a lost drama by Nigel Kneale, before he found fame as the author of the Quatermass stories. Toby Jones, Reece Shearsmith and Caroline Catz head up the cast. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001qmdp It's very good so far.
  9. This just appeared on my YouTube homepage. Because this is Fijian TV, it's a bit "Goddy", but the Canberra legend looks pretty good for his age and it's a good-natured chat. For the impatient among us, he starts talking about switching code about halfway through.
  10. I saw some Egrets in the Brent last Friday, by the shopping centre. What with the whiteness of them and the swans, it made the water look even more dirty.
  11. Mind you, the sour taste in her mouth may have come from the price, not the grape.
  12. Complete blowouts like Melbourne 18:13 Roosters?
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