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  1. Those seats have to be filled by someone, and you could just get even deader wood who got in on a protest vote, and have even less of a clue.
  2. Whoops, yes. Mixing up members of parliament with part members. Still, if the majority of the parliamentary party were properly pro-Brexit, they've have put a proper Brexiter up against Johnson in the final.
  3. He's thinking of going into coaching: https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/ex-wigan-warriors-star-gareth-hock-plots-route-into-coaching-1-9892604
  4. The party membership had some proper Leavers to choose from, and rejected the lot. I presume they'll then find someone else to blame for their choice.
  5. Bank Holidays are always awful times to travel by train. It has been years since I even considered using the network over the Easter weekend, for instance.
  6. The alternative is, of course, copy/paste some blurb from a takeaway into the mission statement of your Brexit-profiteering vessel-free ferry company.
  7. As it is, Apollo 11 just heated up to near the point of destruction then, with no means of motive power, parachuted into the ocean and waited to be rescued. Hmm, Boris might be onto something, you know...
  8. Johnson believes the Apollo 11 module made a frictionless re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere? Wow, think of all the money they could have saved by not installing that thick heat shield.
  9. I watched most of the final, and it was quite a finish. Well done to the NZ team.
  10. Are we talking True North, Magnetic North or Professional North? Because the latter is wherever Michael Parkinson happens to be.
  11. You can do that in London by travelling from anywhere to Neasden.
  12. Skills and power in abundance, but didn't possess the requisite firepower between the ears. You always knew he was never far from a decision that would embarrass himself and the sport. I really wish him well for his post-playing future, but have a horrible feeling that a negative headline in the local (at least) papers isn't far off.
  13. I was driven up and down the country many times as a kid, and when you saw your first slagheap by the A1, that was it for me. The next landmark (heading North at least) was Ferrybridge, because that meant we were less than an hour from home.
  14. You might want to specify which Richmond.
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