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  1. Watching it. Enjoying it. Recording it to re-watch later.
  2. Careful now - there'll be a campaign to make that the 2020 club strip!
  3. Soreen have brought out a "winte spiced" version of their familiar malt loaf. And it is not bad at all. I'm about four slices into my first one, and already planning to buy another.
  4. John Irving - The Hotel New Hampshire. I'd seen the film years before I read the book, so I can't help picturing the book's characters as the cast. Happily, it is a good cast and a very decent adaptation.
  5. Twin Dragon Encounter (1986) Ahhh, the sweet maple-syrupy stench of Canucksploitation! Twin martial artists who look a bit like Graeme Souness. Only without the nuanced thespian chops. Leaden, clichéd, preposterous, witless, but lots of kicky fighting. Like a lot of movie-makers who have genuine martial arts skill, they think that'll carry the movie on its own. Happily, it does not. Neither do the downright peculiar sound effects. Our heroes, delivering their lines with all the animation of a voice synthesiser, head out to the woods with their laydeez for a week's holiday. Right at the start, they have a run-in with a bunch of militaristic gun-nuts, who vow revenge. Despite this, the brothers ignore the repeated threats, the nearby gunshots and the fact that they know the baddies are aware of the location of the holiday cabin, and go off in a canoe for a spot of fishing. So the ladies are kidnapped, and I'm sure you are as shocked as I was that this happened. Cue threats, revenge, Rambo*-style ambushes in the woods and many appearances of rockin' action choons. Glorious! *more like 'Deadly Prey' than 'Rambo', to be honest.
  6. It makes you feel old when so many of your colleagues had never heard of Bellamy. It makes you feel even older when the most well-known impression of him doing that line was Lenny Henry on TISWAS.
  7. He was deeply underwhelming for the first season in France, but playing for Fiji in the 2017 RWC seemed to flick a switch and he came back to club Rugby a far better asset to the Cats.
  8. An overwhelming vote in favour of independence: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-50739203 Let's get Bougxit done!
  9. Just made devilled eggs. Terminally unfashionable, but tasty!
  10. What was the big match where Deryck injured himself kicking off for Bradford Northern? I felt for him, and it really disadvantaged the team.
  11. Reports coming out that David Bellamy has died, aged 86.
  12. I prefer the 2020 London Broncos kit; the narrower red part makes it closer to the classic and classy Fulham original. The 2019 one was pretty nice, though.
  13. I'd guess it is bigger in the New Zealand city Auckland than the Norwegian village Aukland. Check your thread title. Aukland- a league town?
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