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  1. Can't think why there are food shortages but get some spuds and onions in for a start. Good support for other ingredients in most recipes. Also, set a patch aside for the hardier herbs, like thyme, rosemary, sage etc. All pretty low-maintenance and useful. But the final choice does depend on soil and prevailing local weather conditions.
  2. I'm fairly sure I've seen Ethan racing on the track.
  3. Plus SL playoff highlights on BBC2 at 5:45pm on Saturday, and League 1 Playoffs on Sunday via OurLeague. Pack the wife and kids off for the weekend, then.
  4. He lasted a lot longer at Warrington that Wendell Sailor did at Wigan.
  5. Some good suggestions there - I check out RHLSTP and Jay Rayner's podcasts, depending on the guests. I also enjoy Mark Kermode's podcast if he's not being too worthy and arty.
  6. Just like the Candyman, if you say "Unapologetic Pedant" three times, he will appear.
  7. You haven't complained about the pitch markings - are you okay?
  8. The more people who watch Wheelchair RL, the more people realise that it really is RL. Just with more clanking noises.
  9. To be honest, clubs in new territories may be better off without the kind of "help" that the established nations can offer. Because that sort of support does tend to wither away at the worst possible moment.
  10. A diving try in the corner, but with bits of metal involved. Let's hope he's not badly hurt.
  11. For me, the Olympic version is like Wheelchair Basketball without the hoops. Round balls, forward passes, no touchdowns, no "kicks", pah!
  12. It is so much more Rugby-like than the Olympic version of the game. That's what makes it more satisfying, at least for me.
  13. Have we had a thread about this already? A search didn't uncover one. Anyway, how about a thread where we share and recommend podcasts/vodcasts that we think are enjoyable and/or interesting? I'll kick off with a few: Stevie's Brain Rot: https://brainrot.libsyn.com/website - for people who enjoy Eighties Horror flicks, the cheesier the better. Ringheads: https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/ringheads - two comedy writers who really got into Tolkien during lockdown. My Teenage Band: https://play.acast.com/s/my-teenage-band - exactly as cringeworthy as you think it it would be.
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