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  1. Really? He did play on the wing sometimes, but I remember him mostly as a centre.
  2. Doesn't exactly fill you with confidence about the delivery of tomorrow's PPV match against Jamaica, does it?
  3. Having said that, either the audio is lagging badly or the commentator is.
  4. OurLeague yes, Twitch no. However, the OurLeague stream is behaving itself for me this time.
  5. ...and that's why Sydneysiders can't have nice things. Hold it in a place where people appreciate good sport and good entertainment.
  6. Another Fishbone fan here, particularly the early stuff which I happily stumbled upon in the pre-internet days. Although I guess they probably don't play Party at Ground Zero any more since 9/11. This is on my Christmas music playlist.
  7. I never saw the original World Nines all those years ago, but was immediately hooked by the Auckland Nines, especially the women's matches.
  8. Yes, they seem to just switch off between the Grand Final and the start of the next season.
  9. It seems, from this thread, that a lot of sceptics have been very happy to change their minds. Some quite disturbing outbreaks of positivity at times.
  10. We matched the best for power, but that's missing the point of Nines. You still need muscle in the middle, unlike Sevens, but when you think of the really rapid backs who are back in the UK right now, it was an opportunity missed. If there wasn't a GB tour happening immediately after, I guess we'd have sent a different squad.
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