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  1. have been given 12 leeds rhinos players association shirts number 9 signed by ward, lowes, diskin, Jackson, dwyer and maskin. will be listing at sometime on ebay for £45 each. sizes I have are 1 medium, 3 large, 7 xl and 1 xxl. money from each sale will go to the leeds player association
  2. andy20066

    rugby league internationals

    now listed on ebay at a price to just get rid of them
  3. andy20066

    American Sport Collecting help.

    you could sign up here and try and sell them
  4. andy20066

    rugby league internationals

    anyone want the lot if so please make an offer
  5. my dad got a lot of leeds rugby programmes to sought out into date order and there was some signed ones from 1975-79 in the lot. here are the pictures of them
  6. andy20066

    rugby league programmes for charity

    the big job lot has been relisted
  7. I have listed 3 lots of rugby league programmes on ebay for charity they are 17 Mansfield marksmen, 7 defunct team programmes and 62 mixed programmes
  8. here is a list of international rugby games. if anyone wants any please make an offer World Cup Series Great Britain 24/10/70 Australia @ headingley 28/10/70 france @ Castleford 31/10/70 new Zealand @ swinton 1/11/70 Australia v france @ bradford 7/11/70 Australia @ headingley x2 Test match Great Britain 25/9/71 1st test new Zealand @ salford 16/9/71 2nd test new Zealand @ castleford 6/11/71 3rd test new Zealand @ headingley international match Great Britain 12/3/72 France @ Bradford Test Match Great britain 3/11/73 Australia @ Wembley international match Great britain 17/2/74 France @ Wigan World championship 16/3/75 England v France @ Headingley 20/9/75 Wales v England @ Warrington x2 19/10/75 Wales v Australia @ Swansea 25/10/75 England v New Zealand @ Bradford 2/11/75 Wales v New Zealand @ Swansea special challenge match Great Britain 12/11/75 Australia @ Headingley RL European Championship 24/3/79 England v France @ Warrington Kiwi tour 2/11/80 Great Britain v New Zealand @ Bradford European Championship 21/3.81 England v France 1st Dominion insurance test Great britain 30/11/82 Australia @ Hull 28/11/82 3rd test Australia @ Headingley Dominion insurance test Great britain 6/3/83 France @ Hull Second test Great Britain 8/11/86 Australia @ Elland Road British coal test Great britain 25/10/89 1st test New Zealand @ Old Trafford x2 28/10/89 2nd test New Zealand @ Elland Road Second British coal test 10/11/90 Australia @ Old Trafford
  9. andy20066

    rugby videos

    does anyone here collect rugby videos as me and my dad have been sorting and check out videos and have found 3 doubles. all you need to do is pay postage for them if you want them before they go in the bin. here is what I have path to glory 1958-67 1978 challenge cup final rugby league tours
  10. need some help with some rugby league autographs please. they are mostly of leigh and Salford and also includes 1 Lancashire player willkinson
  11. andy20066

    Rugby League Collectors fair. 15/10/16

    my dad will be having a stall to raise funds for Huddersfield archives. I have given dad some programmes to sell they are of former teams
  12. andy20066

    signed rugby books

    now listed on ebay with 2 other signed rugby books
  13. i have some signed rugby books for sale a biography of alex murphy signed by alex murphy when push comes to shove vol 2 signed 93/150 by ian clayton and signed by Geoffrey lofthouse garry schofields rugby league masterpieces signed to colin by garry schofield the bulldog story signed to jan by Michael hagan dated 14/10/96
  14. andy20066

    challange cup final programmes

    listed some on ebay
  15. here is a list of programmes for sale 2006 trinations Australia v great Britain 04/11/06 £10 Australia v great Britain 18/11/06 £10 new Zealand v great Britain 11/11/06 £10 2008 rugby league world cup official program £4 have a ben gronow benefit brochure from 1924 and is in very good condition. you also get 2 press photos one from 1920 featuring the Huddersfield tourists which features ben gronow and a photo featuring ray markham and fred brindle debut for Huddersfield 7/1/33. price now £15 plus postage