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  1. Second Round draw Thornhill Trojans v Normanton Knights Leigh Miners Rangers v Upton Underbank Rangers v Distington British Army v Skirlaugh Milford Marlins v Ince Rose Bridge York Acorn v Barrow Island Great Britain Police v Rochdale Mayfield Sherwood Wolf Hunt v West Bowling Siddal v Ashton Bears Wigan St Patricks v West Hull West Bank Bears v Bentley Ties to be played the weekend of January 25-26
  2. National Conference League Barrow Island issued a glossy 16-pager (£1, on top of £2 admission) for their Challenge Cup first round tie with Rhondda Outlaws. Island's programme seems to have improved no end since the budget effort produced for their first season back in the NCL.
  3. They're from Mansfield Woodhouse, a village a couple of miles from central Mansfield. Their ground, Debdale Park, is next door to Mansfield Woodhouse railway station. They were 2019 Midlands champions and (I think) beaten Harry Jepson Trophy finalists.
  4. Official attendance at Sherwood Wolf Hunt was 421, according to the RFL.
  5. I gather Milford Marlins issued a printed programme for their Challenge Cup first round tie (11/1/20) with Wigan St Judes. Suggests they'll continue once the National Conference League season begins.
  6. Sherwood Wolf Hunt (versus Wests Warriors, Challenge Cup First Round, 12/1/20) £2.50, 12pp (including raffle)
  7. Season by season, Longhorns seem to be getting more competitive in the Challenge Cup. What do they need to do to get a home tie?!
  8. Just back from Debdale Park. Very exciting game in which fortunes fluctuated on a heavy pitch. Wolf Hunt led 16-12 after 24 minutes then trailed 20-24 after 55. All Wolf Hunt in the last 20 minutes. They dropped the ball four times within 10 metres of the Wests line. Just when it looked as though they'd blown it, Wolf Hunt came up with a try from the last play. It tied the score at 24-24. The successful conversion, just to the right of the posts, made it 26-24. Admission was £2.50, a 12-page programme (including raffle) was £2.50 and the crowd I estimated at 350. Apparently, Wolf Hunt attracted 60 pre-match diners. Great day out in north Notts!
  9. And what did the bloke she was with have on?
  10. It's Debdale Park Sports & Recreational Club, Debdale Lane - next to Mansfield Woodhouse railway station. Sherwood Colliery FC (East Midlands Counties League) also play at this venue.
  11. Pretty sure the £44m also includes the retail and leisure stuff surrounding the stadium.
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