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  1. You could also add, from 2013 to 2019 (to include your 'last full open season'), attendances in football's National League (i.e. tier five) have increased, year on year.
  2. I'd say one of the big differences between football and rugby league is the former is growing (and is only too clearly capable of growing) its audience year on year whereas, sadly and conversely, the latter's audience appears to be shrinking rapidly.
  3. Extending your analysis (nobody can be attracted to a sport without having a prior interest in it), there is no prospect of any rugby league club, in any expansion area, attracting any support. Maybe Salford RLFC can't attract a decent crowd because, bar their recent Grand Final blip (and unlike Salford City FC), they've achieved next to nothing since the early 1970s.
  4. It depends how you define 'support'. There are loads of, say, Man U 'supporters' who never set foot in Old Trafford. Many because they can't afford to. Some will actively (i.e. by actually attending matches) support other clubs - including the likes of FC United of Manchester and Salford City (or the dozens of other non-league clubs in the Manchester/Salford area). My experience of watching Salford City - and I've been to five games at Moor Lane, in various leagues - indicates the club has plenty of locally-domiciled fans who've started watching live football because, all of a sudden, Salford has a football team worth supporting. At rock bottom admission prices, too. During the club's 'bankrolled' seasons, Salford City's average gate has risen from 150 to 2,500+. You don't think, of circa 251,000 Salfordians, there aren't quite a few who are happy simply to support a football team called Salford - and really aren't interested in any other club?
  5. That sounds like a generalisation. Nonsense, in the other words.
  6. That's it, I fear. Twenty-four minutes, 0-22. Kick by the posts to come. 0-24. I'm switching off.
  7. Blimey. Fourteen minutes and it's 0-16. Third Doncaster try. Kick in front of the posts. 0-18. Doncaster score next and I'm off for my tea!
  8. Eight minutes gone and it's 0-10. Neat Doncaster try. Conversion good for 0-12.
  9. What a start. Length of the field Doncaster try under the posts. 0-4. Conversion is 0-6.
  10. One of those guys who pronounces his Ts as Ds. Sooooo irritating. Usually the territory of commercial radio DJs. Rather classier act calling the game at Colwyn Bay. Wondered what had happened to George Riley after his BBC, erm, departure.
  11. You've got to feel for the Keighley player who conceded the penalty. "The poor lad..."
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