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  1. Are you thinking of Middlesbrough? Pointless trying rugby league in the Boro. It's a one-sport town - football. Unless things have changed dramatically since I stopped working there in 1997, nobody gives a toss about the RU club. Between Newcastle and York, I'd say Hartlepool - where league has a foothold already and football isn't the be all and end all - is a much better option.
  2. My wife is from the posh bit of Surrey. She's having a go at reading this aloud. There's just no way!
  3. I lived only five years in Cumbria, Paul. Yan was in common use. Yance, as well. "Ah've bin ti Barra yance." Other expressions used I hadn't heard before: Tangles or lugs in hair were 'cotters'. A clothes horse was, in fact, a clothes 'maiden'. Somebody fooled or duped into accepting something had been 'codded'. A bloke was often described as 'laddo', a woman 'lasso'. 'Ooz things?' was a conversation starter. 'Eh' punctuated speech as if it were a comma. (as in: 'Do you understand what I'm saying?') I've lived in a number of other English counties b
  4. Ha, ha. As a Whitehaven RLFC director of the 1980s explained it to me, a Yorkshireman: "Barrovians will never be Cumbrians as long as they've got holes in their *****."
  5. Quite a few other Carlisle & District League clubs listed in the FIM Cumbria Rugby League annuals of 1982-86: They include Caledonian (Carlisle), Crown & Mitre (Carlisle), Friars Tavern (Carlisle), Morton Manor (Carlisle), Pheasant (Carlisle), Pioneers, Platform One (Carlisle), RAF Carlisle, Royal Scot. From the same period, a few 'lost' West Cumbria ARL clubs to reminisce over: Blue Bell (Workington), Frizington, Great Clifton, Mirehouse (Whitehaven), Moss Bay (Workington), St Bees, Shipwrights (Whitehaven), Twinames (Cockermouth).
  6. I'd say some sort of existing amateur RL activity would be useful, at the very least. It's why, I believe, there's a reasonable chance another semi-pro club could be developed in the North East region, mostly likely between Newcastle and York.
  7. Be nice to see a semi-pro RL club in Hartlepool (if I dare mention that place today). An RU stronghold, yes, but since West Hartlepool RUFC's implosion (and 'rebirth' way down the pyramid), none of the town's clubs play at a decent level. At least two ARL clubs in Hartlepool now, as well.
  8. Quoits is popular in the Esk Valley (North Yorkshire) and, AFAIK, few other places. http://danbyquoitleague.btck.co.uk/Aboutus Hound trailing is a Cumbria oddity (although I think it takes place also in parts of Ireland and southwest Scotland). https://www.houndtrailing.org.uk I gather Hertfordshire is a pétanque hotbed.
  9. I think Llanelian Road was mentioned in the context of being a tidy, compact little stadium in Colwyn Bay. Which it is, undoubtedly. What are the implications for the community side Crusaders set up recently in Wrexham?
  10. On the face of it, when it comes to attracting support in North Wales, Colwyn Bay seems much better located than Wrexham. More at the centre of the region. Look forward to visiting this summer.
  11. What happens if it’s too windy on the day?
  12. And he hasn't even got a programme collection any more.
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