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  1. Still time if anyone wants to submit questions
  2. Hello everyone, I will be conducting a Q&A with the Atlanta Rhinos from the USARL. I would like to open this opportunity up to anyone who would like to ask anything. The cut off for questions submitted here will be Thursday 4/13/17 at midnight so I can go through what's been asked and submitte them. This post has also been submitted to league unlimited if you want to see if anyone else has asked the same question as you. -
  3. I'm a bit upset, aside from the WCQ matches and leeds there really hasn't been much from USARL. I was hoping we would see at lest a few matches set for this year for the HAWKS to play in. why not travel to the islands and play Samoa or Tonga even if its developmental sides. and whats with the lack of Pioneer news. weren't they assembled to be a develpemntal side for the NT. USARL needs to get some better PR people. League will never take off with them lacking so much, fans and converts like me want to see more league games in America and want to hear more news but theres hardly any news coming out. why not set up a match on the west coast to attract new fans to the code.
  4. does anyone know if the folks in seattle are still interested in playing, plan would be to play a 3-4 series of matches the first year with hopes to generate interest for other clubs to form and create a NW league with the winner playing a match with BC league.
  5. good idea about the 9s. could be something to discuss with the mens clubs in the area, some play 7s but not all clubs do.
  6. thanks guys, I thought Seattle had one called the force? I know BC has a rugby league but I am in no way financially set to have a team travel every few weeks across the border or travel to SoCal to play a few games. I was hoping to schedule a couple matches during the late spring and summer while giving some union guys a chance to keep playing during the off season. there is no reason why union and league can not coexist in america
  7. hello everyone, I just recently moved to Corvallis Oregon from California. I have played, coach union rugby. this town already has a union team playing in a lower division. I want to explore or at lest try and set up a rugby league team but I want to know where to closes team is.
  8. I am terribly sorry for the long delay, it hasn't been easy moving to another state and diving right into work. I did my best to simplify the information sent over to me from MRL. it was pretty simple stuff, but nothing on if there is any major sponsors in the works or prospects of working with a major club. I so plan on doing another Q&A with black and blues. the article is up if anyone wants to take a look, it aint much
  9. hello everyone, so i just finally got internet set up at my new house. sadly the second half of questions wont be done instead mexico rugby league has sent me a presentation they just held recently with much information and will try and break it down for you all in the coming days
  10. thanks for the feed back guys, thus far the second half of questions haven't been sent back yet. to answer the question about being published, not quite sure if you mean in a magazine or another rugby website. I have been ask before by a few other sites if i wanted to join them and write articles for them but i just can do it. between family and full time work as is i barely get a few articles out as is. plus this format is more enjoyable for me and more passion, i can write and put stuff out at my own pace. i am a rugby fan in general and equally write for union and league.
  11. Here you gent's
  12. so a slight change, i was able to make contact with one of the rugby league clubs in mexico whos president is also one of members of mexico rugby league board. so the questions where split between two parties and will be posted as a two parter q&a. i hope to have the first one up in a few days, and then translated to Spanish (harder then it seems) a few days after.
  13. my bad, i interpreted it wrong. okay. i am going to submit these all now, and hopefully have the answers and everything posted by end of week. when it comes to these Q&A's it really depends how fast the other sides respond. ive had people respond by the end of the day and others take weeks. . ill let everyone know when its up. thank you all!
  14. i will ask how much of a influnce latin heat had and currently have in the structre of the game but i agree, i dont think latin heat are part of the governing body
  15. thanks guys, i was thinking of doing some from me and a few from the ones written here, but there is so many and they are so good i may just send in all them now! keep them coming, 1 more day left!