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  1. The answer is always 'yes'.
  2. I'm not so sure. I think England might be in a lot of trouble.
  3. Ryan Hall is on his way out of the Roosters. https://www.zerotackle.com/roosters-farewell-departing-duo-nrl-80394/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NRL+Gossip&fbclid=IwAR3vDSBR1HusiSMDxt3ioK7TVP6lEFsFv4mY3w0A6pyQZ9wWbBXfEN0FmTQ
  4. It's pretty simple. Play in a country where you are the top dog as far as sports stars are concerned or stay where you are.
  5. Tony Williams has played in the halves 3 times...
  6. Banking on how many away fans are going to buy a pie and a beer hasn't really worked has it?
  7. The boys in Nicaragua putting together another "how-to" video in Spanish.
  8. With Ash Taylor, Fogarty, and Bronson all they need is a top tier hooker to complete their spine. Their forward pack next year will be one of the best in the comp.
  9. No. I married into a Salvadoran family. My brother-in-law played here in Australia growing up which got me thinking....
  10. Just like I've done in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. I "cold call" RU players through Facebook. Have a conversation with them, tell them about RL and see what happens.
  11. You think that's old school? They're also still using Leagues. I'll see myself out.
  12. The Australian media and NRL have been cringeworthy over SBW's return but I think the RFL have been worse with Gavin Henson's defection.
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