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  1. See the blue lettering in the original post? You can click them. They're called "links".
  2. Interesting things happening in the US with this and the California RL...
  3. It wasn't streamed. I'm not sure if it was filmed either.
  4. http://latinheatrl.com.au/maatouk-delivers-right-hook-to-reigning-nines-champs/
  5. The way in which I've been judged for firstly suggesting it a year ago and then commenting on Facebook that it wasn't a surprise when Argentina has gone over to the WRL compared to how Carlos has been judged for actually doing it is unbelievable to me. Carlos has been labelled a loveable scamp whereas I am apparently the RL devil. Edit 1: Robert has said that the Latin Heat board unanimously said they didn't want to deal with me. If that's true then it raises a question with me. I have disagreed with board members plenty of times, that's what a board is about. It was nearly always solved. Of the members that remained after I didn't seek re-election, I had barely spoken to them except for one. I had never really had a disagreement with them except for one. So I'm now wondering what was being said behind my back. I can be a pain in the ###### to work with and if I see a problem I will bring it up. I'm definitely not free of guilt. Edit 2: I've been accused of running off to podcasts or websites to spread rumours and bag individuals. This isn't correct. I do have frequent conversations with the guys behind the Chasing Kangaroos and Hard Yards podcasts. Both have assured me that they don't believe I've been spreading rumours or bad-mouthing individuals. I felt like I was losing my mind with this one so I had to ask the question.
  6. I'm going to reply to this in parts because there are so many and I'm having trouble on mobile. Firstly I had nothing to do with Carlos and the WRL. I barely speak to Carlos. I actually find it hard communicating with him because his Spanish is very different to what I'm used to. I think Robert has got the idea because about a year ago I suggested that El Salvador should join the WRL, partly in jest, partly seriously, out of frustration with the RLIF. Nothing came of it.
  7. The latter. And I've just typed up a pretty big response and then accidentally deleted it too. I'll respond soon.
  8. They are. It is me. My name is Chris Reid, I was a Latin Heat board member for the first two years there was a board. Rob's podcast has come as a complete shock to me and is full of inaccuracies. I'm an open book and would welcome any questions about any accusation.
  9. Yeah, a bit of a weird post thinking Aussie's wouldn't love it. I'm an Aussie and I think Canberra are my second team this year because of the Poms. It's awesome to see.
  10. It's identical. The original comment said that the Warriors are the most popular team in the biggest city in NZ (Auckland). This is true. Then you start rambling on about combining other teams outside of Auckland... Sit down mate.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure. I'm not 100% sure about Brazil but I think nobody from the RLIF has stepped foot in Latin America.
  12. Nicaragua will make their debut in any form of the game and will join El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru at the 2019 Latino Nines.
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