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  1. I hear that's Nigel's boy. I'm not joking.
  2. https://twitter.com/QueenRoyals?s=20
  3. I dislike Gus. He's a dinosaur as was stated. You have to appreciate that there is likely no chance that there is international travel this year and SOO is the biggest earner for the game period.
  4. I've said before that I started playing last year at the age of 33. Began coaching this year with the U8s. Got one trial game in and COVID put an end to it and my playing season. I was on the first board of the Latin Heat after founding the El Salvador Rugby League in '13 or '14 and stayed on the next year. I'm currently on the Australian steering committee of the ESRL. I also founded the Nicaragua rugby league last year and they played their inaugural 4-team domestic comp in the same year. 3 different cities are involved. That's probably my proudest moment. I've been involved with a few more nations also. Currently trying to spread the game to the rest of Central America and looking into a potential Central American Super League. It may be beyond me but it's worth a look. If anyone believes they are too far away from the heartlands or whatever, don't be disheartened. You can do anything these days without leaving your house. Get in touch if you'd like. Your time and money goes a lot further in developing nations.
  5. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/05/16/inglis-salary-cap-ruling-gives-rabbitohs-$1-million-war-chest/
  6. South should have 900k taken off their salary cap if this happens.
  7. Sorry mate, I couldn't name a single soccer player and probably like 3 teams.
  8. And the NRL are criticised for meddling in the international game. They're not a national body. They're a domestic club competition. The RLEF need to decide whether they're a club competition or the European governing body.
  9. I still want to know why a continental governing body would be putting on a club competition. If we already have trouble with the NRL's overreach on the international game, how much worse would it be with the RLEF running a club competition?
  10. https://rugbyleaguehub.com/2020/05/15/leagues/irl/euro-xiiis-boss-hits-back-at-rlef/
  11. True. I just hope they can work together. There must be some merit in the idea if two seperate groups are trying to do the same thing.
  12. The Euro XIII make no mention of being professional as far as I know. The RLEF's version states that it would be professional. I'd say the RLEF has a much harder road.
  13. It's a mainland Europe competition.
  14. Does Super League have to consult the RLEF before they do anything?
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