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  1. Will they have to re-qualify for the World Cup like the USA had to do after the AMNRL/USARL problem?
  2. The Warriors are going to be based in Australia for a while aren't they?
  3. Bingo. My point wasn't about beer and pies to away fans. It was hyperbole. I was talking about the physical game day. Super League is overly reliant on gate receipts and the upselling thereafter - food, drink, merchandise. The NRL could go behind closed doors and still be making $450m per year on the TV deal. The same isn't true for SL. I fear for the entire English game.
  4. This is what happens when you base your while business model on away fans buying pies and beers.
  5. Fifita is cousins with Andrew and David Fifita and is also eligible for Tonga. Haas has Samoan heritage and has previously represented the Philippines.
  6. Been some good points in here. I don't see SL growing without more "fashionable" cities being added either. Those fashionable cities have to come from outside England because RL seems to have a class/reputation/branding problem. It might rub traditionalists up the wrong way but Toronto has probably done more for RL in the northern hemisphere than any single entity in the last 20 years. Ottawa will bolster that.
  7. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/toronto-wolfpack-partner-with-pro-x-rugby-academy/ Toronto Wolfpack are pleased to announce a partnership with Pro-X Rugby Academy that will see the two joining forces in their goal to further the growth of Rugby League in Canada. The agreement will see Pro-X become one of the Wolfpack’s first Full80 branded teams and organizations. Also, Quinn Ngawati looks too be back in the team.
  8. Toronto was a big leap but I think a second Canadian team will be a multiplier. They will be bigger than the sum of their parts.
  9. It really hasn't fallen on its ######. It's just certain conservative news outlets are pandering to their audience.
  10. https://rugbyleaguehub.com/2020/03/06/toronto-wolfpack/wolfpack-tried-to-sign-eddie-jones/
  11. PNG beating GB and Fiji beating NZ isn't getting closer? PNG having a team in the Qld cup and Fiji moving towards a team in the NSW cup is going to be huge. It's already showing.
  12. I don't see the relevance. They're all going to be closing in on Australia too. I just think England will likely lose to Fiji or PNG as well as Tonga.
  13. The next few years could be very interesting for England. I could see them dropping below Tonga, Fiji and PNG.
  14. Based on 2017 and as an Aussie I don't think Australia deserves another WC.
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