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  1. There's talk Australia may not be number 1 anymore. Or at least a tiny margin between them and #2.
  2. The USA should not be in this really but they are. Cook Islands are giving away too many penalties.
  3. Some of the body shapes in the USA squad.... It's bush league stuff.
  4. GB should feel lucky Australia turned them down. And didn't play Fiji and Samoa....
  5. PNG are just so much more physical. I feel as though this is how it was when the Northern Union teams were belting the southern softies in the late 1800's.
  6. The fattest part of the ball was in-goal. Surely it would have touched grass in the in-goal first... Try for me.
  7. Someone was saying to the ref in the background "Remember you've got it. The video."
  8. Such a good result for the country with the worst domestic and sexual violence in the world.
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