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  1. Too many errors from both sides. Hopefully they calm down.
  2. https://www.bartvsports.com.au/rugby-league/international-rl-international-peru-v-el-salvador/
  3. Not only that but a ridiculous crime rate and the worst violence against women in the entire world.
  4. I think it could be much sooner than 5 years.
  5. I don't want you crippled. You just might end up that way.
  6. Just like when Taumololo went from Tonga to NZ and now back to Tonga right? There's every chance CNK will be in the Cook Islands squad come WC. If so I'll be expecting an apology.
  7. This is the fundamental problem. It is not black and white like you are making out. CNK is a proud Cook Islander as much as he is a proud Kiwi. Same with Andrew Fifita being proud of his Tongan and Indigenous sides. Again, stop telling people how proud they feel. In fact, stop telling people how to feel full-stop.
  8. I'm not sure. One or two tops. I personally think there are zero. There's a Chilean in the Sharks setup but not sure if he speaks Spanish. Then there's Montoya at the Bulldogs who I'm pretty sure doesn't speak Spanish.
  9. Spoken like someone who sits on a message board and isn't doing anything for RL. I deal with Central America. El Salvador for example is very heavily heritage players living in Australia. Most of them grew up speaking Spanish at home as a first language though. Who are you to tell them that they aren't Salvadoran enough for your liking because they were born in Australia? Up until they went to school they probably weren't raised very differently to any other Salvadoran kid. A lot were even born there and came over very young. What of the Salvadoran players in the USA? That line is even mo
  10. Anyone who says that heritage players aren't as proud as born and bred in X are idiots. Say that to some heritage players and you'll likely be drinking through a straw. How about we stop telling people how they feel in every walk of life? If you feel passionate enough to play a game as brutal as rugby league for a country you identify with and qualify for then you're a better person than the naysayers on these here forums.
  11. https://1908.store/collections/frontpage/products/limited-edition-nicaragua-inaugural-jersey https://1908.store/products/limited-edition-honduras-inagural-jersey?_pos=1&_sid=2b131522d&_ss=r These jerseys are limited to 10 of each. All proceeds will go back to providing full kits for each national team and if there is any left over it will go straight back into the grassroots in those nations. Huge thanks to Martin at 1908! Jerseys look phenomenal. These two nations plus the 4 teams in the Nicaraguan domestic competition are all looking for a single spo
  12. "With several Super League clubs edging near to insolvency, the prospect of and investment of around £60 million into the game has been an attractive one for those clubs that lack alternative means of raising finance." Will they be kicked out once they're broke?
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