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  1. I think there's a lot of spin coming from 9 owned media. I don't believe this is a better deal than last time. The NRL has once again beaten the AFL in the ratings this year too so they're taking unders. The production is woeful on 9. I only ever watch the 4 exclusive games a year and even then it was a difficult watch. I won't be switching back.
  2. London Broncos current squad is pretty diverse. England, Nigeria, Ireland, Malta, Albania, France, Lebanon Jamaica, Ghana, Peru and Zimbabwe. That's just for the one season!
  3. Wow. I pay a bit less than the equivalent of £50 here in Australia and my daughter a little over £50.
  4. For anyone that doesn't know Manu is probably Australia's most famous chef. He's a Frenchman. He was recently on that SAS show Sam Burgess won.
  5. Bennett is God himself in Queensland. If he says he's good to go then I'd take his word on it. The credibility he brings is something nobody else can offer.
  6. Hiring the greatest coach of all time is a mistake? I don't like dropping the place name altogether. Changing it to "Sunshine State Dolphins" or "Moreton Bay Dolphins" would be fine.
  7. It is now confirmed. https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/10/13/dolphins-to-become-nrls-17th-team-in-2023/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Give Benji Marshall a call. He might be tempted to go again.
  9. If they could get their ground up to 20k that would be great. You'd much rather be turning fans away and creating scarcity than having a stadium being even 85% full. That's what you want as a brand. 20k average would have seen them 2nd highest average attendance this year.
  10. It's not really ridiculous. You need an audience. You need a potential audience.
  11. What about the ones saying TO shouldn't even be here because they've played less games and that Fev are much more deserving?
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