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  1. It's geoblocked outside of Australia and SE Asia on Facebook, just like their site.
  2. It's actually so new that I can't get an official source but Steve Mascord and another guy is behind it. Their site is still incomplete but you can see the start of what they are doing. You'll be able to stream more games in Australia and SE Asia than you can in England. It will eventually go behind a paywall but is free until they work out the links. There was a thread over on Reddit about it. http://reddit.com/r/nrl/comments/f47zlx/jimmy_smith_and_i_have_purchased_super_league/ Yep. Like I said, Australia and SE Asia. That's the rights they bought.
  3. Did you delete my comment about rugbyleaguehub.com? They've actually bought the rights to stream SL in Australia and SE Asia. They are aiming to broadcast all games too. It's all above board.
  4. rugbyleaguehub.com stream it for free in Australia and SE Asia. On their Facebook page too.
  5. They give the fossil fuel industry over $4bn a year in subsidies as well...
  6. Turns out the board payed for the Union 7s team to go to Hong Kong.... Can you believe it? https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/thats-our-money-andrew-fifita-reveals-how-he-blew-the-whistle-on-tonga-rl/news-story/8df0b4a7d2b0e1f01796dd2e6a5adfd9
  7. This game got a mention on the news headlines on Triple J. It might be Castleford's bigger ever audience. I think you guys in the UK are going to have to get a VPN and watch on rugbyleaguehub.
  8. Very! https://streamable.com/6vk8y
  9. Self inflicted piledriver.
  10. U7s is 6 or 7 weeks of no tackle. Not the whole season. Scores haven't been kept for juniors for a long time.
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