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  1. Don`t go Browny

    Hallet winging in to Dews as we speak, Crookes coming other way. Not sure about Hill rumour, both Hill and Milk Tray need game time for defo.
  2. Shaun Squires The Forgotten Man??

    Not knocking your Scenario in this fixture, just thought the coach could look after players welfare better when not selected, he as not had much encouragement from MD at all. This example of lack of game time provides more evidence reserve team rugby would be of benefit to the coach and player, it cannot be easy for a coach having this ongoing headache of keeping fringe players happy, a reserve team would reduce a fringe player anxiety no end. The Bumbling RFL cannot continue to over look this. This situation proves there is significant chance of another player falling out of love with the game. The player pool in our game is in decline.
  3. Shaun Squires The Forgotten Man??

    On this occasion, the squad that flew out to Toulouse, had a happier outcome than the first time round. I wouldn't say SS was badly treated, however, was told late Friday evening in Toulouse he wasn't selected, which would knock the stuffing out of any player in this given situation having to give up your weekend, never mind SS's. It's obviously a result's base industry, but a little improvement in the man management category from the coaching staff of fringe players would be a advantage.
  4. Shaun Squires The Forgotten Man??

    Pre-Season identified he would not be in Matt's starting choice, however he is First Team player and still merits a chance. If the rumours are true certain players where asked if they would like to be rested for KR, wouldn't this type of policy free up a chance for this player. He seems to be unfairly Frozen out of the selection process this season despite his continuous availability. Not sure this player treatment is in the spirit of the game.
  5. Rip c leatherbarrow

    "Might be a Referee" it doesn't matter whether he is a referee or not, a young guy has tragically passed away, I will put it down to experience young Thomas, don't put it again. RIP Chris Leatherbarrow, thoughts go out to all the people around him
  6. SeasnTicket Confusion

    I have got to admit I am disappointed with this information, where parents of Batley Boys Juniors are getting a season ticket at a discounted price. If parents cannot feed of there siblings inspiration to participate in supporting our great little club there is something wrong. Kids discount without question, parents discount no, cannot believe it's happening, first I have heard of this, a bit demotivating realy. This is no overall critisism of Batley Boys link, as I do believe the link between both set ups is best as it's ever been, but that needs looking at.
  7. Season Summary / Post Mortem

    Kevin, you need to watch Hotel Inspector, she a bit of a Cougar that girl, I would be first at the Mount if you invited her, hot to trot for that girl. I will keep dreaming, while we are at it invite Carol Kirkwood too.
  8. Tries Of The Season Music

    Loving the tries of the season tracks, particular the latest track, it makes you feel so good. Maybe BISSA could put the tracks together on CD and sell the album as a fundraiser, just a suggestion folks.
  9. Sheffield Seagulls Rumour Mill

    Heard from a source of consistency, former Eagles director left the club recently, he may have jumped ship before the stool hits the fan. Wages may have been paid out of the Include Foundation and this may result in a salary breach. Im sure the Sheffield Club will come out with a press release shortly. I for one are surprised at this, as I believe they have forged good links in the local community.
  10. Halifax Next Week

    No Ainscough (most Likely banned) and I doubt Alex Brown wont be allowed to play against his parent club, could be a tough afternoon for over us at the Shay, just hope the players gained plenty of belief from yesterdays victory, to have a right good dig regardless.
  11. Kear Article In Press

    " The level of performance has gone up a lot from last week (Whitehaven) to this week (Bradford) but it's not for Bradford's, Leigh, and London's that we have to do it, it's for the Hunslet's, Doncaster's, Workington's and Whitehaven." We obviously can see what he is saying, but what a load of ######, we should of taken Bradford they where dreadful, Feth proved that, unlucky against Leigh at home and we should of taken London at home, he should be optimistic of preparing the team for every game with his experience "the so called John Kear Factor". Kevin, ban him from paper talk from now on.
  12. any news from the Mount?

    Oh well scoreboard it is then, hope it is all singing and dancing like my old casio watch.
  13. Bradford predictions!

    Piggy's Mate, absolute pathetic post, get a reality check FFS.
  14. Bradford Away

    Very poor game from both sides, the Bulls continued there sluggish form. The Bulls where for the taking today, but again we aint got a much of a clue in attack. Foolish sending off from Ainscough. This wasn't a moral boosting performance at all.
  15. Matty Fozard

    It looks like this young chap's loan arrangement has concluded, it says in LE, he has DR with Rochdale. Don't think he had enough tricks up his sleeve to be a top class hooker, thought he was average at best.