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  1. Beat me to mate, that was my prediction ha ?
  2. Best appointment they’ll make mate, he will talk his way into job, especially with a following Aussie been on a panel to pick him, not to mention any names, jokers of rugby league, giving into a super league club.
  3. Who cares least we’re playing championship rugby good luck with your crowds of 400 and beating west Wales by 100 points, we’ll pleased for you ?
  4. Looks like Rochdale have give into Warrington, what a joke feel sorry for some of rochdale’s loyal supporters. If my club Dewsbury give in to a super league I’d never watch them again.
  5. Think we will be to strong for barrow this week ; Rams 40 Barrow 10 FTS Walshaw Att 720
  6. Just hope he’s up for the challenge ?
  7. I’d defo take Tyson at Dewsbury though ?
  8. Can see this being close ; Rams 22 Lions 20 Att 746
  9. Could go either way this game both sides in poor form, any win form our point of view will do, a win will only put us a point behind batley, and will drag them into relegation trouble. Rams 20 Dogs 18 Fts Morton Att 930
  10. Biggest game of season so far this we need to win this. Rams 26 Barrow 18 FTS Morton Att 650
  11. Yeh but them experience players should of at least gone for drop goals in last few minutes
  12. Neil was right to question some of players desire last week, it proved today. No brain cells in the team.
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