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  1. Is his employer a public service broadcaster?
  2. Public service broadcasters are obliged to follow certain codes as part of their licence. I find it bizarre that there is a watershed for 'moral' reasons, but that any suggestion that public service broadcasters should ensure staff wear a poppy when on air is met with such opprobrium.
  3. Gordon Brown flogged off all that expertise for a few quid. he also built a coal fired station at Kingsnorth. The French are 70% reliant on nuclear. Not aware of any fault lines in the UK and technology has moved on since Three Mile Island & Chernobyl
  4. No one is being denied any freedom. This is about broadcasters ensuring the correct protocols are observed during air time. What staff do when not on air and in their own time is entirely their choice.
  5. Nothing to do with personal choice. The newscasters are in work and it should be official policy to wear the poppy whilst on air. What they do when off air and at any other time IS entirely their choice.
  6. The BBC & other TV stations should ensure that ALL their broadcasters wear the poppy during screen time. What they then do when off air is down to them.
  7. Irrespective of any group latching on to this, ITV should ensure that, during broadcasts, it's staff wear the poppy. What it's staff choose to do when not working is entirely up to the individual. This isn't about giving money to charity, it's about never letting the symbol of the sacrifices made be forgotten or diminished. ITV has a responsibility to ensure it plays it's role in this.
  8. Result should be a foregone conclusion. High levels of benefit dependency, large numbers of tax credits beneficiaries, significant number of Muslims under bradiri to keep core vote solid. Asylum hostel was kept quiet by Meacher and Labour council before last election but may upset a few if UKIP play it right. Many mansions Meacher. Classic left wing millionaire who did nothing but play on rhetoric to get elected. Did ###### all for constituency over several decades, just a bit of tub thumping via his agent at election time. If ever there was an MP that highlighted the need for radical reform of the electoral system, it was this man. I have no doubt there are long standing MP's of other shades who are eqauly despicable in their contempt for voters outside of their own self interested clique.
  9. The last Labour mob sold the UK's nuclear expertise as a job lot to foreign powers. Corbyn would happily invite any foreign power to come and visit him, as long as they were anti western,, anti capitalist and hadn't done anything he thought was too naughty.
  10. Why is a desire for low taxation right wing dogma? The simple fact that you choose to ignore taxation, be that national or local, as being a major determinant of the amount of disposable income an individual has shows you are incapable of thinking beyond 'nasty capitalists' being to blame for everything.
  11. And by the sounds of it, she didn't fall into the labour trap of thinking this was all the Tories fault and decided to improve her life so as to avoid being caught up in the Labour way.
  12. This is great news. Two outstanding young players who would walk into the 17 at any SL, club, yes even Wigan, have chosen t stay put where they are. How utterly pathetic of EW to blame George Burgess for England losing the 2013 RLWC semi. You could just as easily say it was Ben Westwood's fault for losing control of the ball in the act of scoring, or Kevin Sinfield for missing the conversion to Kallum Watkins try, or the referee for not giving Jared Wharea Hargreaves at least 10 for two deliberate head shots. It's akin to blaming Sam Burgess for England getting beaten by Wales, a game in which he did not concede one of the many converted penalties Dan Biggar slotted over. Two 23 year old lads who have come through the ranks & made it to the top level. They have 10 years ahead of them at the top level, that's 10 years when they can be around the England set up and add a significant contribution to the whole ethos. References to past greats are simply harking back to when they were all we had. If only the Hanley's Schofield etc had back up in numbers like these young blokes coming through, like Hill and Graham and Walmsley etc etc. How old is Chris Hill? Just to add a bit of context to his name being brought up in relation to the Burgess twins. When did he debut in SL and for England? We are getting real strength in depth, and what do some do? Whinge and whine about it. FFS Just imagine where we might be if, for example, ex Wiganers like Ford and Farrell had brought their boys through to SL level instead of taking the union coin?? Or doesn't that count EW?
  13. The paucity of your argument encapsulated by your complete lack of coherent response.
  14. Clearly the last Labour government thought the minimum wage was enough....so why isn't an increased one good enough? Otherwise it would have legislated for it, no? It is not about how much you are paid, it is about how much of your hard earned you are able to keep. Until the labour party moves away from it's high tax high spend philosophy, such a simple concept will always be beyond it's comprehension. The NLW is a very simple way for a politician to shift the blame on to employers, rather than actually take some responsibility for how public money is spent. Of course BoJo will encourage employers to back the NLW, he has his to woo the voters. He isn't paying for it, and across London how many companies have taken it up?
  15. Wow, and wow again. Can you hear yourself here? Using Boris Johnson AND capitalist enterprises to try and fluff out your argument. How many companies have contracts with the GLA, employing how many people in total? How many Labour led local authorities do the morally right thing and pay the meaningless NLW? Nestle got a kick back from some fat public sector contracts perhaps? Aviva the same I'd imagine. Meanwhile the zeal for this meaningless figure doesn't seem to have permeated very far into the capitalist psyche does it... KPMG pays the living wage does it? I hadn't realised accountants and number crunchers were so poorly paid. Good on the JRF for making sure it's external auditors play fair. Right wing focus?
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