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  1. The Aussies say that this game will be an embarrassment for the game.
  2. Salford v Catalans in New York

    The match is not happening. Salford rejected the idea after they wanted money which would resolve their financial issues.
  3. Balkan Super League

    Yes I did!
  4. Balkan Super League

    The Dorcol match was streamed. They won 84-0
  5. Live European RL today

    FT: Dorcol 84-0 Vitez
  6. RL on Youtube

    They just post highlights now.
  7. Super League 1 & 2

    We should have this two tier system and below it a NSW Cup style feeder league with clubs like Barrow etc. in it.
  8. Super League 1 & 2

    I would support this super league 1 and 2 idea if there was central funding for teams outside the league as well.
  9. Hi Guys! WOuld it be better if we made a formal petition to Sky Sports about the issue of not broadcasting championship matches? It's just a thought because they are exactly not going to listen to this poll.
  10. As a student. I am trying to find the best possible solution for watching NRL games. I don't really want to be paying £125 a year and I may not have time to watch every match. E.g. matches on Thursday and occasionally weekends.
  11. Balkan Super League

    yeah they both don't recognise its passports etc.
  12. Balkan Super League

    Walter my friend. That would literally end the very existence of RL in the Balkans. Ooh and btw. It would be impossible as Serbians and Bosnians cannot enter the 'country'.
  13. This has gone too far!! 😂
  14. 2018 Kits

  15. I'm ok. lol. Will just have to do sitting behind the sticks which I hate doing so.