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  1. There are included in the Intercontinental playoff.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Rugby_League_World_Cup_qualifying Just looked at the Asia-Pacific section. Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines to contest world cup qualifying.
  3. Hi everyone! As I don't have league weekly, I have heard rumours that there are proposals for the Championship and League One. If any league express readers could send me the article that would be great!
  4. Now that's a good TV rating for a sport which is mostly unknown in the USA and Canada.
  5. There were no free tickets being given away Kenty. Everyone in the stadium paid. I'm surprised, I thought sections 228-236 was sold out but no one was in the stands!
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_Rugby_League#Development_programs There is a team called Denver Wolverines.
  7. Who is the US broadcaster? Still no news.
  8. Just like to point out that many Americans have contacted Moore Sports over the ridiculous service charges on Ticketmaster, with many stating they are paying on the gate!
  9. I probably think the Super League will now have 28 rounds (14 games at home and away) plus the Magic so a total of 29 rounds is played.
  10. http://www.leighjournal.co.uk/sport/16285143.WATCH__Super_League_Super_8s_to_be_scrapped_in_2019/
  11. http://www.rugby-league.com/operational-rules-2018/#p=2 Ground regulations covered here
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