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  1. Ridiculous, complete contempt for fans!
  2. I rest my case, you're definitely on the wrong forum.
  3. 100%? Maybe you should keep that in the echo chamber of loonies that is the Casforum, most of them don't believe you either.
  4. Eleftherios

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    Well done Greece!
  5. Cracking game, think it was Toulouse decision making that let them down in the end.
  6. Someone tried to set that rumour away last week, Cas fans of course.
  7. Remember when we used to say League is more flowing and exciting than Union?
  8. I know Catalans are getting a reputation for their behaviour at times but the second half was a new low for them. More snakes than dragons.
  9. Eleftherios

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    Good luck to Greece against Malta, tomorrow I think. One week later and I would have been over there!
  10. Best side by a country mile. Even without some big decisions going their way in a number of matches.