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  1. Eleftherios

    2019 kits

    Is that a trick question?
  2. Eleftherios

    2019 kits

    Like a home shirt then?
  3. Eleftherios

    Magic weekend confirmed in Liverpool

    The Liverpool Marathon is on the 26th May, lots of roads closed around Anfield apparently. Sounds like it could be chaotic.
  4. Eleftherios

    2019 kits

    Maybe some deodorant is needed if you have that problem.
  5. I hope Wayne rewards you for that OF.
  6. Eleftherios

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Interesting times indeed, Chester has a good track record for signings, if he thinks it's a good signing and Carter thinks it's a good deal for the club I can't really argue with the decision.
  7. Good stuff, Makinson clear MoM. Thought Connor had a cracking game.
  8. Eleftherios

    Magic Weekend in Liverpool

    Anfield is great if you're 4'3". Been there many times, very uncomfortable.
  9. Eleftherios

    London game day next season?

    As I said, a suggestion. I'd expect more away fans to travel to London on a Saturday, even stopping over, than a Sunday. But if RU and weddings take precedent over RL that's the club's choice. As for picking a preferred day, it depends on how many times Sky want to go there. Thursday and Friday games will be a treat.
  10. Eleftherios

    when it was easy to attend a game

    It's still extremely easy to attend a game.
  11. Eleftherios

    London game day next season?

    I'd suggest Saturday, better for away team supporters to travel
  12. Eleftherios

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Oh dear...
  13. Eleftherios

    Danny Brough signs for...

    The Brough rumour has been going about for a while now. I can't say I'm overly impressed, his discipline on the pitch and his reaction to his team mates when they make mistakes is a bit off kilter with what has been patiently building at Trinity over the last 3 years. However, Chester's signings have been pretty good so if he thinks it's a good signing who am I to question it? WRT Grix, I was told that he was going to Giants a while ago but not as any part of a deal for Brough.