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  1. Map is a bit outdated, Hartlepool is not in Cleveland.
  2. Looking forward to the games in the NE, will also do semi and final if possible
  3. Strangely enough, Copenhagen was mentioned as a potential venue for Toronto on their winter home games tour
  4. Well played Oldham, commiserations to Thunder. An entertaining game that could have gone either way. Good luck to both teams next season.
  5. Yet Magic has helped to raise the profile of the gam in the NE immensely. The numbers playin at grass roots now is unbelievable compared to just a few years ago. For me it's doing its job!
  6. Thunder aren't boasting anything but it's certainly helped raise the profile of rugby league in the area. The NE league is growing all the time, loads more kids playing. Even Hartleppol have a team now! So no matter what happens at the weekend they are doing a great job. Oh and COME ON THUNDER!
  7. Come on Thunder! Come on Thunder! TGG is really taking off in the NE, more interest and participation than ever. Promotion would be another huge boost for the game in the region.
  8. Good news! I may be biased but I really enjoyed magic more in Newcastle than any other venue.
  9. Shame about Hampshire, he was offered a contract but turned it down, so we move on. Happy with Walker, looks decent player that has room for development.
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