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  1. As I said originally, it was a foul though, yellow, probably. Was surprised at red. Was sat in stand in line with it reckless swing of the arm which was no where near making a tackle. Was pretty silly given the full back was caught on his own and was about to be tackled or shoved back further
  2. He hit him on the back of the head, not the chest. I was sat right in line with it. Just watched the replay which confirms this.
  3. Sims wasn’t a foul? He nearly took his head off. He knew he was walking, just surprised it was red.
  4. Even though Trin are pretty clueless at the moment I’d loved to have gone to this game and had a pint or two with OF!
  5. Yet Magic has helped to raise the profile of the gam in the NE immensely. The numbers playin at grass roots now is unbelievable compared to just a few years ago. For me it's doing its job!
  6. Good news! I may be biased but I really enjoyed magic more in Newcastle than any other venue.
  7. It's a great result if it all comes off. We've been promised solutions before. Fingers crossed this time. As has already been mentioned, lets see where the cash for the renovations will come from.
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