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  1. I've not seen anything that would suggest Trinity have improved enough to win a game.
  2. Apparently Hicks has met up with the fan in question, along with Fitzpatrick and the police. After discussions the fan was give a suspended ban.
  3. Pretty much what I expected, Trinity clueless in attack. Enjoyed chat with FC fans in the ground and after in bar. The fact you kept saying Trinity won't go down just made me feel more that they will!
  4. Newcastle Thunder, I go to the odd game there, lovely set up, always a good day out. Be fantastic if they can get up to the championship this season. They could be playing my superleague team!
  5. I'm going FC in this one, dare I say it, I fancy them to win the cup.
  6. Good luck to Fax! It was a Fax fan called Dave who introduced me to TGG while at Leeds Poly in '85. Be interesting to know if he's still about. Lived in Ash Grove, a short stroll from Headingley.
  7. Great for FC to get him signed up, has stepped into TGG very well. Lovely pace and skill.
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