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  1. Lion heart 59

    At the crossroads

    We are in a catch 22 , most of the loyal fan base is in there 40's at the youngest up to there 70's and over ,so the clock is ticking for sure . its not all doom and gloom ,we have shown a slight increase in attendaces for the past 4 or 5 years .not sure where these people are comming from ,its not enough to keep us at this level at present . But i feel a name change would do more harm than good
  2. Lion heart 59

    George Tyson

    When George played for Oldham ,we thought he was a dirty player , but since we get to see him most weeks ,we realiase he puts everything into what he does , it may look like he goes over the top, but he gives 100% effort every week . we love George and think he is going to go on to be a super star .
  3. Lion heart 59

    New logo with “Manchester” in it

    Nobody's mention we have a Manchester post code M27
  4. Lion heart 59


    Gandalf and disgruntled lion it clear both of you do not support the lions and must have really boring lives to come on here to provoke a reaction. So I agree with wazman just jog on