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  1. the only reason swinton lions is the legal name is so they can stay in the championship ,and not start as a new club in league one ,wake up and smell the coffee ,your walking off the cliff with your eyes closed
  2. look what happen to us 90% dont want to be manchester ,and it will cost them at least 50% of its core fan base , but their not listening
  3. spelly was at the ground wearing a black tie , he has said he will give his self time ,before he decided if he will continue watching the lions ,he also recived a gift for going 40 years without missing a swinton first team game home and away
  4. its will be more than 100 supporters ,and the ones that will be staying away are the ones's that buy season tickets , put their hands in their pocket ,pride builder ,lottery ,raffles and replica shirts , the heart beat of any club . yeaterday we had a big city team ( sheffield ) who's been to wembley ,played in super league and have their own ground in their own city ,and turn up with a taxi full of fans , so good luck with Manchester
  5. Hull kingston rovers ,do ok with a long name , what's wrong with Manchester Swinton Lions , in the paper it will simply say Manchester SL, OR Manchster Lions ,but that would please most of the core supporters and every one could move on together , unless there's more to this than meets the eye , its got car crash written all over it , they think they can live with losing one or two hundred from the core support , but that the part of the support that's our most active in terms of going every week plus dipping in their pockets financially when needed
  6. its not gone down very well with a lot of the core support , and most of them are saying sunday will be there last game
  7. don't think they will be too many left ,to chant anything , going off the comments on the family page ,plus the station roaders site is in melt down
  8. i would say we have 400/450 fan base that go on a regular basis ,by changing to Manchester the club will lose 300 plus ,not many will want carry on without our name ,its all we had left
  9. the last of us station roaders will be going to our last games in the next two weeks . R I P Swinton Lions
  10. i think rugby league is at a crossroads and not just my own club thats got some tough decisions to make
  11. if we can keep this current set of players for another season or so ,think they will be capable of taking us to the next level ( top championship club ) and being a handful for most championship teams , the only cloud on the arisen is what direction the club takes with it future plans with reguards rebranding
  12. its a very difficult balancing act ,to keep the existing loyal fan base and get new supporters to buy into this new brand , some thing as to change ,because the current fan base is getting older and not enough youngters coming through to sustain the club at its current level
  13. we have collected 11 out of the last 16 points ,5 wins 1 draw and only 2 loses in our last eight games ,i'm confident we can beat Barrow at home and that should secure our championship status
  14. Everybody entitled to their opinion, but we’ve just won 5 out of our last 7 games , including Toulouse away , personally I think all our three remaining home games are winnable , we are looking up not down
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