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  1. you dont appreciate things until they've gone , the team SWINTON had in the mid eighties was a really good team and with a little more investment ,who knows what they might have archived
  2. RiP Margaret , my condolences to the family
  3. good luck and all the best to hornets but beware of greeks bearing gifts
  4. Thanks kayakman , hope the Wolfpack rock super league and put a few noses out of place , enjoy
  5. he's a bit older than me ,but i would be surprised if someone did not know him ,i'm sure someone would be interested , tell him to join the swinton lions family page on facebook or contact STEVE WILD at the club
  6. and can i ask why you are saying the trust are on the shirts ,because they are not one of the sponsors , and where you getting the figures for our centrel funding from ,also in answer to your early question , you said i sound bitter and didn't mind sucking up to the ex- board , my answer to that is , i'm very dissapointed and thought i was supporting the ex-board ,the only thing i personally couldn't support was the lose of name ,which the ex-board would not budge an inch on to compromise
  7. no prizes for guessing who's taking most of the credit for this record sponsorship
  8. just like last season we will have target games ,win them and we are in the championship for another year
  9. there's not many easy games in the championship ,if we can match last season i will be more than happy ,Matty Ashton will be a big miss for us ,made a lot of tries from nothing when the games was close ,would expect to finish above Oldham and Whiteheaven , but there's no garantee's of that .will have to wait and see if the players can all preform to the best of their ability's and no bad injury's like last season
  10. ask steve wild Director and club historian ,think he might know
  11. does that not go against everything they told us ,Rochdale is not not a big city club ,despite having everything you have stated
  12. only they know why , we might never find out for sure , we was all as suprised as everybody else that they all walked , i do not believe it was simply the name calling ,for me the whole buisness about the rebranding was handled badly and they alianated a big chuck of our supporters ,plus they where not prepared to compromise ,a lot of the unpleasantness could of been avoided , but its all history now , and we move on and see what happens
  13. still waiting on the RLF to ratify it ,short staffed due to hoildays and cutting their staff to the barebone to save money apparently
  14. if you read the post's ,its not hard to work- out
  15. we might struggle to sign enough players of quality to add the squad ,but things are not that bad ,we have central funding double that of last season ,we have appointed a management committee until we form a new board ,long term we have the same problems has all the other clubs outside super league ,but we will start and finish the new season
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