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  1. we have collected 11 out of the last 16 points ,5 wins 1 draw and only 2 loses in our last eight games ,i'm confident we can beat Barrow at home and that should secure our championship status
  2. Everybody entitled to their opinion, but we’ve just won 5 out of our last 7 games , including Toulouse away , personally I think all our three remaining home games are winnable , we are looking up not down
  3. The point is one rule one club , totally different rules for another club , we have been trying to get home for nearly 30 years , but can not play at Folly Lane , agecroft because they do not meet the requirements, got moved from sedgley park , not good enough, force to hire AJBell and Widnes ground to play games , I know it’s not Hornets fault and they can only deal with their own problems. But surely you can understand our frustration and anger , all we are asking for is to be treated fairly . The integrity of the league as been compromised
  4. there's more to the sheffield story with regaurds the safety certiicate , but dont want to make myself liable , and i was at the game ,not sure the injury would of been so bad playing on grass
  5. we had a player first game of the season(Sheffield) have a bad injury ,out all season ,may never play again , so you can understand why players welfare comes into it , and before you say Mayfield can play on it , they are not playing the same standard , but i guess rules are there to be broken
  6. To play in the championship ,your ground has to meet certain standards , which i take does not aply to the challenge cup .Swinton was forced to move from Sedgley park because of these rules , but like SHEFFIELD ,these rules can change when it suits , and people wonder why Rugby League is not taken seriously
  7. Swinton only played at sedgley park in league 1, was told it was not up to championship standards and forced to move
  8. I have followed Swinton for nearly 50 years , what worries me is our golden generation of fans that have stuck with the club for the last 30 years are getting older and thou there is a sprinkling of younger supporters coming , it’s not enough to sustain the club , time is not on our side . Unless someone wins the Lottery, we are not going home anytime soon . Just changing to Manchester lions won’t work either, it’s a difficult balancing act , time will tell if we make it or not
  9. i was expecting a backlash but both teams got on with their jobs and played with honour and respect ,there was no sign of any ill feeling towards one another , so well done Wolfpack and Lions for playing the game in the right spirt
  10. most of us swinton supporters ,the ones who have stuck with the club over the last 30 years ,have already let our feelings be known , nothing set in stone , and we know something needs to change for us to survive ,Swinton Lions of Manchester , we would not lose any sleep over , but the lose of the name or MACHESTER before SWINTON, is not and never will be exceptable , it will cut the last piece of the cord as far as we are concerned , and most of us would walk away .
  11. we have a very young team and have lost a couple of players ,but i sure will do our best to give you a game , we have try scorers in our ranks , but i can only see a Wolfpack victory by 40 or 50 . but i live in hope of a better score line
  12. My opinion about Oscar Thomas , definitely not good enough and a liability when in our team
  13. i was thinking the same Rampant Lion , there is about half a dozen people that just want to find fault and in some cases only write negative comments ,i'm all for people giving their opinions , but lets be constructive and realistic ,we have limited resources
  14. they will be arriving friday afternoon ,i'm on the same flight
  15. unfortunately not as many will be comming over this season , but think there's still about 50 traveling , and we be thirsty and in party mood ?
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