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  1. NickWeaver

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    Seems like a can't lose scenario for the Wolfpack as this is one of the games I had them losing to get to a 5-2 record. If they win it will give them a little wiggle room against Salford or Toulouse. If they lose well they have 2 weeks to prepare for London.
  2. NickWeaver

    2019 Season TIckets

    2019 Season tickets went up for sale to all 2018 holders today and they go on sale for new Holders tomorrow at noon. Prices for the different packages, for new purchasers, start at $249 for adults and #125 for Juniors until prices increase Sept. 30th Three different Memberships are available each including Two “bring a friend for free vouchers” 15% discount on all merchandise in the Wolfpack Store A list of discounts and offers with Wolfpack partners across Toronto All members are also entitled to claim a personalized membership card with their photo. This can be a selfie, picture at a game, group photo or even a photo of a pet! The different Packages are: The Den Membership which is the basic package The GolDEN Membership also receives a special Hat and Scarf as well as a picture of your favorite player if you purchase before Sept. 15th. The VIP Membership includes VIP access for every game.
  3. NickWeaver

    RL on Canadian TV

    No regular TV Games coming up this weekend because of the Rogers Cup but we have: Thurs. Aug. 16th NRL Broncos vs. Rabbitohs at 7pm on SN1 Thurs. Aug 23rd Super League Rugby Teams TBD. at 7pm on SN1
  4. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

    Finally Confirmed
  5. NickWeaver

    RL on Canadian TV

    The ones I posted about are the Challenge cup weekend sorry I forgot to put the date. They have games in the 4-8pm time slots on both Saturday and Sunday. The NRL Games are Dragons vs. Warriors on Saturday and Panthers vs. Raiders on Sunday
  6. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

    Confirmed Fixtures
  7. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

    Probably not for at least 3 weeks
  8. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

    Not yet they are probably waiting until the schedule releases so they know if any of the games will be picked by SKY.
  9. Toronto Wolfpack v Featherstone Rovers Toronto by 34 Toulouse Olympique v Dewsbury Rams Toulouse by 40 Barrow Raiders v London Broncos London by 14 Batley Bulldogs v Swinton Lions Batley by 16 Halifax v Rochdale Hornets Halifax by 26 Leigh Centurions v Sheffield Eagles Leigh by 28
  10. NickWeaver

    Good article about Quinn in The Athletic

    They really hate that but you can read for free on the app
  11. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

  12. NickWeaver

    RL on Canadian TV

    Just been Looking at the schedule on Sportsnet and they are showing the following games on Sportsnet 1: A Super League game at 4pm NRL Pathers vs. Raiders at 6pm
  13. NickWeaver we go!!!!!!!!

    YoureCaton-Brown closing in on move to Toronto July 26, 2018 Aaron Bower One of the longest-running sagas of deadline week is reaching its conclusion. We understand that Toronto Wolfpack are closing in on the signature of Wakefield Trinity winger Mason Caton-Brown. The Londoner has had interest from two Super League clubs in Hull KR and Salford at various stages this week, and at one point, it looked as though the Wolfpack were out of the running for Caton-Brown. But they have reignited their interest at the eleventh hour – and it appears to have paid off. With Toronto’s rivals in the Qualifiers strengthening, the Wolfpack have now shown their hand and done some business.
  14. NickWeaver

    Newspaper coverage

    Great article on Quinn and the Wolfpack today in the Athletic by Blake Murphy. Also the Wolfpack were congratulated at City Hall this morning for their achievements.
  15. NickWeaver

    July 28th vs. Featherstone Rovers