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  1. I think they can win around 3/4 of the games at home and hopefully 1/4 of the games in the UK
  2. My mom and I are going to Magic and Salford and if we can swing it Wakefield the week before Magic. If you want to go to Perpignan you should it's a nice city and the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca is awesome. If you can fly from Manchester to Girona, near Barcelona, and drive to Perpignan. The drive is sweet and if your wife likes shopping you can go to the Duty free country of Andorra. WE did it last year it was great.
  3. Rugby League’s Squad Declaration system has been revised for the 2020 season in response to feedback from all sections of the game, including supporters and the media. Instead of teams being required to name a 19-player squad by noon two days before each fixture, they will now be required to name a 21-player squad at that time. But for each player from outside that 21 who is then called into the team’s 17-player match-day squad, that team will lose one of the eight interchanges permitted for all fixtures in the Betfred Super League, Championship, League 1, the Coral Challenge Cup and the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup. The only exceptions to this will involve the Dual Registration system – if a player on Dual Registration is recalled by their parent club after the partner club has named a 21-player squad, they can be replaced in the 21 without the partner club losing an interchange; and in the unusual situation of a club losing a player at a tribunal hearing after the squad declaration deadline (for example on a Tuesday evening for a Thursday night fixture), when again they can be replaced without sanction. In other exceptional circumstances, a club would need to seek and receive consent from the RFL Board. The change was discussed by the RFL’s Laws Committee, which includes representatives from all sections of the professional game, at their last meeting of 2019, leading to further consultation with clubs and head coaches - and is confirmed in the Operational Rules for the 2020 season which have been circulated to clubs this week. *FOR FURTHER BACKGROUND ON THE SQUAD DECLARATION SYSTEM, SEE NOTES BELOW Another significant change in the 2020 Operational Rules relates to amateur players – a limited number of amateur players can now be registered by Betfred League 1 clubs (up to 10 players), Betfred Championship clubs (up to 5), and Betfred Super League clubs for Reserves League fixtures only (up to two). All clubs in the revived RFL Reserves League will also be able to register an additional two University players. Among the reasons for this change, it is hoped this will provide additional incentive and opportunity for amateur players, while they retain their amateur status and can therefore continue to play for their community clubs. In addition, players registered with Betfred League 1 and Championship clubs will be able to “train up” with Betfred Super League clubs (they have previously been able to do so only on loan deals of a 28-day minimum), while the Dual Registration system will also be extended so that one player from each League 1 club can be dual registered with a Championship or a Super League club, and one player from each Championship club with a Super League club. No club will be able to dual register more than one player under this addition. In a further change designed to benefit players at Betfred Championship and League 1 clubs, the rules relating to making approaches to players registered at other clubs have been standardised, so that such approaches will now be permitted to part-time and full-time players from May 1 in the last year of their contract – whereas previously, clubs have only been permitted to approach part-time players from September 1. The Operational Rules applying to Agents have also been amended, with clarification that a mandatory registration process will now be followed annually by Authorised Agents. Karen Moorhouse, the RFL’s Chief Regulatory Officer, said: “The annual redrafting of the Operational Rules is a consultative process, as always designed to serve the good of the game as a whole, and of clubs and players in particular. “The change to the Squad Declaration system was proposed in response to feedback from various sections of the game, including supporters and the media. As with all the other changes, we will monitor the impact of the changes carefully through the 2020 season. We are grateful to all who have contributed to this process.” *NOTES ON CHANGES TO SQUAD DECLARATION SYSTEM FOR 2020 This will be the most significant change to the Squad Declaration system since 2009. It was introduced in 2005, partly in response to the furore surrounding an Easter Monday fixture the previous year when Bradford Bulls thrashed a severely weakened St Helens team at Odsal. Initially, Super League teams were required to name a 20-man squad 72 hours before each fixture, before reducing it to 18 two days later (24 hours before the kick-off). Since the 2009 refinement, clubs have been required to name a 19-player squad by noon two days before each fixture – and to provide medical authentication for any subsequent withdrawals and replacements.
  4. Argyle interview in Australia http://www.bigsportsbreakfast.com.au/index.php?component=content&Itemid=234&id=152&do=VGhlIEJpZyBTcG9ydHMgQnJlYWtmYXN0IFRWIzI2MTFfMTI4NjEx
  5. Looks like the game is all but certain I just hope it's in Toronto.
  6. Please please make it happen Air Canada should get in on this and offer flight deals from Sydney to the UK through Toronto for fans.
  7. Yeah it's kind of driven me to check the forum less and less as every thread devolves into the same thing. I had the same problem with the Facebook group. I was pretty active on that board but the amount of negativity on every single post just got to me so I had to leave it.
  8. It looks like me and my mom are going to magic and Salford with a little getaway in Turin as she wants to see the Giro D'Italia
  9. pretty good fixtures don't know why Saints vs. Salford isn't the final game on one of the day instead of the 2nd.
  10. 27500 for Catalans and 15000 for Warrington with Catalans paying two thirds of the investigation costs and Warrington paying the remainder.
  11. Warrington did perform to their full and the record books therefore rightfully belong to them on this occasion. We congratulate them as worthy winners. “However, it would be remiss of me to be silent on the officiating both during and before the game. How a referee can be involved in a publicity stunt with the CEO of a participating club in the week before a Challenge Cup final defies belief and reason. This apparently resulted from some pathetic spat on the open sewer that is Twitter some weeks before. The fact referees go, and are allowed to go, on Twitter with fans is utterly beyond me: no good can come from it and clearly no good does. “Resultantly, the perception of officiating impartiality was destroyed even before kick-off. This was amply consolidated, in the eye of many, in reality when Hicks comprehensibly did not go to the video referee for Morgan Knowles’ clear and legitimate opening try and then followed it up shortly with other highly questionable decisions. “As tempting as it is, I am not blaming the individual referee. However, I am pointing out that no other sport would have allowed such a farcical and amateurish combination of self-fulfilling events to occur"
  12. Man this reads like the sourest of sour grapes. If he was so mad about the referee taking part in a publicity stunt why didn't he ask the RFL to change the ref?
  13. It is for me as I live a 5 minute bike ride from work No but we did do the tower which was pretty cool.
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