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  1. Warrington did perform to their full and the record books therefore rightfully belong to them on this occasion. We congratulate them as worthy winners. “However, it would be remiss of me to be silent on the officiating both during and before the game. How a referee can be involved in a publicity stunt with the CEO of a participating club in the week before a Challenge Cup final defies belief and reason. This apparently resulted from some pathetic spat on the open sewer that is Twitter some weeks before. The fact referees go, and are allowed to go, on Twitter with fans is utterly beyond me: no good can come from it and clearly no good does. “Resultantly, the perception of officiating impartiality was destroyed even before kick-off. This was amply consolidated, in the eye of many, in reality when Hicks comprehensibly did not go to the video referee for Morgan Knowles’ clear and legitimate opening try and then followed it up shortly with other highly questionable decisions. “As tempting as it is, I am not blaming the individual referee. However, I am pointing out that no other sport would have allowed such a farcical and amateurish combination of self-fulfilling events to occur"
  2. Man this reads like the sourest of sour grapes. If he was so mad about the referee taking part in a publicity stunt why didn't he ask the RFL to change the ref?
  3. It is for me as I live a 5 minute bike ride from work No but we did do the tower which was pretty cool.
  4. It was great. I wish the Wolfpack would have been a later match as we had to leave Manchester early in the morning because it is about 1 and a half hour train ride to Blackpool. The games that we watched though were great and the concessions were well priced as well. My only complaint was I wish there was a bit more to do around the stadium between the games.
  5. We flew on Norwegian to Dublin to see the summer bash. It was quite a bit cheaper than even Air Transat even factoring in the flight from Dublin to Manchester.
  6. To poach some Welsh union players in the next couple weeks as rumours going around that Ospreys and Scarlets are set to merge. With the cap dispensation for players coming over from union could some teams in SL like Wigan and Leeds look at signing some players?
  7. Love the look of the Black and Red hoops looks really great.
  8. Looks great on Gadwin and Liam
  9. We drove as we rented a car. It also allowed us to get to Andorra and Montpellier it was a great couple of Days in France
  10. When we went last year we flew Manchester to Girona and rented a car and stayed outside Perpignan at the Brit Hotel
  11. New deal for Jersey manufacture
  12. Swinton game confirmed to be at Lamport
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