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  1. Looks like it will be an easy game for TW on Saturday, Fev hopefully will be in second place by the end of the week.
  2. I don’t want it to be beaten or equalled, the squad is looking strong and settled the way it is.
  3. OMG-why are you still debating the structure - look at the flow chart!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Fev1983

    1895 cup

    Attendance 157.
  5. As Gooleboy said earlier, LETS JUST GET THERE, we are only 2 points off seventh place as things stand, somebody has to be realistic
  6. Second place would be better.
  7. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, he has been one of our best servants in recent times for me, well done the club.
  8. I think he has a good point, the SL shafted the lower leagues last year, the championship are fighting back. UTR
  9. I also agree but he’s over the hill now, his bullying tactics are all he has left.
  10. I was disappointed with the crowd, what happened.
  11. Hasn’t that always been the same, Bradford lack class and always have, bad losers.
  12. So he will miss the big 3 games at the end of June start of july. Or was the 6-8 weeks from when he picked the injury up?
  13. A slow first half and some poor misses but he was excellent as the game progressed, Bradford’s loss our gain. I thought the crowd was disappointing considering how big the game was.
  14. Supply and demand if we play a big game then why not charge more. tomorrow is huge so I think we should charge an extra fiver, I have my membership so I don’t really care about the bulls fans or are part time folk
  15. An ice ring the full length of the pitch 50k minimum who is going to pay, never pay for itself. Agree with the car boot every sunday
  16. Fev1983


    Let’s hope he gets injured again before they play us (just enough not to play in the game) he’s a bully and one of life’s takers. Makes me laugh how far leigh have fallen!!!!!!
  17. Sad to hear I contributed a small amount how many games did he play for us?
  18. What’s the point for ONE month, we have a good settled side at the minute!!!!
  19. Fev by 16 Toronto by 40 Toulouse by 4 Widnes by 30 Fax by 12
  20. More like SL clubs creating a CLOSED shop again.
  21. Toronto by 2 Rochdale by 4 Fev by 26 Bradford by 6 attendance 12,327
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