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  1. Are you talking about the payoff final, then finishing top will give us an advantage, didn’t Toronto have 2 home games?
  2. I get it from both sides, I no the players will want to win their medals at Wembley, without sounding disrespectful or ungrateful we have only won 2 games to get to Wembley, I really want to see us play in SL and believe we deserve it this year, I do believe the Toulouse game will have a bigger impact in the long run than an rfl sideshow, just my opinion, that’s not to say we won’t all enjoy a day in london. UTR
  3. Can we win the next 3 league game to set up a huge game? I hope we don’t pick up any injuries in the 1895 final, the following weekend is far more important for me, I no I am early but the excitement is building
  4. Hahahahahahahahahah he lied to us couldn’t happen to a nicer person
  5. It was fantastic and a handsome performance, chizzy had his kicking boots on tonight
  6. The game is going ahead so it’s probably a storm in a teacup
  7. The whole thing is being exaggerated, let’s get on and play Friday. Almost everybody in the country has breached the rules, shaking hands to hugging ur grandchildren
  8. I think ur reight it will blow over in a couple of days, let’s get on with the game on Friday night
  9. They don’t have a billionaire owner so why do they think anything would be different to TWP?
  10. Totally agree, we don’t need this type of thing in our game. Jack was obviously having a placid day!!!!
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