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  1. Not if they base themselves abroad
  2. The same thing will happen, it’s not sustainable without central funding.
  3. Any player that went to Toronto would have known there was a risk of the whole thing collapsing, that’s not to say I agree with what’s happened.
  4. Look at what is happening around you
  5. Any team that voted to end the season should not be allowed to play in the comp
  6. Another pointless competition, 250k would be useful though and we will get to watch some game play
  7. Stadiums could be open by October, let’s hope POR gets a test event. UTR
  8. I hope not otherwise it is pointless playing and I am desperate to watch fev
  9. Thats a good idea, some rugby and something to play for.
  10. There really are some idiots in this world
  11. I still think the first game back will be on the 5th July, I need some light and the end of the tunnel . When does anybody think the trinity game will happen??? UTR
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