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  1. At least it’s just not me, it will probably save me a few pounds after Toronto twice this year!!!!! I missed Toulouse saving for the final
  2. Toulouse away on a Wednesday is terrible, looks like I won’t be going
  3. Hi Maureen is that 100% before I book?
  4. Just to back up TPH, thank you for the wonderful year, the best year I can remember for a long time, good luck with your next role and family always comes first. Thank you for the memories. Fev’83. UTR.
  5. I would like to say a great big thank you to all our players, staff, volunteers and everybody else who has been involved in giving me this fantastic journey over the last 9 months, especially the last 4 weeks, never to be forgotten. WELL DONE
  6. I was always going to lose that bet on a technicality however I was way off with others
  7. I am starting to feel more confident as the week has gone on, i’m happy with the squad, let’s hit them hard. UTR
  8. I will definitely be at the fanzone on Sunday as I am saving for the final!!
  9. Fev1983


    Come on Colin, what impairment does he have?
  10. We can and should beat Tork, we almost produced the win in Toulouse earlier in the season and I think we are the only team to beat Toronto at home in the championship, @letsbelieve UTR
  11. Fev1983


    He got his just deserts I am sure I heard chants of getting sacked in the morning last night
  12. What a fantastic night, I thought the fans behind the sticks were amazing, I was disappointed that I decided to sit on halfway line!! UTR @daretodream
  13. does anybody no if we have to sit in south stand I'd rather sit on the side? thanks in advance
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