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  1. I hope not otherwise it is pointless playing and I am desperate to watch fev
  2. Thats a good idea, some rugby and something to play for.
  3. There really are some idiots in this world
  4. I still think the first game back will be on the 5th July, I need some light and the end of the tunnel . When does anybody think the trinity game will happen??? UTR
  5. I think the first game back will be Oldham on 5th of July, I am already looking forward to it!!!!!
  6. It could be frying pan into the fire
  7. Yes some people where I work have turned into work today and some haven’t
  8. I disagree with you, it should be our choice to go or not. The rfl have become a lemming and followed suit
  9. What virus? Cas at home.
  10. Are you the first person to catch ‘it’ in Fev Mo?
  11. Chizzy Sweeting Jouffret it was a solid performance by the whole team
  12. Reight decision I am looking forward to what should be a good game
  13. I think we will finish top leigh second Toulouse third and london fourth - I am certain that will be the top 4
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