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  1. We got Batley away, I think all 5 ties will be won by the away teams.
  2. I don’t think we will be as strong next year, the players lost versus the players gained, I think it will be a 5 horse race this year rather then 2.
  3. I think Parata is the better player, opinions everyone has one
  4. Agreed, I used the wrong language I don’t think Webster has been by far our best coach which the stats suggest
  5. Not true Toronto where struggling before the pandemic. The pandemic was just a catalyst.
  6. It doesn’t tell the true facts as most of those managers would have ended up with a win ratio of 90% with our team against the current opposition. If we had played in the middle eights then Webster would be closer to 60%.
  7. McDermott is a winner and it’s an inspired decision by the club, Webster failed to win either of the 2 games that mattered. I might be saying the same thing next year depending on the results against Leigh.
  8. Are you talking about the payoff final, then finishing top will give us an advantage, didn’t Toronto have 2 home games?
  9. I get it from both sides, I no the players will want to win their medals at Wembley, without sounding disrespectful or ungrateful we have only won 2 games to get to Wembley, I really want to see us play in SL and believe we deserve it this year, I do believe the Toulouse game will have a bigger impact in the long run than an rfl sideshow, just my opinion, that’s not to say we won’t all enjoy a day in london. UTR
  10. Can we win the next 3 league game to set up a huge game? I hope we don’t pick up any injuries in the 1895 final, the following weekend is far more important for me, I no I am early but the excitement is building
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