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  1. I have just read about this, very sad and condolences to family, friends and Batley. RIP.
  2. York deserved the win as we didn’t take our chances, I have a feeling we will be back at BC for the playoffs. UTR
  3. Colin I can’t find it, can post a link?
  4. I don’t think Sheffield will win there last 4 games however there is the possibility of Bradford winning the last 4 and York losing the last 4 and Bradford sneaking into 5th place, highly improbable. I think Leigh, Toulouse and us all have 2 easy wins available.
  5. Finish 5th = No home games finish 4th = 1 home game, the first one, and that’s it. finish 3rd = Could work out that the final would be at POR (highly extreme set of circumstances). finish 2nd = Same as third. We have to beat the best away to prove ourselves.
  6. Toronto Toulouse Fev Leigh York That means we could play Toulouse away, Toronto away, back to Toulouse away and then back to Toronto away for the final, a 4 week party for anyone who can afford it. That’s loads of airmiles
  7. It’s about time we had a bit of luck, how many times this year have we just missed out on the 2 points and been the unlucky ones, especially against some of our top 5 rivals
  8. More intent from the club, the new squad builder is obviously working very well, well done to everyone that has signed up, I will sign up as soon as I have some spare cash.
  9. It goes to show that the top 5 hopefuls didn't give a sh*t about it, I would rather leigh were in the final, an extra (no importance) game could be the difference between 2/3/4 place for us and them.
  10. I'm right into that new pic on your profile, new wife?
  11. A Fev fan already enjoying himself!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48931414
  12. I wish I was going, I can’t afford £1200+ to watch my club, enjoy everybody, the cappers for me!
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