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  1. What has he done wrong He's been one of Widnes better senior players by all accounts.
  2. How many Widnes fans have travelled!!!!!! That's the burning thought I have at this minute......
  3. ravens88

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Would be a great signing and the final piece to completing their backline. Though the link below suggest that the Wakefield chairman is denying such rumours. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/wakefield-silence-rumours-linking-bill-tupou-with-castleford/
  4. ravens88

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Bill Tupou????
  5. ravens88

    Tom Johnstone

    Tommy Makinson for me. He's such a versatile and multi dimensional player. Pound for Pound one of the strongest players in Super League. A top top player
  6. ravens88

    South Sydney in strife

    Bit of an non issue to be honest.......
  7. RL needs to look big picture. Focusing on "heartland" clubs might sound nice but not realistic in the 21st century. Focusing on the narrow interests of midlings clubs who have stagnated for years/decades is not going to help the game grow. It needs to find new markets. Playing extras fixtures is pointless. I personally have lost interest recently as there's no fun in teams playing each other 4-5 times a year. How does it help the game if you devalue the game with so much repetition of fixtures? Then you have up to half the Superleague teams being in a state of jeopardy. Instead of teams aspiring to be in the Top 4, you have teams just looking to avoid the middle eights. They can't plan long term so just focus on year to year survival. So instead of celebrating excellence, the biggest storyline in Superleague is the battle between 8th and 9th!!!!!!!! It's time to look to look beyond self interested clubs hold back progress. The game is bigger than these forces. Rugby League needs to look beyond the M62 and Cumbria if it's to survive. Right now the game is in a state of Atrophy and is on the way to being in Intensive Care Unit if things don't improve over the next 5-10 years.
  8. They're done for. They have to beat BOTH Toronto and Hull KR away to have any chance of staying up. That's not happening. Halifax should be a gimme for Widnes.
  9. Halifax have their 4th try of the qualifiers!!!
  10. Halifax have their 3rd try of the qualifiers!!!
  11. I watched the last 20 minutes of this game and Catalans were back to their nonsense of poor ball control and terrible discipline. Kenny Edwards should have been sent off for his antics. I see this kind of behaviour far too much in Rugby League. In Union, that kind of behaviour would not be tolerated for long. However I don't see why the Video Referee can't intervene in forward passes when it CLEAR and OBVIOUS. St Helen's last two tries were METRES forward. In addition you had the 10 metres line segment which made it look even worse. It needs to be fixed so you can review such decisions.
  12. Way to miss the point. You can compete at a decent level and be a sustainable club. Being garbage (Widnes) to very poor (Salford) for 23 rounds and suddenly investing in players makes a mockery of the competition and brings it into disrepute.
  13. Their long term sustainability has been questioned and rightly so. They've improved by renting some good players for a maximum of 8 games. Unless these players are kept long term, what is the point of Salford competing in Super League? Unless they want to be the next Widnes and collect their Sky money while virtually everything else disintegrates at their club.
  14. One of the best tries I've seen this season. Boy did Gary Wheeler look slooooow in trying to catch up with Welham.
  15. One of the most blatant professional fouls you'll see. GOT be a sin bin ffs. P.S. Toronto's pack is garbage compared to their backline