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  1. DWZ has a mouth of him. Starting to become a pest
  2. Boy does England miss WIddop and Gale. Is Gale injured or has he been omitted?
  3. He looks soooo slow. The Masters try he could have made more of an effort to fill inside but he was jogging,
  4. Calm down. Getting KO'd might get Connor to play to the whistle and not be a clown.
  5. Disagree, The act of foul play denied Conner the opportunity to ground the ball. Clearly a penalty try. DWZ is lucky he wasn't sent to the sin bin. P.S. Connor should have a HIA as well.
  6. Nice play by Nikorima, he skinned Bateman there
  7. A chin check would be him a world of good. Play the game don't be a punk
  8. There is a good case that he should be banned from playing Rugby League in RFL sanctioned competitions. He is a danger to player safety and if we take that seriously then he should be banished for good. His record speaks for himself. Get rid of him. He is a ticking time tomb with no defuse setting. Any reckless/malicious hits to the head & neck area should be punished severely. Acton being exiled would be a good starting point.
  9. They have not been beaten a full time time team in over six months. You have to go a long way to see a record that disgraceful. I did laugh at Widnes for a while but I'm getting to the point that a club with a respectful history is now a team that I pity and wonder how low things can go........
  10. Are Widnes this year been the worst team to have blessed Superleague in the last decade????
  11. What has he done wrong He's been one of Widnes better senior players by all accounts.
  12. How many Widnes fans have travelled!!!!!! That's the burning thought I have at this minute......
  13. ravens88

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Would be a great signing and the final piece to completing their backline. Though the link below suggest that the Wakefield chairman is denying such rumours. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/wakefield-silence-rumours-linking-bill-tupou-with-castleford/
  14. ravens88

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Bill Tupou????
  15. ravens88

    Tom Johnstone

    Tommy Makinson for me. He's such a versatile and multi dimensional player. Pound for Pound one of the strongest players in Super League. A top top player