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  1. London would have gained a lot of confidence with the victory against Wakefield. London by 10..
  2. Toronto or Widnes to be promoted. Would be good to see either Toulouse or Toronto in SL next year.
  3. What are your plans after playing rugby league and will he be playing for the Cook Islands in the WC qualifiers this year and in the WC tournament in 2021 (should they make it)?
  4. Going by his tweet he wants more big brands introduced to RL and having Leeds playing teams from Liverpool and Manchester can help achieve that.
  5. I think they should just stick to what's happening now having the developing nations top clubs representing. Would be good to see the USARL champions added.
  6. Wakefield should win by at least 20. Would be good to see London try and pull off a shock result at home and state their intention to stay in Super League.
  7. Can't wait for this. Should be match of the round!
  8. Very enjoyable game. Theo Fages wouldn't look out of place in an NRL team.
  9. c0c0nutz

    African Developments

    Tuoyo Egodo - Castleford Sadiq Adebiyi - London Broncos Rob Worrincy - Dewsbury Jayden Okunbor - Canterbury Bulldogs Will Sharp - Halfiax Muizz Mustapha - Leeds Are just a few who play at a professional level. There'd be many others in the lower leagues in the UK and in the Africa United team. If enough resources are put into Nigeria they could be a RL powerhouse and could build a rivalry with Jamaica and South Africa and could match nations like Fiji in the distant future. The amount of untapped talent in Nigeria itself would be enough to make any NRL clubs mouth water. Just look at someone like Martin Offiah to see the potential there is enormous.
  10. c0c0nutz

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    I'd say it all depends where Rugby league is in the period of 2021 and depending if the FFR XIII could support such a strong bid or would there be an alternative bid in France. If not maybe Australia/NZ & Pacific Islands - if we had any Asian teams playing in the WC by then they could also host a game or two to break new ground.
  11. c0c0nutz

    Catalans vs Perpignan.

    definitely not! Catalans are playing in an English league remember. No point comparing to the popularity of RU. RL just has to keep plugging away in the hope of breaking into new markets.
  12. This is bad news just learned this morning the club Toulouse about the renovation of its stadium Arnauné. This is the Dispatch which gives the information on this Friday morning. Indeed during the hearing before the administrative court, the government rapporteur took a stand against the project of the club evolving in Championship. A new blow when the work had already begun and then stopped. The TO definitely has no luck with its stadium after the rejection of its initial project and the latest draft because the decisions of the judges are often similar to the state rapporteurs. This project that will lead Toulouse in the Super League will have to be reviewed and certainly the club will have to leave his den and historic district if he wants to grow. https://treizemondial.fr/coup-dur-pour-le-toulouse-olympique/ wonder what the plan is next?? to develop the current stadium at Blagnac, move to Colomiers, or wait til they reach Super League?
  13. c0c0nutz

    Where are RLs Huge Athletes

    yeah pretty much you described the tallest players once they hit about 6'6 that would be the max RL players reach. 7 foot would be the absolute max and of course there are not many of them, BJ Mather springs to mind, Matt Parsons played for the Knights in the early 2000s , current players like Campbell Graham and Daniel Tupou would be around there. 7 foot guys in RL shouldn't have much muscle mass as well otherwise they'd be moving around slower unless they have freakish genes like Jordan Mailata who as well would struggle to get game time at 150+kg but they'd certainly be hard to stop 5-10 metres from the try line..
  14. c0c0nutz

    Jamaica v USA live now

    A LOT will need to be done to reach those Jamaican communities by 2021!!! especially outside of Leeds. Internationals vs Ireland, Scotland and Wales a surely a must before the 2021WC.