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  1. c0c0nutz

    Jamaica v USA live now

    A LOT will need to be done to reach those Jamaican communities by 2021!!! especially outside of Leeds. Internationals vs Ireland, Scotland and Wales a surely a must before the 2021WC.
  2. c0c0nutz

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    Okay so player wise what other superleague players can play for them. Do jjb, brougton, cudjoe, atkins, reece lyne, jack Walters, kieron dixon, mason caton-brown qualify for heritage ? Mcgillvary and Cudjoe are Grenadian. Jordan Turner and Lewis Tierney are definitely eligible. The others might be a possibility and there'd be others in the Championship & League 1 but who knows, we'll have to wait til 2021 to find out.
  3. c0c0nutz

    Jamaica v USA live now

    The Repechage will feature Cook Islands, USA and South Africa. If Cook Islands (including Jordan Rapana and Joseph Manu) could call on their best available side the USA will get absolutely hammered. Maybe if the US got Joseph Paulo and Joe Vuna on board they might have a chance. South Africa will also feature but if they qualified it would be nothing short of a miracle.
  4. c0c0nutz

    Ideal World Cup roster

    If the 2025 World Cup in the US does go ahead imagine a Nigerian team being successful (Tuoyo Egodo - Castleford , Sadiq Adebiyi - London Broncos , Jayden Okunbor - Bulldogs NSW Cup could still be playing RL then) . It could reach the Nigerian communities in the US, UK and Nigeria itself.. One can only dream.
  5. An RL 6 Nations/Euro Nations (England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy) would be better than an Origin series which already harms international RL by taking the spotlight off it! Not all Aussies are fans of Origin.
  6. c0c0nutz

    9s World Championship

    Wonder how many nations will feature in the 9s World Cup. It would be great if there was no real limit just as long as nations can field a team in the tournament. Fiji would have to be a favourite to win this.
  7. Aus tour UK & France, 1 match each against Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England and a final test vs GB and at least 1 player each from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland to give the team a British feel. To be honest I still feel England should be playing as the Northern Union.. It is what it is!
  8. c0c0nutz

    Australia vs Tonga

    Henry Perenara?
  9. c0c0nutz

    Australia vs Tonga

    The last test Australia are playing this year but 😆 seriously hope England and the Pacific nations can get a victory over the Kangaroos soon. Will make them wake up and realise the importance and significance of International RL.
  10. c0c0nutz

    Australia vs Tonga

    Personally I think that's a serious issue the RLIF should look at. Getting referees from Emerging Nations to officiate in local Aus/UK/French leagues and work them up to the Super League/NRL. That way we can have plenty of neutral refs to choose from. They can take a better knowledge of the rules of rugby league that way as well.
  11. c0c0nutz

    Australia vs Tonga

    Clearly with a lack of playmakers Tonga were always going to struggle in that department. Always thought Jennings could play a decent role in the halves for Tonga but the lack of halves have always been a common issue for the Polynesian nations. MMT should still hold their heads high and of course the players for putting their hand up to represent and the only way they are going to improve is to keep getting matches vs NZ, Aus, Eng and against their fellow Pacific nations. The fans were excellent and the most vocal in the world (as they were in 2017WC)!!!
  12. Could always invite him to trial with a League 1 club like Coventry, Newcastle or Skolars!!
  13. c0c0nutz

    England v France

    Is this match going to be streamed on OurLeague app?
  14. c0c0nutz

    Russia vs Serbia live stream

    So if Russia or Spain go through they play against Greece or Norway to go through to 2021?
  15. c0c0nutz

    Philippines News coverage.

    My mum is born in the Philippines (Visayas). I think the news piece is saying that they advanced to the Trophy Final.