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  1. Doesn't seem all is lost since Catalans & Toulouse are doing so well in the English competitions. If only PSG were still around.. Catalan also had promising links with FC Barcelona that perhaps they may better yet keep building on. The younger generations would aim to play on the same turf as the world famous football club. I'm sure there may be some barriers with big city clubs and potentially spreading covid, as long as the Federation and clubs can get the right mix of where funds go then they can perhaps get back where they should be.
  2. Don't think April 1 is a good time to be launching a new NARL or RLA unless they are playing a joke (Super League). Once this league has actually started, crowds returned and growing, junior clubs established can we say that RL has made a 'real' step into North America.
  3. With the current situations happening around the world not much will change. I'd love to see France ONE DAY have full strength Catalans and Toulouse competing in their own French league. Ottawa looks like they are still active on twitter so may have 2022 in sight. Once coronavirus has fully healed I can see a brighter future for rugby league as long as the sport is maintained. Hoping the WC can get a good outcome whether it happens this year or next..
  4. A Redcliffe team would do well in the NRL and it would be considered expansion because it's expanding the NRL to 17 teams, they would be the best Brisbane option. Firehawks sounds like a netball team, Western Corridor, are they the Ipswich Jets? they would be your second bet for a 5th QLD team. If it was me I'd go for the Perth team but I'll support whatever option. Rugby league's a great sport and always will be. Expansion doesn't always have to come in the form of putting a new dot on the map but if it works, it works. Just need the right people behind any successful franchise.
  5. 1.Jonny Lomax 2.Ash Handley 3.Herbie Farnworth 4.Jake Connor 5.Tom Lineham 6.Gareth Widdop 7.George Williams 8.George Burgess 9.Paul McShane 10.Alex Walmsley 11.John Bateman 12.Elliot Whitehead 13.Luke Thompson 14.Liam Farrell 15.Tom Burgess 16.Blake Austin 17.Joe Greenwood
  6. Already miscommunication between the ARLC/NRL/RLIF and Cook Islands Rugby League, the CIRL saying they will only be playing the World Cup qualifier whether that's against South Africa or the USA who knows??. https://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/384151/sport-cook-islands-rugby-league-focused-on-world-cup-qualifier
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