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  1. So without the Championship & League 1 playing this year would that mean they start early next year? wonder if Ottawa will still be joining League 1..
  2. In all honesty France should be focusing on developing the teams in their Elite Competitions. Catalans and Toulouse can stay in SL until the time is ready for a French Pro Rugby league competition.
  3. In my ideal world SL would be a UK only League (regardless of whether rugby league is currently played there not - pure fantasy stuff and disregarding history of clubs etc..); Belfast Dublin Cornwall Coventry Cumbria Edinburgh Glasgow Isle of Man Leeds London Manchester Newcastle North Wales South Wales Southampton
  4. Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for although squad numbers would be even better. I came across this as well for League 1 https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/article/56070/confirmed-betfred-league---signings but a list of ins & outs for each club would be ideal.
  5. 2013 seems like a distant memory now. I remember Joseph Paulo (now at St Helens) really standing out & some of the Hawaiian based players. Niu had the Tomahawks looking promising back then even though the domestic teams weren't really committed to the AMNRL, you can't really expect much from an amateur organisation anyway. California looks like it could be the new heartland for RL in the States & the New York bid will no doubt assist the sport to grow.
  6. Anyone have a list of player movements for Championship & League 1 clubs, squad numbers would be great to add too. I'll start with what I can find online. CHAMPIONSHIP LONDON BRONCOS: 1 Olly Ashall-Bott 2 Tuoyo Egodo 3 Guy Armitage 4 Will Lovell 5 Kieran Dixon 6 Cory Aston 7 Morgan Smith 8 Eddie Battye 9 Eloi Pelissier 11 Josh Walters 12 Rhys Curran 13 Sadiq Adebiyi 14 Matty Fozard 15 Greg Richards 16 Olsi Krasniqi 17 James Meadows 18 Dan Norman 19 Jacob Ogden 20 Dan Hindmarsh 21 Sam Davis 22 Gideon Boafo 23 Jordan Williams 24 Rian Horsman 25 Oliver Leyland LEAGUE 1 KEIGHLEY COUGARS: 1 Louis Sheriff 2 Mo Agoro 3 Jake Webster 4 Macauley Hallett 5 Taylor Prell 6 In Memory of Danny Jones 7 Benn Hardcastle 8 Jack Coventry 9 James Feather 10 Dalton Desmond-Walker 11 Jason Muranka 12 Aaron Levy 13 Kyle Kesik 14 Ryan Wright 15 Jack Miller 16 Dan Parker 17 Dan Hawksworth 18 Kieran Moran 19 Matthew Bailey 20 Will Cooke 21 Matt Welham 22. Lewis Wray 23 Alfie Seeley 24 Spencer Darley 25 Ben Stead 26 Billy Gaylor 27 Jack Arnold 28 Josh Lynam 29 Jordan Aitchison 30 Ritchie Hawkyard
  7. Does anyone have a full list of player movements? squad numbers would be great too if possible.
  8. Philippines, Australia, maybe Spain (I think great gp's).. that's about it..
  9. yep even France could beat that team come 2025!! heard it here first.
  10. Until I at least see the official team name, logo & playing kit for Ottawa and New York they are nothing but pins on a planned rugby league expansion map to me. Once they have their coaching staff announced & they start gearing up to signed players is when the real excitement will start to build & of course whether Toronto will be playing in SL next year or whether they see value in staying in the Championship.. All still a waiting game at this stage..
  11. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/lebanon-players-planning-protest-against-governing-body-in-fiji-test/pu0465qfy8pi1gqi8rhmjnjxc so the players are planning to tape over the LRLF logo on their jerseys & are not happy with the way the board was elected.
  12. Not too sure but by reading it looks like it's a rugby league competition but states lack of sponsorship.
  13. Wests Tigers or Cronulla to Perth. Canterbury Bulldogs to Christchurch (could work with the Canterbury region naming) Manly to Brisbane. I'd like to see it happen in the NSW & QLD Cups too and those competitions grow. Fiji needs to be admitted ASAP, Darwin and Adelaide next, other Pacific Island and even Asian clubs could be considered. 2-3 live games are currently broadcast a week from those competitions and I'd like to think more could happen there. At the end of the day we can say let's not expand but if we continue down the same path how many more times do we have to see Australia flog NZ, England & the Pacific Island nations. Only when the talk of expansion happened did things start to change and the gaps started to bridge pre 2013 WC Australia looked miles ahead of the rest. With the growing influence of NZ, England & the Pacific Island nations it's brung international RL to the forefront. France, Wales, Scotland Ireland, USA, Serbia and co.. should follow next to see continued progress.
  14. They'd need at least 4 teams up to SL level to even come close to NZ, England or Australia.
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