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  1. StadiumXIII

    We need to cancel the GB tour!

    With all this talk we may as well just all switch over to rugby union if we want to watch real internationals. International RL has always been micky mouse unfortunately and it doesn't look like changing anytime soon - we make 1 step forward and 50 steps back. As sad and real as the that fact may be. The powers that be need to see the consequences of not putting enough time and effort into International RL.
  2. StadiumXIII

    New York bid for 2020

    if/when they can confirm their team name, sponsor/s, where they will train, business/marketing plans and their long term goal (which I believe would be to be apart of a North American professional League) I have no doubt they'd be accepted but until then they are just playing fantasy.
  3. StadiumXIII

    QLT to Halifax

    is Joe Westerman still at the club? if they keep losing players like this it can't be good depth wise. Let's hope within the next 10 years they at least have another Canadian or multiple North American players coming through and at least 1 Canadian in the first team.
  4. StadiumXIII

    League One's Future

    Eventually. Maybe post 2021 WC..
  5. StadiumXIII

    Andrew Fafita & Tonga

    should just be a full Pacific Cup add Samoa, PNG, Fiji, maybe even the Cook Islands as well. If Australia take international RL seriously they'd want to be part of it.
  6. StadiumXIII

    NRL strategic plan

    More action, less talk. Teams need to be added sooner rather than later, they've been talking about expanding the second tier for a while, since only a PNG side has come in QLD and maybe the Blackhawks, but how about places like Darwin, Toowoomba, and a Samoan or Tongan team. Adelaide, Fiji, Riverina, Perth, NZ into NSW, will no doubt happen, but to reach NRL level, only 1 of those would be a realistic chance and this might not happen until another 5-10 years. Of course we need to think outside the box and move into Asia as well, and eventually down the line NZ and Pacific Islands have their own semi-professional comp to rival the Australian State Competitions. Until then it's a matter of waiting and taking the necessary steps to do so, but if your talking NRL level teams only Perth or NZ would be suitable (at this stage.)
  7. StadiumXIII

    Salford v Catalans in New York

    Leeds vs Toronto might work in New York.. or the World Club Challenge. Get Moore Sports behind it and it might get some traction.
  8. StadiumXIII

    The next Catalans Dragons coach

    or Jerome Guisset, would be better for Catalans to have a French speaking coach.
  9. StadiumXIII

    NRL expansion in Perth following huge crowd

    When is expansion for the NRL going to happen? Perth or a 2nd NZ team for sure, PNG if sustainable, 2nd Brisbane team is also up there. Other places like Fiji, Adelaide, Central Coast, Central QLD, Darwin etc.. has to have a presence in the lower tiers.
  10. StadiumXIII

    Playing at a higher level

    Just focus on one game at a time for now, work hard in training and improve your rugby league knowledge. The rest will fall into place! Good luck!
  11. League is NOT a variation of rugby union and 2 it was NOT started in 1934. Person who wrote that article or was informed should be sacked.
  12. StadiumXIII

    Reni Maitua signs for Toronto

    Rowley probably wants Sonny Bill and Willie Tonga at the club as well. Throwback Bulldogs 2004, how about getting the Mase and O'Meley's boots on as well!!
  13. Well it would be a matter of waiting for the right people to come along and express an interest in expansion into new areas. The RFL can hold clinics etc.. there but as far as that. There's not much they can do, they can't really force RL into places that won't support it.
  14. Have to go with this. It should be the professional clubs responsibility as they are representing the area! the RFL's job is to make sure their is officials and coaches to conduct the sport in a safe and professional manner and also provide the relevant structures and pathways from the grassroots through to the highest level.
  15. StadiumXIII

    New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I don't know ask Toronto and NY. As they say build it and they will come?? then you look at a club like Melbourne and they've only ever brought through 1 Victorian born and bred player in Mahe Fonua…