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    Rugby league, food, gaming (mostly runescape, ps4), music.. open to whatever except AFL.
  1. Have to go with this. It should be the professional clubs responsibility as they are representing the area! the RFL's job is to make sure their is officials and coaches to conduct the sport in a safe and professional manner and also provide the relevant structures and pathways from the grassroots through to the highest level.
  2. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I don't know ask Toronto and NY. As they say build it and they will come?? then you look at a club like Melbourne and they've only ever brought through 1 Victorian born and bred player in Mahe Fonua…
  3. Gigot reinstated

    if he is back that is welcome news for the club. Sick of seeing them losing they can do better and just need a coach that can them all on the same page because on paper they are a top side.
  4. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    about all this talk of NY, Boston and Hamilton, and even Jacksonville, Montreal, Philadelphia and Parky already shaking about North American clubs replacing our Hull KR's, Leigh, Halifax, Huddersfield etc.. at this stage we only have Toronto and they've ticked most of the boxes in terms of a successful expansion team and they're only downfall is they probably lose a fair chunk of $$. As for the rest of the bids it's a matter of wait and see maybe near the end of the season once all checks have been made across both sides of the Atlantic would there be an announcement.. Super League will probably go up to 14 teams in 2019 and personally I don't think Toronto is quite ready but Toulouse definitely. New York and Toronto in the Championship would be huge for RL already.. once NY and Toronto start producing young players and getting American and Canadians coming through only then should they be ready for SL. But the goal is to eventually have a NA League and that is having 6 more Wolfpack like clubs by 7 years time! sounds like a tough ask! that is almost 1 American/Canadian club a year!
  5. Salford v Catalans in New York

    who's going to watch Salford vs Catalans in Denver? it might get a slightly bigger crowd in NY..
  6. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    So Ontario have submitted an Expression of Interest to join the USARL competition I believe they would fit somewhere into the Northern Conference and it would be beneficial if they can give game time to some of the Wolfpack players who aren't in the travelling squad. Regardless of what level they have played at…..
  8. Eddie Hemmings

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan when he retires.
  9. From those in QLD I'd take Redcliffe, CQ and Ipswich, but probably at the expense of one or two current Sydney teams maybe Wests Tigers, Canterbury or Cronulla. If those clubs want to continue it should be at NSW or perhaps even Ron Massey Cup level. PNG, Perth, NZ and even Asia and probably the Pacific Islands should be more of a priority for gaining an NRL team.
  10. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Sorry to bump this thread back up but were the RFL meant to have some sort of announcement on this before the start of the new season or was it March? if it's delayed until 2020 it gives Union a huge chance to take the spotlight with the MLR competition. The sooner an American team and these other NA teams can get up and running the better we need as much generated interest in the 2025 WC as possible if RL is to be up there with other sports though getting GAISF recognition will definitely have helped the cause.
  11. Toronto (Merged threads)

    North America isn't the only saviour! but it will give the sport some much needed injected interested. It will also require the work of those in Australia, England, New Zealand, France, PNG, Serbia and the rest of the rugby league world to work together and spread the game to new frontiers otherwise it will all amount to nothing!
  12. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Rabbitohs, Broncos and Wariors but Rabbitohs are my no.1
  13. Fiji NSW Cup bid update

    Reading about this MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that the squad has to be 100% Fijian domestic RL players otherwise FNRL won't approve the bid, even if the team were 100% Fiji RL players I think they'd still manage decent results.
  14. Maybe something with the investors or there are roadblocks. Just have to wait til Nigel comes back if there is any legitimacy to the NA franchises. Otherwise it's a matter of wait and see.