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  1. Elite 1 follow-up

  2. It has already somewhat turned into Canada is the true birthplace of RL. Next will be Toronto is heartland. All I can say for NYC is watch this space!
  3. We'll probably have to wait at least another 100 years for the fruits to grow. In the meantime set up an under 23/20s team to play internationals vs Jamaica and Canada, the aspiring junior can move up to League 1, Championship and Super League - this should be a goal in the meantime.
  4. Super League restructure coming

    The only real restructures needed is the player pathways to the top level and improved facilities.
  5. 1.Anthony Layoun 6.Mitchell Moses 7.Adam Doueihi 9.Michael Licha...
  6. Here's how I see the expansion teams entering; Hamilton would come in 2019 and act as a feeder to Toronto and I would hope feature at least 5 Canadian players to develop in League 1. New York is a must for 2019 as well, if not there needs to be a pro RL presence in the US before 2020. Any other ambitious expansion clubs would enter in 2022 or beyond.. any earlier and we'd hope they are well backed and solid foundations in place.
  7. Post-World Cup blues!

    If only the Vichy didn't screw us we would be watching French RL in the off season. I HATE THE OFF SEASON!
  8. Latest World Rankings

    Cook Islands shock Tonga and magically move up 24 places..
  9. Well if they are going to sign players from China they'll most likely have to be loaned out to League 1 clubs, if they are even able to compete at that level. If I was Eric Perez I'd really start focus on developing the Ontario League and having a Wolfpack Reserves, maybe Hamilton, Buffalo, Mississauga. That League could probably be capable of housing players from anywhere in the world.
  10. I'd like to see more internationals for nations like South Africa and Russia but I can't see it happening in the near future. Long term, maybe .. SARL and RRL may require Perez like people for it to happen.
  11. Elite 1 follow-up

    I've been looking as well. There is not much in terms of exposure. Facebook pages would be best to go by.. or maybe the rugbyforumXIII
  12. Sx Nations with England Knights

    This! might as well have made it a 5 Nations and not included England.. Or the 6th Nation could have instead been Serbia.
  13. Was gutted to see England lose. They played their guts out in that match. There were a few players who didn't over impress tonight. *Tom Burgess, those few errors REALLY cost England. I would go on to say if he'd held the ball they could have won the match. *Jonny Lomax, doesn't seem an international quality player to me. At best maybe a regular first grader at Super League level, seems more of a half to be honest. In 2021 I'd probably look at guys like Tom Lineham, Ash Handley, Jamie Shaul. Watkins and McGillvary should be playing on the right edge for an NRL team!! like Leilua and Rapana #Watkillvary
  14. England v Kiwis in Denver 2018

    If this goes ahead why not get USA playing a test as pre match as well??
  15. Tonga - What now for them?

    As has been pointed out they NEED more regular international fixtures if they want hope of improving otherwise there players will just be forced to play where they are needed (Australian/NZ/Origin). 5-10 year plan should see for a Tongan semi pro side in the NSW Cup. I also believe the RLIF need to get under 20s international sides started to further develop players. They can play as the pre match to full internationals.