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    Rugby league, food, gaming (mostly runescape, ps4), music.. open to whatever except AFL.
  1. Hope this could be enough to make Austria and Switzerland take up the greatest game of all!
  2. Who says it's all Aussie's beating down this NY team? I've seen Northern English fans saying to fix current issues with heartland clubs before taking on NY. If anything Toronto injected some interest into an otherwise almost unknown League 1, going by crowd figures from the get go their first game against London Skolars easily attracted the biggest Skolars would have ever hoped to get in the foreseeable future, NY will do the same.. The guy who wrote the article probably even has no idea about the Toronto Wolfpack, sure 7k fans might not seem like the whole of New York or Toronto but that's more than what some Super League and Championship clubs can attract to games. Build it and they will come.
  3. Africa rugby league development

    There's quite a few Nigerian players around to put together a decent team - Sadiq Adebiyi (London Broncos) Tuoyo Egodo (Castleford) Will Sharp (Halifax) Mo Agoro (Hunslet) to name a few. Love to see a World 9s include African Nations!
  4. Jamaica vs France

    Disappointing for Jamaica just the discipline and holding the ball. Simple errors too costly for a much experienced French outfit. Not overly impressed by France either if they can play the full 80 minutes in the World Cup then they might contest but not expecting much from them. Pretty impressed with Jamal Goodall the young prop from Castleford for Jamaica.
  5. Jamaica squad: Omari Caro, Jonathan Magrin, Ross Peltier (Bradford Bulls), Alexander Brown, Daniel Thomas, Jode Sheriffe (Dewsbury Rams), Richard Barnett, Aaron Jones-Bishop (Doncaster), Jamel Goodall (Castleford Tigers), Baasit Agoro, Maliki Lloyd-Jones, Kadeem Williams, (Gloucester All Golds) Ashton Golding (Leeds Rhinos) Jacob Ogden (London Broncos) Joseph Brown, Lamont Bryan, Jermaine Coleman, Jy-Mel Coleman (London Skolars), Joseph Brown (Newcastle) Keenen Tomlinson (Unattached). Manager: Glenn Morrison I'd say Jamaica are in with a good chance.
  6. 2018

    Toronto to win the MPG and progress to Super League in 2019! I'd put my money on it.
  7. There's nothing really stopping rugby league from thriving in Britain/Europe except in some cases rugby union. Also when the RFL step up its marketing and get teams set up in Ireland, Scotland, maybe places like Serbia and Italy tied to a French League then we could have a thriving British/European Rugby League.
  8. Marc Sneyd

    probably will.
  9. New Country for the World Cup

    speaking of Serbia I believe they should get to host at least a WC match when they reach that level.
  10. Catalans signings

    If any of these names mentioned are in a Catalans jumper next year I don't think they would even be a top end Championship side.
  11. World Club Series

    Cas vs Melbourne, Leeds vs Cowboys/Brisbane Double Header at Elland Road seems simple enough. IIRC Cowboys didn't play in the WCS in 2016.
  12. Holding open trials out there would benefit the French national team, the Catalans Dragons and the sport in the Pacific Islands. Targeting young players 21 and under and placing them in the Catalans Reserve Grade in the local French League I can imagine there would be raw talent especially in the forwards but perhaps a new way to develop French talent? thoughts on this?
  13. Wolfpacks new signings

    Can see that day coming when a WCC match is played in Toronto!
  14. As much as I'd like to see Catalans in Super League next year I don't think they deserve it. Been disappointing all season, poor management from top to bottom. A year in the Championship with Toulouse will give them a local derby and facing part time sides like Halifax, Featherstone etc.. will give them the wake up call they really need hope this has no effect on how France perform at the RLWC.
  15. First ever Championship game in Quebec?

    A brilliant idea to kickstart the interest for rugby league in Montreal.