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  1. Jace

    State of Origin comes to Adelaide

    You didn't answer the question, what does it have to do with NZ though?
  2. Jace

    State of Origin comes to Adelaide

    Alternating 2 home games each year works well and it's fair. You wouldn't take a Man Utd vs Man City game to Liverpool now would you?
  3. Jace

    State of Origin comes to Adelaide

    That's all good and well but what do those places have to do with SOO, especially Auckland?
  4. Jace

    State of Origin comes to Adelaide

    Or you could just enjoy the occasion without vilifying people. These are the people you'd want to win over and I don't see how your approach would help in any way
  5. Jace


    The sport does a good job of doing that itself mate
  6. It's a place where a lot of people will be familiar with union relative to the rest of the US
  7. Yes that is a fair point however I feel the tournament didn't do itself any favours with its most recent edition
  8. I don't know if you have ever been to New Zealand but kiwis don't need reminding unfortunately. Rugby league hardly features
  9. That's not an accurate comparison for a couple of reasons: 1) NZ stadiums are small compared to the likes of stadiums in France and England. 2) Grounds at 2011 world cup were actually filled so there's no way the total attendance could have been increased significantly. Whereas in rugby league's case, most games at the world cup were played in half empty stadiums and I doubt half of the tickets were even sold
  10. Jace

    Interesting Pub Poster

    Lol your insecurity is rather hilarious. Post has nothing to do with union yet you still manage to drag it in. Not the first time I might add. Life must be hard for you
  11. Sexism in what sense? Men and women aren't the same and never will be. That's just a fact of life. A sport like rugby league is better suited to men even though that doesn't mean women should be excluded on the basis of sex. Show me where the racism is?
  12. I'm saying that just he shouldn't be shutdown just because his views are not in line with left wing agendas
  13. The Hayne plane is just getting started. The best players don't peak in January
  14. The last straw for me is when the game starts appeasing and conforming to leftist views. The NRL has already done enough damage with the stunt they pulled at the GF which turned many fans away. Once it goes full steam ahead, I'm sorry but that will be the day I no longer support the game. Politics should be kept out of sport however it seems those on the left are determined to let it dominate every aspect of our daily lives. It's not enough that we have to contend with it everywhere we look, it now also has to be in one area that nobody in their right minds looks to with political issues in mind