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  1. manu266

    2019 Early Season games

    Meanwhile, the Arrows will start at home early April. Will be on the road for the first 8 games, MLR season starts end of January.
  2. manu266

    Million pound game

    I have a bad feeling about this one. This was a tough post season. Will watch the game in a Celtic pub in Belgium. Very sad that I cannot be at Lamport one last time...
  3. manu266

    RL on Canadian TV

    So we will have a 1.68 million dollars game next week, another most important game in NA rugby history.
  4. manu266

    RL on Canadian TV

    Hello Canada, and rugby league fans in the United States and... Jamaica. This is the most important game in North American rugby history (I think I say that every week now) and it's on radio here Go Vikings go.
  5. manu266

    Million pound game

    Advantage Broncos. They play Halifax at home and they will know Toulouse and Toronto results. They will know exactly how many points to score to get promoted. Sky will not allow it but they should play the last games at the same time. Of course the Wolfpack control their destiny, a win at Leeds and they are at least 4th. But the way they played their last 3 games, not gonna be enough for Leeds. True that with a win today at Halifax Leeds will be saved, but will they slow down against Toronto? Exciting week... I'll be in Flanders on October 7, so if the MPG is at London, I'll jump on the first Eurostar.
  6. manu266

    RL on Canadian TV

    The Leeds differential is too big and they will increase it against Halifax. Same with Salford. Only if Hull KR struggle against Toulouse and Widnes, but I don't see it happening.
  7. manu266

    RL on Canadian TV

    I just realised that Sky has confirmed the Leeds-Wolfpack game in their line-up. Also... That could mean a 2PM kickoff in Toronto.
  8. manu266

    Toulouse - 15 septembre - Stade Lamport

    The official TO Olympique pub, funny name... Here are some of the Lyrics (my translation) of an anthem dedicated to Toulouse, you can feel rugby and rumble is some of the words. Sometimes deep inside me I see reviving The green water of the Canal du Midi And the red brick of the Minimes O my Paîs, O Toulouse, O Toulouse I take the avenue back to school My schoolbag is full of punches Here, if you hit, you win Here, even the grannies love the brawl O my Paîs, O Toulouse A torrent of pebbles rolls in your accent Your violence is boiling up in your violets We call each other c*** as soon as we meet There is a storm in the air and yet The Saint-Sernin church illuminates the evening
  9. manu266

    Salford sep 8

    If it's in Toronto, it will most likely be on October 6 at 12:30 to accomodate Sky. Leeds and Toronto play on Friday 28, all other teams on Sunday 30. So they will confirm the time on Monday morning I guess. That means I'll have to book a train ticket less than one week before the game and on top of that it's another long weekend, so it's going to cost me a lot...
  10. Must win for both teams. Weather looks splendid. Will Olympien fans travel en masse? Will 3B run out of cassoulet? A bilingual Oh Canada?
  11. manu266

    Happy Simcoe Day

    Bona Diada Catalunya! Bonne fête nationale à toutes les Catalanes et Catalans! Next stop: PNG
  12. manu266

    Salford sep 8

    Salford: I don't think the suspensions will affect them, they will beat Leeds next week and take the last 6 points available, will finish first alone at 14pts. With their behaviour on the field, they might struggle to get eTA clearance if they need to travel to Canada or USA next season. Leeds: every week the case for Toronto to beat them is growing solid, they could get just 2pts out of the last 3 games and finish at 8pts and MPG spot. Hull KR: will cruise to second place and 12pts. Toronto: they will cruise too, until the trip to Leeds. They need to improve in the wings, 3 weeks to get better. Justin please, make Sept. 28 a national holiday. London: huge win against Toulouse, they probably earned their spot to the MPG there. Toulouse: on se voit samedi.
  13. manu266

    Salford sep 8

    Like I said on the other topic, it's the international soccer break, so go to 3B or your local pub, ask them to open early if needed, this is the last saturday morning away game of the season.
  14. manu266


    When they are busy with soccer, don't talk to them, don't touch them, stop breathing, don't move, unless they already ate, then you might have a chance.