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  1. Will have to be more money than what Sportsnet currently gives, but Sportsnet or tsn gets a regular schedule of a home team and sky gets extra games to show in the UK, plus a strong brand to promote their international streaming platform. But the fact that the Wolfpack has to step up and sell the contents themselves means that giving the international rights to sky is probably the worst idea RFL had.
  2. News about Wolfpack on today League express they will not move games to a bigger stadium, they want to sell out Lamport as much a possible possible dual registration with Widnes and Skolars they are trying to buy the Canadian (and other countries) rights from Sky to resell them to Sportsnet or TSN and other international partners
  3. Round 5 on Feb.29 will be a League One / Super League double header. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/toronto-wolfpack-announce-2020-london-series/ London Skolars v North Wales Crusaders at 3PM Wolfpack v Saints at 6 Allianz Park. Train ticket booked.
  4. I’m a bit puzzled with the London game. I checked Saracens website and don’t see any home game on Feb.29 for their main squad, they play at Northampton that weekend. Their women team play home that day (with free entrance). But i doubt this will be a double header women union / men league? Anyone knows more about this game?
  5. I have walked in the streets of Manchester on the grand final weekend, wearing Wolfpack colours. I only received positive comments, even more so at the stadium during and after the game. What we can read on the main board does not represent what most RL fans think about our project, at least the fans that actually go to the games and proudly wear their club colours.
  6. and it is a tv channel available for free online https://viaoccitanie.tv/direct-tv/ The off season if a little bit beter with French games on tv.
  7. Exact, not a smart move from SL, mais bon... What we need is a watchNRL style app, that maybe is blacked out in big markets (UK-OZ) but that offers a global and legible broadcast plan around the world and includes SKY and BBC shows, not just games. I hope they take that into consideration in the new tv contract in 2022. Catalans are still looking for a broadcaster and a crew to film their home games. Not sure what could come up from the negotiation. As for Toronto, the current SL broadcaster in Canada is guaranteed to get the 4 Wolfpack games Sky has picked, that’s not enough and Wolfpack has a crew to film their home and away games, they just need to sell it now with the blessing of other SL clubs and SL itself.
  8. I will be in London for sure, the closest game from my place. And I just booked the flight for the opening weekend in Leeds. Can't wait to join Sandy's gang of UK Wolfpack fans.
  9. update "Home" vs St Helens at Saracens’ Allianz Park, London
  10. Sonny ways my friends, Sonny ways...
  11. Interesting dates for the first 75 days: Opening game Castleford Sunday Feb.2 at 2.30/9.30 on Sky (in Leeds) @Wigan Thursday Feb13 at 7.45/2.30 on Sky "Home" vs St Helens Saturday Feb.29 @ TDB (non Sky at the moment) @ Leeds Thursday Mar 5 7.45/2.30 on Sky "Home" vs Wakefield @ York Sunday Mar 22 time TBD @ Catalan Easter Saturday Apr 11 5.15/11.15 (no tv at the moment) Real Home opener vs Hull FC Saturday Apr 18 1.30 Need to check Ryanair prices/availability now....
  12. What we know so far Opening "home" game at Headingley against Castleford, part of a double header with Leeds-Hull FC. Exact date TDB. Magic weekend game Sunday 24 May against Huddersfield Giants, kick off 12:30 local time, 7:30am Toronto time. More announcements this Tuesday.
  13. My understanding is that the current Sportsnet contract runs until end of 21, like the Sky contract. So Sportsnet will have access to all Wolfpack games produced by Sky without giving more money that they already give. But how many Wolfpack games will Sky put on air? And it is usually on Thursday or Friday night anyway (afternoon for Canada), so not easy to promote on the Canadian market. What is not clear is what will happen if the Wolfpack produces their home games? Would it be automatically included in the international package like Catalan home games, and offered without extra money to current broadcasters including Sportsnet? Since Catalan is struggling to get a home broadcaster at the moment, the RFL will be tempted to replace Catalan home games by Wolfpack's. And what can Wolfpack do with their away games not shown on Sky? Can they produce them and show them in the UK and Canada without causing a stir like that time at Leigh? Then there are these challenge cup games also that are usually not shown in Canada but could be on a separate deal this time, although hard to sell without knowing how far the Wolfpack will go. Im pretty sure they are trying to figure out all these problems at the moment, but I doubt they will find an agreement to get all their games on live TV. The fixtures released this Tuesday will already give an indication on how many Wolfpack games Sky could show.
  14. Equity, a Netflix series and $7m: Toronto Wolfpack’s unprecedented offer to lure SBW back to league https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/equity-a-netflix-series-and-7m-toronto-wolfpacks-unprecedented-offer-to-lure-sbw-back-to-league/news-story/a4fdab6f98658a53c21ca88a7a36c1ff
  15. Ou là là, sorry heh. But the etias project was not put in place because of brexit, don't be too britanno centrist here my friend. Even without Brexit, all non EU players in Super League/Championship would need one to travel to France. With Brexit, most probably UK players too. That's all. Wait, the border crossing between these countries is considered within Schengen, so no ID control is required even for non EU non CH people, cars. Border stations have even disappeared in almost all crossings. They remain at the CH borders only for custom control, but not ID control. Post Brexit, your Johnny foreigner will only be checked once, at the Schengen port of entry which can be * London ST Pancras (by French police) * Dover (French police too) * any continental airport, any other ports
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