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  1. Billetterie open Monday for the first away game against Catalans. The other might be relocated in Marseille or Toulon
  2. From the radio commentary, my conclusions Still too many spills Very weak defensively on the side lines Crucial penalties given Maybe another head injury, player not identified But They could stick to the scoreboard for most of the game Just one try behind at the end Maybe a controversial try refused in the first half M62 media are still nice with us
  3. Getting a tv crew is not a problem, getting out of a bad broadcast deal signed by those brilliant M62 minds is another challenge
  4. It's even more frustrating when you know that the game is probably shown live to Australian and south east Asian audience as part of a test for a new streaming platform, proving live broadcast is technically possible even when sky is not showing it. Radio rugby is good though, its exciting, Wolfpack should get their own radio crew, specially for Lamport games that won't be on TV. You've yet to have your finest hour, radio.
  5. It's not a heritage visa anymore, it's a kolpak passport he needs now. They currently have 6 overseas players, mccrone, Thompson, Wallace, Lussick, Williams and chase thus one too many. Leutele is Samoan so count as the first uk/eu/kolpak non federation trained. With Chase coming back with a uk or samoan passport he would count as the second one. But Sonny had a Samoa passport in the past. Either he lost the citizenship or they dont dare send a millionaire in a consulate lineup. Ngawati would count as Canadian and federation trained since he would be our first born and bred, so would not count in the 2 quotas. But he still needs a UK work visa.
  6. Dont forget our favourite exile, Sandy Shipley, being invited to the Challenge Cup draw. Same Sandy being bullied on social media. Crazy times. That's why we need a full time media, a TWP TV, a TWP radio, the howlin' hour to go daily, in both official languages with so many French players on board now. I just hope the squad dont really follow that social media craziness and that the Wolfpack payroll team get their 8 hours of sleep.
  7. I have to say I am not surprised, he was really silent these days. He did a great job though taking us to SL. Next stop Ottawa?
  8. Thanks, good to know. Although Im a bit confused with media and more generally local affiliation in this region. Warrington and Widnes are not part of Merseyside, yet they seem to be part of the greater Liverpool area if there is such a thing, and they are usually covered by BBC Merseyside and Liverpool papers. Same with the train pass I bought for Merseyside rail, it does not cover Warrington apparently, I will have to pay some extra to get to the stadium, but Warrington train stations are so closed to Liverpool. How does that work exactly? If you know or are from the area... or anyone else? Sorry for the off topic question.
  9. It is all confusing and hard to follow... 1. Gareth O'Brien 2. Matty Russell 2. Chase Stanley - Nationality Issues 4. Ricky Leutele 5. Liam Kay 6. Joe Mellor - named but cannot play 7. Josh McCrone 8. Adam Sidlow 9. Andy Ackers 10. Anthony Mullally 11. Andrew Dixon 12. Bodene Thompson 13. Jon Wilkin - Knee, will have minor surgery 14. Darcy Lussick - Injured, back round 8/9 15. Gadwin Springer - Head, failed concussion protocol 16. Tom Olbison 17 Blake Wallis 18. Brad Singleton 19. Gary Wheeler 20. James Cunningham - Hamstring, could be 6 months 21. Sonny Bill Williams 22. Greg Worthington - Not named, on loan but will play Friday then go back to Fev 23. Hakim Maloudi 24. Tony Gigot - Bienvenue au club 25. Quinn Ngawati - Waiting for a visa 18 players fit, maybe, I don't know anymore, but I guess we lose interchanges because Worthington was not named on Wednesday. Unless they use Any further changes would need to be approved by the Rugby Football League board in "exceptional circumstances".
  10. Tiwit, welcome back and dont miss the radio link for tomorrow game this time.
  11. "they don't have salary cap room at the moment. They hope they can make some room soon to allow me to sign for the season." As a payroll specialist I feel sorry for Wolfpack payroll team at the moment, they must run numbers day and night on excel to find the miracle formula.
  12. Good news BBC Merseyside will put a link for the game Friday night, so most probably not geoblocked for us outside the uk. https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/rugby-league/51242504 Mersey beaucoup.
  13. We desperately need them to buy worldwide broadcast rights for both leagues and make a big Netflix of rugby league.
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