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  1. First games at home in limbo. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/11959140/toronto-wolfpack-in-urgent-super-league-talks-over-virus-cancellations
  2. Borders closed, season suspended, it will only restart when the borders reopen I guess, hopefully before the home opener at Lamport. Catalans and Toulouse will be more affected than Toronto because at least Toronto is half based in the UK and dont have to book hotels and flights to play there. But still it's not the best timing to have your first year in SL. The fact that the RFL was the last big European league to suspend their activities is because a lot of clubs will suffer from the closure, they say some clubs could go bankrupt. Crazy times. I hope you guys are all safe in Canada. Robert, I guess you have cancelled your trip to York, I hope you could get your money back or at least reschedule for later this year.
  3. Not sure it should be posted here but here is a nice account of provincial and national RL in canada. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/canada-rl-president-welcomes-ottawa-aces/ I think more than a third canadian or Ontario pro team we need to develop these tier 4-7 leagues to improve local level. A tier4 league covering USA and Canada and maybe Jamaica could get semi pro status and auto finance the travel costs and the salary of good UK or oz coach.
  4. 1. Gareth O'Brien 2. Matty Russell - Not on the 17 Wednesday 3. Chase Stanley 4. Ricky Leutele 5. Liam Kay 6. Joe Mellor 7. Josh McCrone 8. Adam Sidlow 9. Andy Ackers 10. Anthony Mullally 11. Andrew Dixon 12. Bodene Thompson 13. Jon Wilkin - Not on the 17 Wednesday - Will need surgery soon 14. Darcy Lussick - Benched Wednesday still needs recovery 15. Gadwin Springer 16. Tom Olbison 17 Blake Wallace - Benched Wednesday 18. Brad Singleton - Fully ruptured lateral medial ligament - out 4 months 20. James Cunningham - Hamstring, could be 6 months 21. Sonny Bill Williams - Knee, 10-15 days 22. Greg Worthington - On loan 23. Hakim Maloudi 24. Tony Gigot - Benched Wednesday 25. Jack Wells 26. Ben Kilner 27. Quinn Ngawati - Registered with Rochdale for now McDermott said in an interview that he didn't use Gigot and Wallace because he wasn't sure where to put them... https://www.totalrl.com/brian-mcdermott-reveals-colourful-criticism-of-front-rowers-decision-to-use-just-one-sub/
  5. It was the sthelens game but on the right direction this time. The pack could manage the weather better than the giants.They turned their undiscipline over on the second half. But they should have scored at least 2 more tries, they still miss something on the finish line. Too bad the momentum is cut by a 10 day break but I hope it translate to SL W's immediately. I hope Sonny comes back soon enough. Needs knee surgery like Wilkin. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/league/sonny-bill-williams-facing-knee-surgery-says-wolfpack-coach
  6. cannot login on the website, fortunately my app stayed logged in, I can watch on my phone, but... WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LOGIN TO WATCH SOMETHING FREE???
  7. Ok but how and where can they train in January in Ontario? And even in the summer months, how do you give them time to settle in their community without giving them the controversial 3/4 home games in a row that also had/has to stop after the League 1 season?
  8. Quinn signed, Wheeler out. https://www.nsnews.com/canada-s-quinn-ngawati-back-for-second-stint-with-toronto-wolfpack-1.24094222 https://www.totalrl.com/st-helens-complete-shock-move-for-toronto-talent/ So first Canadian born and bred on the first year in tier 1. 15 years better than Melbourne Storm...
  9. French marketing loves using English. C'est in, c'est bath... (another Ottawan disco reference here...) Toulouse # = See Radio Canada article https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1655456/aces-ottawa-rugby-professionnel-nouvelle-equipe-2021-oseg They actually only translated Tier 3 League One by 3ème division de la Première Ligue… not convinced… Ligue 1 is better non? But they haven’t translated RFL or Super League, yet. The trend is not translating acronyms anymore. Quebec media use LNH for NHL, LCF for CFL but they stick to MLS and other leagues have left or were never in Quebec. They use the full French name though, Ligue Majeure de Soccer, Ligue nationale de Football… when they have too. Super Ligue, would be ok, (Le) Championnat would already be weird, and then how do we or should we translate RFL? The team name should be translated by les As d’Ottawa, not les Aces (only used in Tennis in French), I haven’t seen it used yet.
  10. St Helens fans were there in numbers but not Warrington Wolves. Visible Wolfpack fans were the usual 200-250; I have a feeling that for UK games most Wolfpack fans are English born and not Canadian expats. They are RL fans but didn’t follow any team in particular before the Wolfpack. So there is a potential to get more fans at UK home games, but TWP have to take a controversial path maybe, identify more to their UK base... and win games. Other UK home / away attendance so far TWP Average (2019) + / - Leeds (vs Cas) 19 500 11 478 8 022 Salford 4 593 3 676 917 Wigan 10 333 11 432 -1 099 Warrington 11 182 10 970 212 Warrington (vs Saints) 4 000 10 970 -6 970 Leeds 12 143 11 478 665
  11. Toronto on top because they have a team in every major sports, then probably Vancouver 2nd (hockey, football, soccer, minor baseball, lacrosse), Montreal 3rd (hockey, football, soccer) then several cities tied, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, all because of their NHL team. 2 cities have a pro football team but no pro hockey, Hamilton and Regina. Quebec city has no pro sport at the moment, except an independent league baseball team. University and junior hockey have a big following in cities without pro or major sport, comparable to pro sport attendance and tv ratings to some extent.
  12. Great story, I totally ignored this. Beliveau's favourite dep* was also mine near my office and his residence in Longueuil. You could see the admiration and respect of locals when they had a chance to line up with him at the cashier. But I don't think a lot of Montrealers would remember that Quebec As story. Yet maybe it's another sign that Ottawa Aces wants to add a French touch to test the Quebec market. XIII in the logo, a French coach (maybe), bilingual tweets and website. Quebec media are already translating the RFL and League One terms, something Toulouse and Catalans don't bother to do. I can see the Aces taking a game to Montreal as soon as the first season... if they find a compliant stadium. Dep = dépanneur = convenient store in both Quebec French and Quebec English
  13. Leeds player was considered not playing the ball by the ref. In this case, its Leeds ball. The rule makes sense but here the Leeds player attempt to catch the ball in his hands, but touches it by accident with his knee instead and put it out. Its 50-50 call maybe but to me its playing at because he was aware of the ball, so should have been Wolfpack ball. I think Gigot last touches the ball before it gets over the line. By rule its goal line drop out, so Toronto get the ball but have to drop kick it out of their try line. They can recover the ball if it travels 10 meters but of course so close to the line it would be dangerous, usually team kicks the ball as far as possible and give the ball back to the other team.
  14. I think they should do what Valencia wants to do, get a team with a lot of US, jamaican and canadian players, maybe not to be competitive at first, stay in L1 but help development of NA players, and be a feeder to TWP.
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