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  1. Hi everyone, Long time no see I know. Playoff Tickets On Sale Now! Playoff pack $55, includes all games so min 2, max 3 Single game $35 Group of 16 and more 25% discount under 16 and over 65, 50% First game Sept 22 1:30PM https://www.torontowolfpack.com/toronto-wolfpack-playoff-tickets-on-sale-wednesday-august-28/ #SeeTheeRise
  2. Right now in France, national media talk a lot about XIII because of the Toulouse - Roosters training session. https://treizemondial.fr/toulouse-olympique-vs-sydney-roosters-dans-la-presse/ An NRL team visiting Toronto would have a huge impact too.
  3. SNNOW will show both NRL all star games, women and men. No sign of the game on watchNRL though. And no sign of the World Club Challenge anywhere, is it shown in Canada?
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby-league-rochdale-hornets-vs-toronto-wolfpack-1.5013475 Another good day at the office. Wolfpack top of the league after 2 games. Next stop at equaly solid Widnes. Keep an eye on Fax and Fev though... Toulouse 0-2... qu'est ce qu'il se passe ???
  5. Well that was my choice last year. Without the Wolfpack, I would watch more Super League, but Wolfpack free on CBC and watchNRL that was enough for me and already quite expensive on top of it. I thought about going with SNNOW at the end of the season to watch the SL playoffs, but with the Wolfpack run in the Qualifiers, I didn't get a chance to click it. For this year I still don't know if I'm doing the same. Moving to France I have other options to consider. But if I stayed in Canada, I'd do the same I think. I hope at some point the RFL will realize that getting a watchRFL app is the way to go. They already have it but only in countries where they cannot sign a TV deal. And where the TV deal is signed, the broadcaster gets TV and streaming and do whatever they want. What SN does with Super League coverage after promoting the sport years ago is really annoying. I'm sure they will put games on SNWL at some point, but if you subscribe to SNWL for rugby league only, better go with SNNOW+, but then you cannot tape games and on demand is limited to 24h, another ridiculous thing. Other legal options? Moving to the USA and watching on Fox Soccer Plus. Virtually moving is good too.
  6. The game on replay now on CBC website. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby-league-toronto-wolfpack-vs-york-city-knights-1.5005807
  7. There is a tweet from someone in Philly saying he couldn't watch the CBC feed. The Chicago RL team had a viewing party at 9am CT, I hope they got the feed. No replay available so far, I hope Wolfpack put it on youtube later this week.
  8. Before Sunday comes: Our League preview show: https://membership.rugby-league.com/news/54261 Transatlantic Challenge full game :
  9. Good news, I can watch the game tomorrow. But around the world means Five Eyes countries only? What about the rest of Europe, the rest of the world? I hope I can stream it from France or Belgium. And also hope that CBC manages geoblocking better than StreamAMG.
  10. StreamAMG did a terrible job. So called free videos were blocked in Canada. Streaming from Belgium was not a great experience. They got fired! Don't know if they can hire someone else to do the job but they should, the price structure was ok last year, the potential reach is huge. I don't think it's that interresting for a club like Wolfpack in a sport like RL to focus on being on linear TV in the rest of the world. Oh dear. Are classic English Premier League games from 2011 that watched??? Another service that doesn't learn. Subscribers to SNWL not getting access to SNNOW, streaming service way to expensive. They will probably put back RL on SNWL later in the season though. And they might be Wolfpack broadcaster for the playoffs.
  11. Arrows and some Wolfpack games now showing up on FNTSY TV schedule. Opening game still on GameTV only. I don't see what other streaming options could be used. I hope they can still convince CBC to show it. It's the best option by far. Other streaming platform like DAZN are too expensive and won't likely show something that's already on TV. FloSports showed the 2017 RL World Cup, their soccer division is slowly adding coverage for the Canadian market but I'm not sure if their rugby content is available in Canada. Anyway they are even more expensive than DAZN.
  12. Some games are on SN Now schedule, but not the opening game of 1/31 though.
  13. They do, but it's not clear if they are the streaming broadcaster, the radio broadcaster or the US broadcaster (caus' they are on US cable too). According to their website, they are on most streaming device, and I found it on Roku Canada but it's not free. Signing up on their website, I got this: Cheap but no guarantee they will show every (or any) game, or that they have replay option, altough they have an on demand section on their app. torontowolfpacktv is offline, good ridance, I like the idea but the provider was terrible last year. So I think they gave up on the project, but I just hope the streaming will continue and get better and stay cheap and international (me moving to France soon). If Sportsnet lost the rights, there are not many alternatives. TSN and DAZN are fighting in the RU field, if one of them gets League, it could make a difference. Or hope that the RFL streaming app will be unblocked in Canada, but so far
  14. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/2019/01/28/toronto-wolfpack-2019-games-shown-live-gametv/ No mention of CBC. Is FNTSY the streaming back up plan?
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