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  1. I don't want to open a specific thread for this, but I was wondering how many countries or nations have hosted a SL game so far? England and Wales of course (any games in Scotland or Ireland?), France, Australia, Spain. Canada is coming in April, now Monaco could join the club in June (Catalans-Wolfpack). Any other exotic location?
  2. President Bernard Guasch said recently that no new French player has the level to play in SL, but why not. Elite 1 is somewhere between League One and Championship, so it could be better that Rochdale options.
  3. Thanks, it's strict, stricter than other sports, it's neither a preseason nor a full season injury, so not sure they can ask for a dispensation here.
  4. If TWP pays the salary, directly or not, it would not be in the spirit of the cap. Whats the rule with long term injury leave? as we have Cunningham out for 6 months. Does his salary still count in the cap? Can he be replaced by a player being paid equal or less than him? Gigot seems to like part time contract, he could sign for 6 months, just saying.
  5. Another possible extra cost for the Wolfpack is tax equalization. The team payroll wants to make sure players tax deductions don't increase too much when they start playing in Canada (or the other way around, not sure which country is taxed at the highest rate). If the team pays part of the players taxes this becomes salary, you reach the cap faster than UK based team.
  6. Interesting. But this is the procedure when you apply at the High Commission or consulate right? If you are denied at the point of entry, is there a review by a superior and an appeal on spot? Or do you have to go back where you come from and then appeal at the High Commission?
  7. To be fair with the Wolfpack admin team you cannot compare travel authorization needed by visiting players in Canada with work permits needed by overseas players in the UK, plus they also have to manage work permit in Canada for the entire team, players, coach, trainers... No matter the colour of their passport, unless they are Canadians of course. Also I don't think her Majesty's government has a box in their visa form for a team like the Wolfpack. That would be interesting to know if any other foreign team is based in the UK and uses non eea citizens. They would probably have a system in place for visa procedures, but I don't know any other team in that specific situation. That being said, after 3 seasons in the system, not being able to identify the right visa to use is indeed not acceptable. I'm no expert in visa but I worked with expat workers, a quick reading at the visa definitions and it's clear to me that overseas Wolfpack players need the tier 2 visa, the long term one, otherwise reentry could be problematic. I have also seen NHL teams waiting for visa for their new players, so it can happen in any league. Like I said last season, see it as a player suspended for admin mistake or incompetence.
  8. He probably hesitated on what visa to use. If like him you are eligible to the ancestry visa, this is probably the best option since the visa is valid for 5 years, can lead you to permanent residence and even citizenship, you don't need a letter from your employer or the governing body and if you enter on another visa you cannot switch to ancestry so you lose a big opportunity. The other 2 visas that can be used by sportsmen are the tier 2 and the tier 5 visas and for both you need an intervention of the RFL and the team itself. From the documentary we have learned that Wolfpack overseas players use the short term one, the tier 5 which is probably a mistake because it is harder to get readmitted with this one. Anyway all visa applications take max 3 weeks so he shouldn't miss too many games.
  9. Ouf what's going on here? I understand all points of view here but... it is what it is. I cross the UK-Schengen-US-Canadian-Australia border on a regular basis because of my job and private life, it's not getting any better, the trend is there. Whether we like it or not 5 eye countries (and a lot of their friends) share a lot of bad information about all of us but never good information the moment you step on the other side of the border you basically renounce all your rights sportsmen rarely have a specific status, so they are treated like any traveler, so like any potential job stealing immigrant or rapist or terrorist or the 3 combined border controls will be tougher and tougher because politicians lose popularity and public opinion is scared But let's be positive, we are in the big league now, with mature and competent people, with players recognized by border agents, everyone should be welcome.
  10. So I guess you moved to Germany because a Canadian beer (Carling) is UK's most popular beer brand?
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