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  1. DOR gotta be Perez. Want to see what kind of squad he assembles calling all the shots. Hopefully more than a few football converts. Ottawa is positioned between the two best football provinces.
  2. Seems like Saints should be playing a big match at Anfield every year.
  3. For sure, just thinking about the location not any specifics. I’m sure they are looking a few years down the track.
  4. Funny I always thought the old Vancouver Canucks NHL jersey looked like it was from league...
  5. So Montreal had been rumored but Vancouver is interesting. Long flight from the UK but a big rugby following.
  6. Very good. I like how McNamara says they represent Catalonia not just Perpignan.
  7. It’s a brand of mineral water. They sponsored the match. https://www.mundodeportivo.com/rugby/20190509/462135747166/vichy-catalan-y-los-dragons-catalans-renuevan-su-acuerdo-de-colaboracion.html
  8. Yeah the broadcast and Catalans say 31.5k so I will go with that!
  9. 31555 the official attendance. New record.
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