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  1. This is a very good hire for Lebanon. Cheika has found success in new environments before (won a European title with Leinster and currently Argentina are playing their best rugby ever with him on the staff). He speaks Arabic so will be able to do lots of local press before and during the tournament. And as mentioned his name is fairly well known in Ireland so will get extra attention for their pool game.
  2. I think you’d be surprised by how many would have seen at least some of Tonga’s recent success on social media. But even if they haven’t, that’s the point of taking games to new audiences. It’s hard to see the drawbacks of a team from a country with a small population helping to expand RL in a huge market while reaching an untapped part of their community abroad. It’s a win-win for Tongan RL and the sport as a whole.
  3. There are more Tongans abroad than in the islands and they can make more at modern stadiums in places like Auckland, Sydney, the US etc.
  4. A few people in Denver mentioned free tickets being given away at a BBQ festival the week before the game. Ticket prices were also cut substantially/2 for 1 the week of the game. Whether they got 19k in or not, I don’t think many would consider it a real success. Most of the issues seemed to be with the promoter, though. They were expecting to sell 30k at certain prices and weren’t able to hit their target, which lead to non-payment and ultimately the promotion company folding. On the topic of this thread, I do think Tonga in SLC can be marketed with ease and with the right people it
  5. Definitely like the idea of NHL style major and minor penalties.
  6. Facts. Places like the Chop House at the Braves stadium or the Home Run Porch in Cleveland are the best places to watch games.
  7. Great post, thanks for all the info. Isn’t/wasn’t league pretty strong in some of the working class suburbs of Christchurch like Hornby?
  8. Put in some big hits I see. He was good in RU, has a playing style that will suit RL. https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaRL/videos/452895548707944/
  9. NCAA football has by far the best atmospheres in American sports and this is rivalry week, the best time of the year. There will be a bunch of great games this weekend. Auburn vs Alabama, South Carolina vs Clemson, Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, Ohio State vs Michigan.
  10. RL does actually have heritage in Bougainville. They have produced a few Kumuls including the first PNG international ever to play in Australia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauta_Atoi
  11. There’s something called the California Rugby League trying to kick off but until this point RL has mostly been played in the eastern part of the country. Pacific Islanders mainly live out west so it’s a place RL will want to try to grow.
  12. Too many knocks to the head or were you born this way?
  13. This is what is referred to as projection. Told by about 5 people that you’re wrong and you still keep yapping.
  14. Numerous posters have already explained to you the difference between an official national sport and the most popular sport, Googleman.
  15. It’s the main sport in both countries I said it was. You’re not very good at this.
  16. Like Eddie you obviously don’t know anything about the sport (or anything other than English RL). You don’t have to be tall to play point guard.
  17. It’s #2 after American football in the US. Sorry Little Englander.
  18. It’s the national sport of Lithuania and the Philippines. Africa has about four cricket playing nations. You’re clueless. Other countries where basketball is a strong second (there are more, this is just what comes to mind): China, USA, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, various west African countries.
  19. Most of the Americas and East Asia, about half of continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  20. Because I said basketball is more widespread. Obviously there are lots of cricket lovers in South Asia. But in most countries basketball by far the more popular sport.
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