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  1. Thank you for the information & advice - very much appreciated. I know what degree I'm interested in studying, so it looks like I need to make sure I get the grades & be aiming for Leeds Beckett and Northumbria. If Leeds Beckett/Northumbria are head and shoulders above the rest of the university teams, does anyone know how they compare ability wise to the Super League u19 Academy teams? i.e. would a player develop & progress their skills more in a u19 Academy setup or at Leeds Beckett/Northumbria?
  2. Hi, I am looking for some info on the standard of university rugby league... What level are the top teams competing at - similar to league 1 or better/worse etc... The best teams from info online seem to be Leeds Beckett & Northumbria, although I read that Manchester Mets facilities are being used by Toronto next year so that sounds impressive. I'm looking at starting uni in September 2018, so any information/advice about the set ups at various universities would be really helpful when I make my applications. Thanks in advance for any help provided.