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  1. For me Crystal Palace, Barnet Coptall, The Valley, The Stoop, Griffin Park, Plough Lane, Trailfinders, The Hive .... plus home games at Esher RU, Adams Park, Crawley, Kingstonians, Gillingham, Orient (I think there is more) ..... and on the road games., and of course Wembley in '99
  2. This ^ why didnt they stay at Ealing all under one roof, play some of the lesser games there and all the Academy, Reserve and Scholarship fixtures and play a handful of games at Plough Lane. Oh, and stay full time, actually have a plan and recuit some half decent players! All a moot point now.
  3. What circumstances at Ealing would change to make it realistic for them to return ? Also, didnt Hughes pee off another landlord .....
  4. Likewise and after 20 odd years of home and away and multiple home grounds even the likes of me cant be bothered putting myself out for the current management who Ive had my fill of. On the latter point, the trouble isnt with London in itself, its the complete lack of interest nationwide as a result of the sport becoming so insular and held back by parochialsim and small mindedness it just plummets down the favourite sports hit list.
  5. Tongue in cheek I trust ? Even the most ardent Bronco doesnt believe that.
  6. They should do one on 'London' - that would make interesting reading
  7. It doesnt really matter where we play or what bells and whistles are attached, if we have a poor non competitive side then no one will bother. Any one seen the squad for 2023 ? 21 players of which 6 or 7 under 20 with a handful of first grade games between them. They should be playing reserve grade.
  8. Theres only 21 players noted on the website of which 9 or 10 are 20 or younger so not sure what you base your 'better squad' claim. We appear to have lost Curran and Siti, but who knows with the Broncos - bottom 4 unless we recruit hard in the next few weeks.
  9. Trains and petrol over £500 - hotels over £500 - tickets over £600 - other costs massive. Enjoyed and will enjoy every minute
  10. Yes, but as Broncos fans we put ourselves week in week out. Away games to me are like home games, and we do it because we love the sport. Up north, if you have to out your post code area it becomes too much trouble. Even to watch some of the best athletes of the 'so called greatest game' on the planet.
  11. The trouble is the 'potential' customers want the game on their doorstep and to pay bare minimum prices. And that why league will always be a minority sport; or they had grown some balls Aus v Lebanon and NZ v Fiji, both in London, and the other two as they are, in hindsight
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