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  1. Its not really a gift, look at the lines on the pitch, separated by 10 metres. Even you could gauge the consistency of the refereeing based on that absolute guideline.
  2. I give you the shortest 10 ever, BUT we won and thats enough for me
  3. Saints were somewhat disjointed, especially with Paulo at stand off. But they did a reasonable job. Broncos had slightly too much for them. It was an odd game. As for the referee being a Bronco, laughable, he had red vee all over him. LMS was immense, wish he was still with us.
  4. Look at the Saints 19, its not that bad really ! Look at Wigan on Thursday, they mixed in a lot of youth, albeit for different reasons, and looked head and shoulders better than the oppo. If Broncos go into this game like the last 3, we are in for a drubbing, regardless of youth.
  5. I'll be there, as its only 1 1/2hr each way by train! School night so son wont be.
  6. Care ? Have you not felt the passion of those faithful fans who have so wanted to be in SL for years. That's caring. The big clubs have lots of fairweather fans, we don't.
  7. So you've hit the nail on the head. The suggestion no one cares is utter rubbish. I have been a ST holder for years and a Thursday night on the M25 for me sounds bonkers, but I'll give it a shot.
  8. We know you aren't as you drone on about it incessantly.
  9. Not having a pop IM as I know hard it is and how hard you guys work, but to take the strength of a clubs juniors based on the spin of a web site ..... going 16s and not 15s and 17s is a short sighted by the LJL Board. But lets be honest you aren't the only club to be struggling for juniors in London as the 50-0 and 24-0 will testify.
  10. I suggest you take what the website says with a pinch of salt. Your teams under 16 turned up to Saint Albans at the weekend with seven players having already defaulted one game and won by default in another. I know everybody is trying hard in London junior league but let’s get the facts straight.
  11. Walker aside, every one of them currently nowhere near good enough.
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