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  1. Cl1998

    Doncaster predictions

    Doncaster 16-24 Town we have won 5/6 six meetings the one loss coming last year at DP. Also think we will win the play off game 8-22
  2. Cl1998

    Town V Skolars predictions

    Town 66-10 London S
  3. Cl1998

    Newcastle away

    Having seen them here and seeing us in recent weeks I genuinely do think it’ll be a wide score line
  4. Cl1998

    Newcastle away

    3pm for football. 5pm for Rugby grounds are miles apart tho I think
  5. Cl1998

    Newcastle away

    Thunder 12-40 Town
  6. Cl1998

    York City Knights predictions

    Ridiculous that their 39 wasn’t cautioned to be honest
  7. Cl1998

    York City Knights predictions

    According to Leon there are NO new injuries to worry the side for Sunday very good news seeing the way Sam left the field Sunday
  8. Cl1998

    York City Knights predictions

    Think it was on twitter somewhere might ave been a troll but hopefully they fetch a few
  9. Cl1998

    York City Knights predictions

    York apparently fetching 400
  10. Cl1998

    York City Knights predictions

    Crowd 1800-2,100 I reckon with the U16s thing
  11. Towns momentum and Yorks will make for a very good game. If we play like we did against Bulls last week I think we take the points... Town 21-14 York
  12. Cl1998

    Bradford Predictions

    Class day take me back
  13. Cl1998

    Bradford Predictions

    Bulls 24-30 Workington. Miller hatrick
  14. Cl1998

    Coventry Predictions

    Probably resting him for the next two which are way more important
  15. Cl1998

    Jarrod Sammut

    They’re full time now so not like it’ll be much change plus I think it’s set in stone with his missus wanting a spot in Keswick so I heard... one of those I’ll believe it when he’s on the pitch at DP tbf