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  1. Cl1998

    North Wales predictions

    If they put it on in the risman bar then they might fetch more in
  2. See you soon guys official for the game is Andy Sweet
  3. Cl1998

    North Wales predictions

    Town by 22 Even with A. Sweet as referee
  4. Cl1998


    Yoyo with points at the moment hopefully town can pull it off
  5. Cl1998

    Challenge cup draw

    Haven or Lock Lane at Home
  6. Cl1998


    What is everyone's predictions.. I think if we can score 1st and keep defensively solid for the most part we will be good Town by between 4-8
  7. Cl1998

    Huddersfield Giants Sunday 3pm

    Micheal manningfield
  8. Cl1998

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Just a Carl Forber
  9. Cl1998

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Town weren’t at full strength either Pryce has already said this in the paper today.. 2 or 3 to come in and then Huddersfield on DR to back up. Walsh needs signed class act
  10. Cl1998

    Jambusters or not?

    The game caller reckons it’s him
  11. It’s yhat time of year again both teams to be fair have strengthened with the likes of Tickle/Mellor and Litherland that we know of so far. Brett/Bulman and McGeoff for them along with the other members of both teams. Can see both comfortably finishing in the top 6. Town 24-10 Haven Olstrum MOTM Taylor MOTM 1,208 ATT
  12. Cl1998


    Fair point. It is the RFL though
  13. Cl1998


    It’s like telling Liverpool or Man United to pay £500K to enter the FA cup or European cups
  14. Cl1998

    Jambusters or not?

    Williamson is a very good player. Had a few games with him at Union and could always tell if he managed to keep out of injuries he’d go well.. can see Dom going at 9.. seen a photo on photo from yesterday’s training that looked awfully like Ben Hardcastle from Keighley very good signing if it is him. Town win if they concentrate on the rugby and keep the fighting to a minimum. Town 24-10 Haven.
  15. Cl1998

    2019 signings

    We will be sound lots of work going on