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  1. Cl1998

    Tyllar Mellor

    Sounds good that
  2. Cl1998

    Season tickets

  3. Cl1998

    New kit

    RFL don’t care unless your bulls/Wolfpack or SL
  4. Cl1998

    New kit

    Love rugby are still saying there’ll only be 11 teams in League 1 next season. So will probably 10 home games only stupid in my view why not get Hunslet Parkside in they’ve not been beaten in the league for 5 years and had as many successive promotions
  5. Cl1998


    Connor Holiday too. Heard newts was going to barrow to hope not like 😩
  6. Cl1998

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Penky will be playing I heard and Newton has cancelled his holiday. Gordon and Kurt back too
  7. Cl1998

    Squad for Bradford

    Penky Dawson Wilkes Buffer,Rooke,Moi Moi and Miller got the awards last night and yes well done to them but all the lads have been immense this year let’s finish it off tomorrow 1/2 million quid they’ve spent and their s**te
  8. Cl1998

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Make that 4
  9. Cl1998


    Don’t know if it’ll be on TV but the Sunday after this one coming
  10. Cl1998

    New Stadium for Workington

    He’s the UKIP representative for round here
  11. Cl1998

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    A tight game and a Penkywicz try and Forber drop goal to win the game. Town to win by 7
  12. Cl1998

    Doncaster predictions

    Was at the game yesterday and yes the defence was poor but they had a lot of players in from Hull we had a few missing, scored 32 points and hardly broke a stride.. the full team will be a different game altogether. Can’t believe we never got a penalty for the blatant push on Penkywicz about 10 seconds before the scored a try in the 2nd half
  13. Cl1998

    Doncaster predictions

    Doncaster 16-24 Town we have won 5/6 six meetings the one loss coming last year at DP. Also think we will win the play off game 8-22