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  1. Catering van

    Cost a mint for rubbish to
  2. Frankie Mariano

    Heard things circulating today we were signing him after his release from Fev.. only ever seen him play for Scotland and played class good signing.. if it happens
  3. Squad for NWC

    Crashley should never referee another town match again!! Utter clown
  4. Squad for NWC

  5. Squad for NWC

    Town by 20+
  6. Squad for NWC

    It’s interesting to say the least. Might be the kick up the ###### with the times and star reporting Moi Moi is gonna be clear sooner rather than later and Curwen isn’t far off either
  7. Squad for NWC

    I hope they play Rooke
  8. Sunday

    TOWN will be above HAVEN at the end of the season
  9. Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    seen that good signing for Fax. we are fine anyway. Think Fui will fetch a big impact and our Fullback role is being handled well enough just getting him up to speed
  10. safe trip you lot travelling UTT
  11. Sunday

    Town are playing expansive RL at the moment which we haven’t seen in a while. Their is a big buzz around the place you only have to look at the Whitehaven game 14-12 defeat and there was probably more Town fans than haven we’ve 7 matches coming up 6 of which are winnable if we want to keep our unbeaten Home run in the league going. We are also cheaper to watch than Whitehaven and if you purchase your ticket before Saturday you’ll get a reduced price on top of that.. it’s a no brainer👏🏻 Hope your Mam is better soon
  12. Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    Anyone know the actual reason why he’s not. (If he’s not)
  13. New signings

    HE hadn’t and flying wouldn’t have said so
  14. New signings

    He’s not doing bad considering the lack of training he’s had.