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  1. We will be sound lots of work going on
  2. Just 2 as he missed the Swinton game and can use one friendly as a game so will miss Oldham away and Cru at home
  3. Said he has 3 to call on from Huddersfield at any given time at the forum. Also heard from an outside source we are after Shorrocks from Wigan so god knows
  4. Hope so been a great player for haven but bad if 12k is out of budget
  5. Is there actually any truth in this or not
  6. Seen Brett Carter in town this afternoon wonder if he’s coming back
  7. It’s all ######.. people will say anything to cause hassle and there are some people who would believe anything you told them without any hard evidence.
  8. When are our signings coming in this week ?
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