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  1. A nice long question and answer event from both staff and players.
  2. Because we are in a new league this year most wont know the teams or the quality they will bring. Thats part of the appeal as well i think. The unknown. Going down june 9 with the girlfriend who loves the sport. Tried watching union games with her but she get bored quickly. To be honest so do i these days. Cant wait for lamport games.
  3. Im saying the wolfpack win. 20-18. But i aint betting any money on it. Just hoping for a exciting game and minimal injuries for our championship title run to continue well.
  4. Coming with 4 friends from near kingston as well. Hoping to go to afew more this year. Especially for the middle eights.
  5. I think last year the bbc broadcast of the challenge cup against salford was on gametv. Hoping this year is the same.
  6. Tickets for the fletchers fields game goimg on sale tomorrow on ticketmaster.
  7. League 1 need to get off their asses and collectivley get all thir games online for a monthly/yearly fee. Id subscribe.
  8. Whats the capacity? Last time i was there a few years ago parking was on the grass and there was only a stand on one side.
  9. Was in kingston friday looking for a pub to watch the wolfpack. Unfortunately couldnt find one that knew they had gametv. Frustrating. Shouldve found what channel it is. Hoping yhe wolfpack get more popular so i dont have to worry about it.
  10. Started listening last year for the wolfpack but now continueing this year as my love for league one hasnt gone down as my team had gone up.
  11. On this weeks rugby league on talksport2 i heard Brian noble say that the halifax game is going to be played in london (england not ontario). Wish it were at home but can see it as good showcase in london.
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