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  1. Glad to see this come out. Hope kids who never heard of this sport will like it. Go Monte.
  2. My interest in euroXII is piqued. Hoping it works.
  3. I bought rugby league live 4 a few months back when it was on sale. I was hoping for a better game experience but I guess it won't happen till a major game company makes one. Missed opportunities.
  4. Saw this game on steam. Has anyone played it yet and is it worth buying?
  5. donated a little to help out a growing rl nation.
  6. brought tears to my eyes. she a remarkable woman. May her charitable heart beat all.
  7. Canada or a Canadian First Nations team. I would love to see a haka vs grass or traditional dance with the big drum.
  8. Rumours of Australia playing the wolfpack next year on their tour to england. Australia playing g in canada would be out of this world. Please rugby gods be kind.
  9. Thanks for answering my questions. Good points on many of the questions I had and opened my eyes on why it is where it is.
  10. Great reasons on why it should be in Old Trafford. I can see why alot of people prefer it overall. Over here in Canada we have the Grey Cup weekend that is bid on by cities more than one year in advance. The bid city puts on festivals for each team in the league during that weekto celebrate their team. The final usually sells out. The CFL ain't no NFL. I still loved the final and hope to make it next year.
  11. As a grand final I'm wondering why at Old Trafford? Stadium and crowd looked good, but the pitch looked awful. Too small in goal, too small width, football lines all over. I think it should be bid on and moved around every year. Where else could it be held?
  12. San Francisco Savages and L.A. Mongrels. Very American.
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